"The best remedy for stress has four letters: No." (Achim von Arnim)

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Burnout prevention: FAQ
How long does burnout coaching last?
A coaching session usually lasts 1 to 2 hours.
How long will it take to reach my goal?
The duration depends on many factors. Our task is to make you independent of external support in as little time as necessary. When it comes to burnout, most clients come to us for 20 to 30 units. A minimum to achieve the first goals is 10 units, i.e. about 5 to 10 sessions.
What types of stress are there?
Basically, we distinguish between negative stress (di-stress) and positive stress (eustress). For example, if you enjoy your work, do it with humor and a lot of commitment, you don't perceive a lot of work and hectic pace as stressful (eu-stress). For another person, however, exactly the same situation can be very stressful, if it is perhaps not the dream job and you do it out of necessity.
What forms of burnout are there?
The silent burnout comes before the final collapse, here are the first warning signs that the person concerned either does not perceive or does not want to perceive. In the silent burnout you can no longer switch off, find no rest and relaxation fizzles out. This process is gradual and is more likely to be noticed by those around you than by those affected themselves.
How does burnout manifest itself?
This is the point where suddenly nothing works out of the apparent nothing. Those affected report that they are sitting at their desk and suddenly an unexpected emptiness appears that makes it impossible for them to continue working. You are no longer able to use the PC keyboard, can hardly move and feel as if you are in free fall. Others burst into tears, unable to calm down, unable to even think and calm down. At this point it is no longer possible to activate one's resources and powers, even with family support. You need psychotherapeutic, medical or inpatient help.

Burnout prevention and stress management

A burnout syndrome is a state of emotional exhaustion and reduced capacity. In the meantime, younger people are also very often affected, who have had to exceed the limits of their resilience due to their job and personal overload. Literally translated, burnout means "burning out". Burnout is followed by inner nervousness, exhaustion and depression. If you don't take action in time, the healing time is several months. Depression caused by exhaustion, such as burnout, also occurs in older people, for example after a long illness or when caring for relatives.

It is not uncommon for people to be affected by burnout or chronic fatigue syndrome who are extraordinarily resilient and who make a strong impression in their professional and private situation. The first inconspicuous physical symptoms of a burnout syndrome can be high blood pressure, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, tinnitus and reduced sexuality. Our stress highway also needs a speed limit. According to representative studies, around 7% of all employees suffer from a burnout syndrome, and many more are at risk of burnout.

The frequency of occurrence is significantly higher in certain occupational groups (such as managers, management consultants, entrepreneurs, teachers, social workers, nursing staff, prison staff, pastors, doctors, etc.) than in others. However, it is not the number of hours worked per week or the type of professional tasks that are decisive for the development of a burnout syndrome, but complex interactions between working conditions and individual requirements that lead to lasting Stress and eventually lead to complete exhaustion. Please get in touch with our in good time Team in connection.

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Stress management is burnout prevention

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In the first contact, we look at your situation and derive the optimal action strategy from our wealth of experience. A burnout or stress coaching with your coaching institute is 100% confidential. Data protection is our top priority. Our secret recipe is to draw the right conclusions from our own life experiences and current scientific findings, especially in neurology. Through a targeted analysis of your situation, we address external and internal factors that have brought you to where you are currently. By working together, we give our clients new strength to start the new day with energy! We unload unnecessary ballast and only pack your backpack with things that you want and can carry.

We create a change of consciousness for more serenity in everyday life. We develop a concept in which you can channel your energy precisely. We walk a path together that not only feels worth living at the weekend. We give you a reason to let emotions come alive in you again. We shake hands with you! Stress is a term that is now widespread and used in many different ways. In general, stress is a reaction to certain situations. This stressful situation causes our body and mind to react, for example to ensure our survival or to do as well as possible in an exam situation. Incidentally, the latter also ensures our survival in the long term.

Currently one speaks of Eu stress and Di stress, i.e. positive and negative stress. In the case of stress and demands that the organism can master without overtaxing it, a good feeling is perceived, which is assigned to Eu-Stress. This can be a task successfully completed with joy within a certain time window or just overcoming a difficult situation. Di-stress, the negative stress, lacks coping strategies to be able to master the challenges positively. This type of stress is caused by the pressure coming from outside, but also by self-imposed pressure.

