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Business Coaching: FAQs
What is the definition of business coaching?
Some managers still shy away from the term coaching. Lie down on the couch and get therapy? Not with them. Although much has improved over the last two decades, the field of business coaching still faces prejudice and ambiguity. Because effective and systemic business coaching can help executives to better understand and lead themselves, their employees and the entire company, and is therefore an important tool within executive development and strategic personnel development.
What are the benefits of business coaching?
Have you just taken on a new professional role and want to do everything right from the start? As part of business coaching, you will receive competent support in designing your new position and the associated goals. In addition, we equip you with tools that correspond exactly to your leadership style. Tools individually tailored to your needs help to relieve you. This not only increases your personal motivation, but also that of your employees.
How much does business coaching cost?
Depending on your employer's attitude, partial or full financing by your employer may be possible. Depending on the number of 60-minute units, the price for a service package is around €2.200 to around €3.300. In the free initial consultation (30 minutes), the expected scope is worked out together and the package price is determined.
What is a business coach?
The business coach accompanies the coachee in their professional and personal development. Of course, without one, the other doesn't work! Unlike a consultant or a trainer, a business coach does not propose direct solutions to his client, nor does he impart specialist knowledge.
How is business coaching different from life coaching?
Business coaching is primarily about the professional environment. Some aspects of the private environment are illuminated, but the focus is on the job! With life coaching it is exactly the other way around. The focus here is mainly on the private environment and the challenges in the job are also taken into account in the coaching.

BUSINESS COACHING Frankfurt – Tailor-made coaching for YOU

Business Coaching Frankfurt - Solution and goal-oriented support for people in the professional environment.

Business Coaching Frankfurt. For whom is this type of Coaching? For people who have a strong need for Executives and career coaching have and are ready for change. Especially people with great responsibility are faced with a variety of challenges today and are often exposed to great stress. Every business coaching as well as every other coaching starts with one free initial consultation - online and, by phone or video call. This acquaintance serves to consider your current situation and initial considerations of possible starting points. Her Business coaching in Frankfurt am Main.

Thanks to our many years of experience in business coaching, in corporate practice and in science, we can advise you competently and comprehensively. We are very familiar with both professional and personal problems. In business coaching, we are not primarily concerned with 'making business', but with the inner attitude. We are with our business coaching Experts here for you!”. Business Coaching Frankfurt offers you the opportunity to redefine your location, to acquire solution and action skills and to gain growing confidence in yourself.

As management & executive coaches we provide you with a protected framework in which you can turn to the processing of your concerns with competent support at eye level. Together we work on your topics in a structured, confidential manner, free from influence and free from conflicts of interest. In contrast to Consultants we do not provide solutions, but initiate impulses that serve your reflection as well as the development and implementation of your own solution. Business coaching serves your personal development and increase your power of realization. By asking the right questions, we will help you to set the course at the crucial fork in the road to your personal success. Your business coaching Frankfurt am Main.

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Business Coaching Frankfurt - Coaching unterstützt und klärt Ihren eigenen Blick, bis Sie selbst wieder handlungsfähig sind. Ihr Business Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

BUSINESS COACHING Frankfurt am Main - New thoughts are new results

Business coaching with us usually requires two detailed discussions to clarify the order. In this way, we can respond individually and specifically to your situation and present a solution proposal. With our broad network Experts we offer you different tried and tested methods that help you to recognize your motives and competencies, as well as any blind spots. We support you in achieving your individual goal. Be it building one Teams, a concept development and implementation or the search for the best position for you! Business Coaching Frankfurt - Your coaching institute in Frankfurt am Main

The air is thin at the top. This can lead to situations in which one needs a neutral interlocutor and finds oneself on the way to decision-making through an experienced one Business Coach would like to be accompanied. In an increasingly complex world, managers cannot always know where to go on their own. In order to create something new and to think further, the competence and commitment of the whole Teams necessary. people to a high performanceteam bringing them together is probably the most important leadership task, now and in the future. We can support you as business coaching experts in Frankfurt or worldwide!

