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Entdecken Sie Ihr Potenzial: Coaching Ausbildung Frankfurt am Main!

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Werden Sie zum gefragten Coach und begleiten Sie Menschen auf ihrem Weg zum Erfolg!

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Coaching Ausbildung Frankfurt: Werde zum gefragten Coach!

Coaching Training Frankfurt – Let's start at the beginning. I would like to train as a coach. This is the sentence that we come across most often. But why? What should the training entail? What purpose should it serve?

An Vocational Training must always be based on skills. It has to be tailor made. It should promote strengths and reveal weaknesses. Anyone who becomes a coach works on themselves first. Only then do the clients come into their own. To test whether our program suits you, you can book just the first module.

Only if you like it do you continue. No risk for you. No Gag contracts. No false promises. With us you get exactly what you booked. A tailor-made program.

Which coaching training in Frankfurt is the right one for you to become a business coach? Ask for the dates for upcoming trainings.

This is a very good question. In Germany there are currently about 20.000 offers on this topic. In Frankfurt we have found 700 offers. We took a closer look at some of them. What you should pay attention to when choosing:

  • 15-20 years of professional experience in the private sector
  • 10-15 years of management experience

Experience is the most important factor for a coach. Would you trust your life to a coach who has no experience? Rather not. Why should you entrust your career to a consultant who has never managed people?

As a renowned academy, we help you to find the right coaching and training for international life and business coaches with every curriculum.

Free initial consultation

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The most common reasons why customers decide to invest in coaching training in Frankfurt

With us you only get quality. Made in Germany! No crowded rooms. No Training off the shelf. Each unit is tailored to the needs of our customers. That's why we only train 10 customers per year. We're not about mass production. We don't have to meet sales targets. We want to help people! Some of the best systemic coaches in Europe work with us on this issue every day.

Get trained by the best. Our trainers have an average of 28 years of professional experience. We work with you on real cases. The Harvard Case Method has proven itself very well as a learning method. In this way you will learn practically how you can support and empower a real coachee. Are you short on time? We adapt the program to your resources. You can reach our hotline Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 20 p.m. We want to set standards with our program. Give us a call.

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How much does coaching training in Frankfurt am Main cost? Request a date and funding options from the state now.

The pricing is like in the Turkish bazaar. There are dubious offers for 499 EUR. You can just throw your money out the window. Trust experience. A few questions to help you choose:

  1. Does the expert have at least 10-15 years of professional experience?
  2. Has your trainer worked in the private sector for at least 10 years?
  3. Can your mentor provide evidence of at least 5000 hours of coaching?

Only if all the criteria on this list are met can you be sure that your money is well invested. Expect to pay at least EUR 9000 – EUR 25.000 for good, certified training. Unfortunately, if you buy cheap, you often buy twice.

What does coaching training bring? More than an IHK certificate?

knowledge is forever You can't take knowledge away from you. Further training will primarily help you as a person. They get to know each other better. Discover patterns. You finally understand why you enjoy doing things. But also why you don't like doing things. So they are able to help other people with change. Who has mastered himself and mentally healthy is, can also help others.

Experience is the basis for all professional coaching. Even if they Business Coach IHK, you can motivates still learning. An IHK certificate is just a piece of paper. What matters is the person behind it. We are noticing this awareness among more and more people who coach. Being certified is no longer important. For many people, practice for practice is more important. Our institute only uses practical cases. Systemic coaching is not just a term for us.

Cross-method coaching

The best of different worlds

  • Different consulting approaches
  • All common models and tools
  • No one-size-fits-all approach
  • Maximum degree of freedom for you

Practice-oriented training to become a systemic coach

Any real life case

  • No pre-made videos
  • Real cases from everyday life
  • High practical relevance
  • Use of Harvard methodology
  • Dialogue instead of frontal sound reinforcement

Customer-centric coaching training

It's all about YOU

  • Your pace is our benchmark
  • No mass events
  • Your concerns are important to us
  • We make your success measurable

Flexible dates for the upcoming trip

The program depends on you

  • 100% remote
  • No travel or overnight stay
  • Flexible from home
  • Full-time or part-time

Reputable coaches and modules

Transparency is the basis for trust

  • no hidden costs
  • No gag contracts
  • Module (1) is booked individually
  • Whether you continue is up to you

Exclusive Academy

No program off the shelf

  • Only 10 participants per year
  • Individual and tailor-made
  • Strict selection process
  • Some of the best coaches
A woman working on her laptop. Coach training in Frankfurt. Coaching training in Frankfurt.