The main cause of burnout is stress

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Scope of work and lack of freedom, poor pay and TeamAccording to current knowledge, dynamics in the workplace play a decisive role in well-being. In addition, the constant availability and the increased demands on the flexibility of the employees are further factors that promote stress and thus burnout. It usually begins harmlessly with a temporary reduction in performance for those affected, but can certainly lead to early retirement (invalidity) or even to suicide. The more severe the burnout, the more likely it is that you will develop depression or addiction, which makes recovery more difficult.

However, the consequences of stress or burnout are not only limited to those affected and their immediate social environment, but also have economic effects: increased absenteeism, higher fluctuation and lower productivity in the organization are the result.

Employers often have many options to positively influence the conditions of their employees in order to reduce stress and avoid burnout. Unfortunately, implementation is often sluggish and inefficient. In that case, you have to take personal responsibility! At your coaching institute, we don't wait for something to happen from the outside, but support you where you need it at that moment.

All you have to do is take your needs seriously and take the initiative. Only you are able to take the first step. Believe in yourself, even if you are currently unable to implement the positive change. Together, we break down your goal into bite-sized chunks so you can feel and enjoy every step of the way. Strictly speaking, it is always one's own organism that experiences the stress, not the situation itself. This is also where our approach can be found, because stress arises in one's own head. We all bear 100 percent responsibility for this ourselves! You can always contact our Team in send email now place, we look forward to seeing you!

How prevention makes you more resilient

Coaching Frankfurt. Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

Each coaching has different goals and is based on different methods. If your goal is to deal better with stress factors, coaching can make you more resilient. To do this, it is important to understand what stress factors exist and how your body and mind react to these stress factors. As a little information in advance, there are countless triggers of stress, because these are individual. There are psychological mental factors, emotional factors, social factors and physical factors that can trigger stress. Here's an example of what stress can do to you in the long run if you don't have the right coping strategies in your bag of tricks.

Please briefly imagine yourself standing in the middle of a room. A person comes up to you and pulls or tugs at you. They move with you and remain in the new position. Another person comes, you bend again. The process repeats itself until you lose your balance and probably fall to the ground. Each person who pulled on you in this thought experiment symbolizes a stressor to which you are reacting. The problem is the constant reaction. Reacting requires a great deal of flexibility and energy. If you act instead, you can often eliminate potential stressors in advance. In coaching you will learn methods that are tailored to you, to act actively and in a solution-oriented manner.

A burnout makes sense: Now, out of the crisis, you can build a loving, careful self-relationship step by step. A relationship with yourself in which you are fully aware of your own longings, deepest needs and values. In order to derive courageous, motivated goals, strategies and guiding principles that lead to lasting joy and intensity of life, fulfillment and meaning. What previously seemed impossible can become possible and often the completely unexpected.

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A healthy way to deal with stress?
Coaching Frankfurt - Das exklusive Coaching Erlebnis in Frankfurt am Main, Wir helfen bei Ihrer Krise, Burnout, Mobbing, Transformation, Leadership, Egal ob als Business Coach, Health Coach, Vocal Coach, Personal Coach oder Life Coach, wir sind für Sie da.

Over a quarter of employed people in Germany feel stressed or exhausted. Thus, stress is a widespread phenomenon. We understand stress as an imbalance between demands and resources that is important to oneself and is experienced as unpleasant. Requirements can come from outside or from inside. Resources can also be internal or external. In particular, we would like to support you in becoming aware of your resources, using them and building new ones. This type of coaching can represent a burnout prevention measure. As personalities who have felt enormous pressure for years, our coaches have in-depth knowledge of the subject of stress and can, if desired, incorporate their specialist knowledge into the coaching.

Perhaps you have tried to initiate a personal or professional change in your life when you are under stress. Then you probably know how difficult such changes can be. We often start out full of energy and then fall back into old patterns. We know what we would like to be different, but unfortunately we rarely succeed in making lasting change. Sometimes through our experience in coaching, we know that beliefs are often responsible for this. These are rules, some of which we are not even aware of. These are one aspect of many when it comes to the topic of stress and how to deal with it in a healthy way!

We are often asked, is burnout psychosomatic? The mental problems also solve physical (psychosomatic) Complaints. The physical defense system can become weaker and more susceptible to infections. Frequent colds and other illnesses are noticed. Only the sum of the events allows the situation to come to light. With our burnout prevention, which is very much based on mindfulness, you will learn to recognize the small warning signs of your body and mind at an early stage and to take care of yourself accordingly. The essence of it is self-love.