Our business coaching for executives follows a simple principle. We always base our working methods on the tried-and-tested factors of successful leadership. This raises a key question that is decisive for our work: what characterizes successful executives, which key competencies enable success and which competencies may need to be further developed in business coaching? In a wide-ranging study by the opinion research institute Gallup, more than 20.000 (!) interviews with successful executives were evaluated. It turned out that there is no such thing as THE ideal top manager with precisely defined characteristics!

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Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coach-Frankfurt - Wir haben den richtigen Business Coach in Frankfurt für Sie. 100% auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmt.

How to effectively support people

Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coach-Frankfurt - Finde Antworten auf Fragen rund um den Beruf. Ihr Business Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

In business coaching for managers, the question "Who do I want to be as a manager?" is of central importance. Because the answer to it controls your own decisions and your behavior, consciously or unconsciously. In business coaching, we are not primarily concerned with 'making business', but with the inner attitude. We are there for you with our business coaching experts in Frankfurt or worldwide! This can lead to situations in which you need a neutral interlocutor for business coaching and would like to be accompanied on the way to decision-making by an experienced mentor.

Thanks to our many years of experience as a coach, in corporate practice and in science, we can advise you competently and comprehensively as a business coach, whether it is about technical or personal problems. In Frankfurt or around the world. The business coaching concept from Ihr Coaching Institut meets the needs of our target group for a high level of flexibility. Get in touch with us: We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of successful cooperation with you. Whether executive coaching for top management, transition management coaching for the first few days in a new job or executive coaching with a focus on developing your own leadership role: we design a tailor-made program together with you.

At the head of a company, you move people – consciously and unconsciously, and you have the power to shape them. Let's look ahead together and find out where and how you want to make a difference! We want you to get ahead - our executive coaching makes potential and strengths visible. We work with you as equals and ensure that you make your potential, strengths and hidden talents visible in the management context. Roles and areas of responsibility change and with them the demands placed on you. This sometimes requires bringing in new skills and strengths.

Business Coaching: FAQs
Target group of business coaching
Business coaching is primarily used in middle and senior management. In principle, however, people can benefit from business coaching in all phases of their professional life and regardless of their employment status - successful managers and executives as well as young professionals, employees as well as entrepreneurs or freelancers. Numerically, companies are the most important clients of business coaches: Almost 85% of the personnel developers and executives in Germany surveyed in the study "Marketing in Coaching - Coaching Study" stated that they were looking for coaches on behalf of the company for business coaching. In companies and organizations, the focus is often on supporting change processes or the targeted promotion of employees, with the aim of promoting employees according to their strengths and abilities and using human resources as sensibly and effectively as possible. In addition to companies, private customers also use business coaching: to develop an optimal professional and career strategy, to support them in dealing with current professional challenges or in phases of professional reorientation.
Topics in business coaching
The most important topics in business coaching include: professional reorientation, personal assessment, analysis of strengths and finding direction, management tasks and skills, dealing with and solving conflicts, career and professional development, support for decisions and changes. In addition, there are special topics such as the management of virtual Teams or targeted burnout prevention. Business coaching thus includes a holistic approach and does not only deal with job and career. Write to us or call us, simple, uncomplicated and non-binding.
Basis for your business coaching
The starting point for business coaching is always the preliminary talk. In our experience, every person and every career situation is individual. Likewise, the corresponding needs for advice. The following questions will be clarified in the preliminary business coaching discussion: What can I actually do? What am I suitable for? What suits me the most? How can I develop professionally in such a way that my work will still satisfy me in 5 or 10 years? My job is unsafe. Should I jump off or hold out? What can I do today? I suspect or notice that I will change professionally. However, I want to be sure that I am making the right decision. How do I proceed? Should I switch? Become independent? Turn my hobby into a job?
How is the professional recognition as a business coach?
Someone who calls themselves a “coach” does not currently have to be able to prove any formal qualifications. Therefore, any person can call themselves a “coach” without violating any legal provisions. We therefore ask you to pay close attention to the experience of the experts!
Why are we the right contact person?
With the background of our C-level coaches in combination with the experience in TOP management positions, we are the right contact to carry out coaching for companies and executives. With tried and tested methods, selected discussion techniques and open feedback, we support you as a Team in independently developing and implementing creative and authentic solutions. This is in single, Team- or strategy coaching possible. Together, new perspectives, realistic goals and successful strategies are developed for the economic well-being and sustainable success of the company, but also for the further development of managers.