Do you want to take your life into your own hands?

A graduate of the coaching training. Coaching training in Frankfurt. Coach training in Frankfurt.

Do you want an education that is worth the money?

Caterpillars that transform into beautiful butterflies. Coach training Frankfurt, coaching training Frankfurt.

Do you want customers systematically help with the change?

An old Coca Cola product logo. Coach training Frankfurt. Coaching training in Frankfurt.

Do you want to make a name for yourself as an expert?

A coach on stage during training. Coaching training Frankfurt, coach training Frankfurt.

Would you like to learn your craft from experts?

A stack of coins piling up. Coach training in Frankfurt. Coaching training in Frankfurt.

Become professionally independent with coaching!

Investment in your future

What does not cost anything is not worth anything

  • Starts at €7.999,00 plus VAT.
  • Module (1) is booked individually
  • Cost of Module (1) - €999,00
  • Whether you continue is up to you
  • The balance is due later
  • The program is fully tax deductible

Requirements - what it requires

If you know your goal, you will find the way

  • High-quality training for academics
  • University degree desired
  • 3-5 years work experience
  • Exceptions after individual examination
  • Failure rate currently 15%
  • Aptitude interview with experts

shape and place

Effective and uncomplicated

  • 80% practical exercises
  • Followed by 20% theory
  • 100% remote
  • No travel or overnight stay
  • Flexible from home
  • Full-time or part-time

Scope, webinars, courses

Your pace is our benchmark

  • Further training: 8-10 sessions
  • Will be completed in 12 months
  • Time required approx. 300h
  • theory and own work
  • Private lessons
  • Mon.–Sun. expert support

building blocks

Content creates value

  • Customized modules
  • No off-the-shelf seminar
  • Basic principles of counseling
  • personality concepts
  • Techniques, holistic approach
  • intervention strategies, etc.

Mission & Vision

The client's success is our ambition

  • Sustainable success (supervision)
  • Dynamism and added value
  • create value
  • impart competence
  • help people
  • No sales pressure, as independent

Coaching training also for managers for personnel development. Ask now for training dates.

Free initial consultation

+49 174 1614 254

Which coaching training is right for me?

Are you interested in systemic training? In Frankfurt? That's a great idea! Coaching is exciting, it is fulfilling. And you can support and help people. You are at your side in development.
But you should know this before making a decision. It is important what type of coaching you want to do. Because there are many different focuses. Business, career, personal or life coaching. That's why the duration and costs of training to become a coach vary. In order to find the right one, you should first do your research. About various offers nearby. There are many websites and portals for this. You can also approach schools and institutes for coaching. You can find out more there. 
So if you have decided to do this, you should prepare yourself. As a rule, it is recommended to be familiar with the basics of coaching beforehand. This is knowledge in topics such as communication, psychology and counseling. You can find more information on our website. About the process, costs and types of advice. This puts you on the safe side.

How can i apply?

The requirements vary depending on the provider. You need a letter of motivation and a CV and certificate. The first is about what moves you. Of course in conjunction with coaching. Why the training? What interests you about it? What goals are you pursuing with this? Experience and qualifications are clear in the CV. The certificate serves as proof of school or vocational training. Such an application is an important step. So you should really take the time for it.

How can I prepare?

As mentioned before, you should familiarize yourself with the basics. The topic is communication, psychology and advice. But otherwise there are many options. You can find many books and articles about it. You can also find a lot of knowledge on our site. In addition, media such as online courses or workshops pass on this knowledge. Coaching supervision can be just as helpful. In it you can improve your skills. Under the guidance of an experienced Coaches. Coaching is very versatile. There are so many ways to prepare. Knowing how coaching works and what you should pay attention to. That's a big advantage. Take advantage of the opportunity. From the beginning to the end of the training. You will recognize your own strengths and will soon be able to pass on all your knowledge. This means you provide enormous added value. 


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