Stress management for executives
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Managers play a central role in creating and maintaining healthy working conditions.

Resilient leadership is characterized by the fact that it promotes and demands resilience as well as lives. Designing leadership to be resilient is diverse and demanding. The managers themselves are part of the system. They are thus creators as well as those affected. Research shows that stressed leaders are less able to support their employees. Logically, this has an effect on the stress level of the employees.

According to the salutogenesis concept, health in the workplace occurs when manageability, significance and comprehensibility interact in a comprehensible way for people and a feeling of coherence arises. Especially when it comes to leadership from afar, superiors are in their external perception for you Team enormously demanded. Because the duty of care and the human closeness for the employees must also remain in contactless leadership. Emotional leadership, positive leadership, careful handling of stress, resilient action and the role model effect of superiors are becoming increasingly important as multipliers and resources in our New Work.

With our stress management coaching, you integrate health as a resource into your range of tasks or understanding of leadership and receive impulses, tools and opportunities to skilfully navigate between self-care and duty of care. What else are you taking with you?

You will receive tools and impulses for healthy leadership as part of your duty of care. You can take self-care measures to relieve and expand your operational relief strategies for your Team. You will also receive a healthy set of methods for your personal promotion of resilience on the way to serenity.

Resilience is the immune system for burnout
Coaching Frankfurt - Das exklusive Coaching Erlebnis in Frankfurt am Main, Wir helfen bei Ihrer Krise, Burnout, Mobbing, Transformation, Leadership, Egal ob als Business Coach, Health Coach, Vocal Coach, Personal Coach oder Life Coach, wir sind für Sie da.

The term resilience comes from the Latin and means something like bouncing off. Initially, the term was used in connection with psychological issues. Today the term has become firmly established in the coaching world. Sometimes you can even find it in everyday life. In the context of coaching, resilience refers to a person's ability to process or compensate for stress in any way. The consequence of a strong resilience is to overcome challenges and crises without experiencing lasting negative consequences. To survive does not mean to get through, but to come out of the crisis with new energy.

A person's mental and physical resilience are very dependent on each other. Psychological resilience nevertheless plays a decisive role in resilience. Managers in particular need a high level of resilience in order to be able to deal with all the stimuli they are exposed to every day. With resilience, stress management or burnout coaching, you can perceive stress from a different perspective. Through the coaching you will get to know and expand your existing natural resources. So you are well prepared to perceive the stress, assess it and only then initiate the next necessary consequences.

The interesting thing about resilience is It can be used in many ways, as life always surprises us unplanned and spontaneously. No matter how much we want to, we cannot plan our lives 100%. As a result, stress is everywhere. In resilience training, you develop new strategies to better cope with life crises such as after the death of a relative, separation, divorce, serious illness, unemployment or similar situations.

Burnout & Stress Management: FAQ
How common is burnout?
Due to the difficult diagnostic conditions, no reliable burnout statistics exist. Looking at the development of psychologically-related sick leave rates and disability pensions, a frightening perspective emerges. In total, mental health problems caused more than 2021 million sick leave days in Germany in 2,4. With almost 1,5 million, women are well ahead of men.
What are the causes of burnout?
In the search for the causes of such a complex syndrome, opinions and research approaches differ, how could one expect otherwise. Depending on the individual life situation, the burnout of the affected person feeds on three areas (individuals, society, working world), which screw together like the petals of a "flower of destruction".
What are the three ways of coping with stress?
Instrumental stress management: The stressors should be reduced or eliminated, for example by moving house or building a social network. Cognitive stress management: The personal stress-increasing attitudes and assessments should be changed, for example by questioning one's own perfectionism and accepting one's own limits. Palliative-regenerative stress management: The physiological and psychological stress reaction should be regulated and controlled, e.g. in the short term through distraction or brief relaxation, in the long term through regular social contacts or sport.
Can I remain anonymous during burnout coaching?
Yes, you can receive anonymous advice. That's fine on the phone.
Do I have to have a "burnout"?
We are open to the issues that bother you. And ideally, come before you're completely drained.
Auf hoher See, kann man die Segel anders setzten, um die Richtung zu ändern. Beim Coaching unterstützt der Coach den Coachee bei diesem Schritt. Coaching ist freiwillig und hat sich in hunderten von Studien bereits bewährt.


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