Solution and goal-oriented support from Frankfurt am Main

Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coach-Frankfurt - Finde Antworten auf Fragen rund um den Beruf. Ihr Business Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

As a manager or entrepreneur, are you looking for someone on an equal footing for a reflective exchange? Would you like to develop in a targeted manner in your role as an employee or manager? Are you responsible for developing the skills of employees? Business coaching can help here! Your business coach supports you in completing your professional tasks more efficiently. In other words, business coaching helps you gain new perspectives and clarify your personal and professional goals. In addition, coaching helps to improve communication within the company and thus increase motivation and performance at different levels of the company.

There is no off-the-shelf program for this, because the focus of business coaching is on the respective person with their personality and skills. From our point of view, every business coaching topic is a bit of personality and competence development.
We follow the approach: the better I know myself inside out, the more I can do externally, for example in my professional environment. Based on our decades of experience as a coach and entrepreneur, we are the first point of contact for you or your employees when it comes to business coaching. We start every business coaching with a free initial meeting to get to know each other and to find out whether we are the right contact person for the current issue.

With our business coaching offer, we speak to specialists and experts, departmental, Team-, or department heads up to owners, board members, managing directors and managers. Business coaching brings a variety of personal and professional benefits: You learn to convince, inspire and appear confident. Numerous clients report that the coaching process has had a positive impact on their careers and lives. While coaching is carried out in person in most cases, individual appointments can also be carried out online or remotely via video conference.

Achieve your professional goals with us

Based on many years of experience, a qualified business coach will help you to identify your goals. Together with you, he creates a roadmap to achieve the goals you have set. The external perspective of a professional coach can support managers and entrepreneurs in distinguishing between short, medium and long-term tasks and goals. Your business coach is there to help you focus on the desired end result. It reminds you of important tasks and motivates you when it is necessary to continue pursuing your goals. In addition, your coach acts as a sparring partner and sounding board. If necessary, he will also hold a mirror in front of you to illuminate any blind spots.

At the corporate level, the commitment of a business coach shows success in the development of human resources.

In the course of your business coaching sessions, you create actionable plans and the pace at which you want to achieve your goals. An essential basis for this is your individual personality profile, which can be created online. Based on your individual strengths, your business coach will help you plan and prioritize the approaches and strategies needed to achieve your goals. Your business coach is available at regular intervals to discuss your progress.

Coaching in the area of ​​organizational and managerial development is also a valuable tool for HR managers: 80% of people who take advantage of coaching report greater self-confidence; over 70% benefit from improved job performance, better relationships and more effective communication skills. 86% of the companies surveyed state that they were able to more than amortize the investment in coaching.

Tailwind for your career change
Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coach-Frankfurt - Finde Antworten auf Fragen rund um den Beruf. Ihr Business Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

Do you want to reorient yourself professionally - and make the most of your strengths? How about getting active with us and going towards your new goals! By determining your current position, you lay the foundation for a meaningful job that corresponds to your strengths, success and real quality of life. Your lifetime is too valuable to pursue an activity that does not fulfill you and may sap your energy instead of being a source of strength. Business coaching for professional reorientation supports you in finding clarity about your professional situation. Rediscover or reconcile your strengths, inclinations, experiences and interests.

This is how you make the right decisions from the sea of ​​all possibilities. Benefit from our experience as a business coach on this path. Because we have already accompanied many people on their way to new professional shores and to personal development. The process of professional reorientation is fully tailored to the current needs of the customer at the Strengthening Factory. At the beginning of a professional reorientation there are many unanswered questions, regardless of whether you are still in a job that has not been terminated or not. First, the client and the business coach get to know each other. The first impression provides the coach with valuable information and an opportunity for feedback. Then we refine your self-assessment. Strengths and personality traits are made aware.

