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Burnout advice, burnout prevention, burnout prophylaxis and stress management – ​​burnout and stress coaching Frankfurt.

Burnout and Stress. Even if you don't believe it. Often those affected are those who are actually highly resilient. That also has an effect physically on us .

This is a huge problem in our society. It has almost become normal. But it shouldn't. We help you to leave the tension behind. Clients are given individual tools for this purpose.

Our program is holistic. We are diversified and will help you to reduce fatigue. So that you can soon enjoy balance between commitment and life again. Last but not least, your physical and mental health will benefit from it. 

A desperate man sits on the stairs. Burnout Prevention & Stress Management Frankfurt

Come in the morning only with difficulty
out of bed?

A man sits desperately by the sea. Stress management and burnout prevention Frankfurt.

Are they no longer living up to your expectations?

A pocket watch in the desert sand. Burnout and stress coaching

Is the earth spinning too fast for you?

Two cars crash into each other. Stress and burnout Frankfurt

Are you easily distracted?

A woman clutches her temples. Burnout and Stress Frankfurt.

Jump mentally
from weekend to weekend?

Two children smile happily at the camera. Burnout and stress coaching.

Is there a lot you don't care about?

symptoms of burnout 

According to studies, around 7% of employees suffer from one Burnout-Syndrome. Many more are only very close. We give tips for preventing burnout. So you can prevent it. Are you exhausted? Emotionally, physically and mentally? The cause is more chronic Stress and overload. No matter what part of your life you live. Whether CEO or student. You should be prepared. 

Symptoms vary in each person. They develop slowly. Then one day we are tired and dissatisfied. It doesn't have to be! Recognize it before it gets worse. Here you will find the knowledge for it.

Managing pressure is burnout prevention

First we analyze your situation. From this and our experience we come to a conclusion. Namely, what is the best strategy for you. This is 100% confidential. Data protection is our top priority.

Science is also included. This allows us to see where you currently stand. The process will give you new strength. This has beneficial effects on your well-being and performance. You start the new day with energy!

Help with stress and burnout – dealing with stress Coaching Frankfurt am Main

They shed ballast. To do this, you record things that you really want and can do. More serenity in everyday life. A helping hand at your side. With this we show stress factors. Actually, it's just a reaction to a certain situation.

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Fast help against burnout

Our minds react to pressure. So does our body. He does this to ensure our survival. People talk about EU and DIStress. So more positive and more negative. Positive pressure occurs when we can overcome a challenge. More negative if that's not the case. We are overwhelmed. And we don't know how we should deal with it in the long term. This usually comes from pressure from outside or from ourselves.

The main cause of burnout is stress

No freedoms, too high level of work in Job, bad Teamdynamics. There are countless causes. Flexibility at work can also put a strain on us. Always being available doesn't just have advantages.

Time out instead of burnout

Depression and addiction are closer to us than we think. The more deadline pressure we have, the more likely it is. But actually there are options. Employers in particular can improve working conditions in various ways. But it is not always used. Or it comes too late.

Therefore, take responsibility in a timely and preventive manner. We don't wait for an external stimulus. We are the impetus. We will help you wherever it is needed.

Coping with stress through coaching

All you have to do is take yourself seriously. And even more so your needs. Only you can take the initiative. To do this you have to believe in yourself. Anxiety and pressure arise in your own head. Everyone reacts differently. So we bear 100% of the responsibility. Here we want to find the approach that will help you. Sit down with our Team in connection. We look forward to seeing you!

How to build resilience with coaching

Is your goal better to deal with stress? Do you have over Supervision thought? You should understand what factors affect you. And also how you react to it. But there are countless of them. It can be internal, professional, psychological or private triggers. Becoming resilient takes practice. Practice should never be neglected.

Burnout is not a fashion trend

Imagine you are standing in a room. Gradually people come to you and change your position. They pull and tug at you. Until you lose your balance and fall to the ground. The people symbolize stress factors. The problem is the constant reaction. Because it requires a lot of energy.

But if you act, you can turn it off in advance. In the Coaching learn the methods to do it. Our experience paired with neurology allows us to draw the right conclusions for you.

What to do with burnout symptoms?

Do you have one Life Coaching thought? Together we will develop a concept for you. So you can channel your energy. Together we walk a path that makes every day unique. We give you a reason to let emotions come alive again. It's a process. You achieve a healthy lifestyle. That's the key to Success. And more and more important for your whole life.

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What is the difference between stress and burnout?

Stress is the body's natural response to challenges and dangers. It can help us concentrate and perform. Burnout, on the other hand, is a state of exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive stress. It can lead to physical, emotional and psychological problems.

What are the symptoms of burnout?

The symptoms of burnout can be both physical and psychological. Physical symptoms include:
– tiredness
- Sleep disorders
- Headache
- Gastrointestinal problems
- Muscle aches

Psychological symptoms include:
– Exhaustion
– Feeling overwhelmed
– fatigue
– Loss of interest
– Pessimism
– Aggression
- Isolation

How can you prevent burnout?

There are a number of things you can do to prevent burnout. This includes:
– Set healthy boundaries
– Take enough time for relaxation
– Learn stress management techniques (Autogenic training)
– Pay attention to a healthy diet and enough sleep
– Regular exercise


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