Honestly looking back at the last point helps to take stock and to mentally conclude in order to be able to set off into the future unencumbered. The job market is a sea of ​​opportunities. We evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of an employee relationship or self-employment. Once determined, we focus your activities on the selected option and pursue it consistently. With the support of business coaching, we jointly evaluate the job market in detail and define an application strategy. Together we will further develop your professional application documents and social media profiles. With job interview simulations, you will be made fit for job interviews in this phase. Let us define your concrete next steps!

Business Coaching: FAQs
How long does a business coaching session last?
In the one-on-one setting, most sessions are between 1 and 2 hours.
How long does the business coaching process take?
The entire business coaching process comprises at least 10 units. The majority of our clients extend the cooperation by another 10 - 100 units.
How does the business coaching process begin?
The process begins with the first and non-binding contact. This is where the first information is collected and checked to see whether and how cooperation can be effective.
Step 1: Business coaching search process
In the first step, a search process in the field of business coaching runs in your head. You check whether a coach has the necessary skills and experience for the issue you have.
Step 2: Gut feeling important in business coaching
In the second step, pay attention to your gut feeling when you get to know each other in the first meeting, on the phone or on site. Then you decide whether the chemistry is right and whether you are ready to get involved in the business coaching process.
Step 3: Objective of the business coaching
The third step is to formulate your business coaching assignment and business coaching goals. Behaviors are defined that you can use to check at any time whether you are already or still on the right path to your goal. We offer executives the following services based on the latest behavioral economics, psychological and neuroscientific findings: Systemic business coaching, executive coaching, job coaching, career coaching, sparring partners in difficult decision-making situations, strategic management consulting, organizational development, training in the areas of communication, burnout , stress management, leadership, conflict management, change management, Team Building, agile organizational development, personal coaching - contemporary work.
Step 4: Working method in business coaching
You alone are central to business coaching with your decision to allow yourself time for a very specific topic. The procedure depends on the individual path of potential. Perhaps helpful methods are known to managers in particular. However, something prevents them from being used successfully. Working on unconscious, personal imprints and limitations often leads to surprising solutions with leverage. Information about inner and outer constellations can be gained spontaneously through various forms of systemic constellation work and converted into resolving images.
From vision to implementation
Coaching Frankfurt - Das exklusive Coaching Erlebnis in Frankfurt am Main, Wir helfen bei Ihrer Krise, Burnout, Mobbing, Transformation, Leadership, Egal ob als Business Coach, Health Coach, Vocal Coach, Personal Coach oder Life Coach, wir sind für Sie da.

Business coaching is a valuable development and solution process that enables visible and often quick success and promotes your further development. In general, coaching is a resource-intensive method for companies, executives, employees and Teams to promote successful and sustainable cooperation. Attitudes, thoughts and actions are geared towards a positive and appreciative image of people as well as towards strengths and mutual trust. In this way, people find their personal creative power and surpass themselves.

Managers learn to bring out the best in themselves and their employees. Colleagues become allies and find out how to combine their strengths to achieve more together. Leaders become visionaries who create the optimal framework for the development of potential and top performance.

With us you are always one step ahead! Business coaching can not only help the company, but you too! We work with you on all aspects of human and social interaction and generate an individual plan for each of our clients. Every crisis and every problem in the field of business coaching is individual and that is how we approach it. Analysis, recommendations for action, measurement of success, subsequent correction, analysis and recommendations for action are work processes that we use every day as a matter of course. We are high performers on a human and professional level.

The manner of implementation depends on how intensive the cooperation should be. Depending on your individual goals and framework conditions, we select the most suitable business coach for you. However, it can also be the case that your objectives are very different and that we fall back on various of our experts. We try to get the best out of you so that you can achieve your goals. Our coaches are among the best coaches in German-speaking countries, but also internationally. You can find more information about the skills of our coaches on our Team Side. Contact us today and write an email or give us a call. As the Coaching Institute Frankfurt, we provide you with the right capacities to exploit your full potential.

We look forward to seeing you!

Business coaching as potential development
Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

Business coaching is a process-oriented form of consulting that focuses on professional issues. The aim of this form of coaching is basically to accompany people in their professional development, to support them in recognizing their strengths and abilities and to use them in order to be successful in the long term and to experience the professional activity as fulfilling. In addition to the term business coaching, the terms career coaching and professional coaching are also used. Unlike a consultant or a trainer, a business coach does not propose direct solutions to his customers, nor does he impart specialist knowledge or certain skills, but rather he accompanies him in the development of his own individual and sustainable solutions.

In many companies, it is no longer about working together, but rather working against each other on the top management level, but also on the operational level Teams. You realize that when people within a company start stealing or fighting pieces of the pie in order to increase or consolidate their position. In many companies, this behavior is even tolerated and encouraged. This development not only leads to the loss of highly motivated employees, but also destroys the culture of the company at the same time.

As a result, many executives now lack emotional and social intelligence.

No matter where you or your company are at the moment. We pick you up with our business coaching from where you are at the moment. Individual, confidential and at eye level. A little metaphor: Imagine your company as a (legal) person, similar to our legal system. The person you envision needs some effort to stay alive. She has her own personality, with her own skills, resources and characteristics. Are you ready to take yourself and your business to the next level?

Where are you travelling to?
Coaching Frankfurt - Das exklusive Coaching Erlebnis in Frankfurt am Main, Wir helfen bei Ihrer Krise, Burnout, Mobbing, Transformation, Leadership, Egal ob als Business Coach, Health Coach, Vocal Coach, Personal Coach oder Life Coach, wir sind für Sie da.

What kind of a person are you? What personal and professional goals have you set yourself? What is your roadmap and where are you now? What is your biggest bottleneck in terms of goal achievement? How much time do you invest every day in operational and how much in strategic corporate management?

Business coaching often takes place in difficult situations such as restructuring or downsizing. However, coaching works in exactly the same way to make good managers even more successful. The business coach supports the implementation of the respective topics and advises the manager individually and personally.

As a managing director, owner or manager, you are expected to make decisions and change things. You are in a strong position and you must ensure that this is the case Team can do its job perfectly and do other work at the same time. Some of the objectives within a business coaching can be:

increase leadership skills

improve decision-making skills

resistance in Team to solve

Reduce workload and pressure

gain assertiveness

create choices

Increase agility in the company

Successfully carry out restructuring

One of the goals of business coaching is often a relaxed attitude. Because the basic attitude is decisive for the way you appear, communicate and act. Whether in the starting phase as a new manager or in other demanding situations, it is important and sensible to be able to use a coach as a supporter who knows the topics very well and, ideally, has had the opportunity to experience them in a similar way. These concerns can be deficit-oriented or positively achievement-oriented.

Achieve goals together and celebrate success

Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

At your coaching institute, we work with you as equals and ensure that you make your potential, strengths and hidden talents visible in the management context. Roles and areas of responsibility change and with them the demands placed on you. These changes require bringing in new skills and strengths from time to time. In coaching, we like to use the scientifically based analysis tool LINC-Personality Profiler from the LINC Institute with the depth profile on the topic of leadership. With these data-based tools, we determine your strengths, which we reflect on and develop together. We will also uncover blind potential. Because leadership begins with self-leadership and with a very certain attitude that brings out the best in yourself and others. Positive and strength-oriented leadership leads to a positive corporate culture, which is the best marketing and your career accelerator.

One implication is that thriving employees behave in a more company-friendly manner, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and driving the organization forward from their own intrinsic drive. This success is closely linked to leadership skills. Do you remember your own experiences with positive, empowering and supportive bosses and the opposite? These experiences can be formative. It is now your turn as a top manager and you can make a difference, move people and things and create a motivating work culture.

Together we strengthen your strengths and work on things that you can improve so that you can take a decisive step further in your professional career. This creates a corporate culture in which we perceive and live "not changing the wind, but setting sail differently".

We support companies in a solution-oriented manner as business coaches, executive coaches, managerial coaches and employee coaches.

Companies also like to commission us as soon as junior executives are entrusted with the first leadership, challenging leadership situations need to be solved, role changes are pending or a new one Team is taken over.

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