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Funding Check – Free & non-binding advice

A funding check is a review of whether you are eligible for a specific plan or project Funding or may receive grants from the government or other institutions. It can help identify and maximize financing opportunities for SMEs.

How are SMEs or small and medium-sized companies defined?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often defined by a combination of factors, including number of employees, annual turnover, or annual balance sheet value. There is no generally accepted definition, but in the European Union SMEs are often defined as companies that have fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than 50 million euros or a balance sheet total of less than 43 million euros. Also read our article on the subject Corona coaching For companies.

What funding opportunities are there in the funding check?

In Germany there are more than 2500 support programs for companies. Each of them has an individual frame. So it usually comes down to that

  • if you are an SME
  • where your company is located
  • what industry you work in
  • what topic it is about
  • how many grants you have already received in the requested area

The following funding programs represent only an excerpt of the funding options available in Germany. For more information, fill out this document. Our colleagues will be in touch with you shortly.

A promotion process

  1. Funding check per Form
  2. Education about your options
  3. Application for funding
  4. project implementation
  5. receiving the grant
  6. Application for another funding opportunity

Example topics of state funding after a funding check

  • Management consultancy
  • Executive coaching
  • Employee coaching
  • market analysis
  • Teambuilding training
  • Strategy consulting
  • Other operational training and courses
  • Digitalization
  • SEO Services

Promotion of entrepreneurial know-how (Bafa)

The BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) supports SMEs in Germany through a variety of programs to strengthen their competitiveness. Some examples are:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects
  • research and Development
  • internationalization and hybrid working models
  • Digitalization
  • Business start
  • other topics to promote entrepreneurial know-how

Since the beginning of 2023, the funding opportunities for SMEs have been significantly expanded. SMEs can count on more than double the funding volume in the first year of funding.

Funding for digitization for SMEs with a grant of up to €12

There are various funding programs here, depending on the federal state and a few other factors (e.g.: "Go-digital", "Digital Now" and others). The bottom line is that the federal government is trying to promote trade unions and small companies in digitization in general. Typical services that fall under the term digitization are:

  • SEO services (improving findability, visibility and ranking on Google)
  • Marketing Services
  • Introduction of CRM systems (customer relation management, programs for customer care in German)
  • Digitization of work processes
  • IT security services
  • Various consulting services in IT

Free funding check including implementation

The funding request and the necessary processes that are necessary in the background for the funding are free of charge for you. As the service provider, we assume all costs incurred for you! You may also be interested in our article about Life Coaching or Coaching for women.

How does corporate funding work?

Business support can take various forms, from applying for a grant to favorable credit terms. Companies can look for funding opportunities at state, federal or local level. For example, KfW is a German development bank that provides both grants and loans to companies. In order to be eligible for a grant program, the company must complete certain tasks and demonstrate that it meets the program's eligibility criteria. Other forms of support may be tax credits, grants, or soft loans provided by governments or local governments. A company can also receive funding from public-private partnerships, where both parties contribute to the financing of the project. Depending on the level of funding needs and the types of grants available, companies should carefully consider their options before deciding on the type of support that is most suitable for them in terms of cost, duration and other favorable terms.

For whom is funding advice worthwhile?

Grant counseling is a good option for anyone looking for financial support for their business. Such advice can provide important information about government funding programs, including grants and incentives, that can be of great benefit to a business. It can also help identify potential investment areas and other opportunities in the market. The consultant can make an objective assessment of the options available and ensure the client is getting the best possible deal. Funding advice is particularly beneficial for small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and those who want to open up new markets or expand existing markets. Advice on funding is also worthwhile if you want to use government initiatives or incentives. Ultimately, funding advice can open up many opportunities for companies in different development phases.

How does the funding check work in practice?

Thats is quite easy. You click on the request for funding, enter all the relevant data there and clarify the rest with our partner, who will advise you comprehensively on all your options. If funding makes sense for you, the applications will be submitted in the background in the next step. As soon as we have positive feedback or funding approval, you can start your funding program. The costs are borne by the company with which you implement the funded service.

What are examples of possible funding?

There are a variety of possible funding sources. Grants from organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Science Foundation are among the most common sources of funding for arts and science projects. Other options include crowdfunding campaigns, private foundations, corporate sponsorships, and government grants. Also, some universities offer student grants or scholarships that can be used to fund research projects that involve fieldwork or other investigations. Small businesses can also offer local funding opportunities that can be beneficial in supporting a specific cause in their community. Regardless of the type of project you're looking to fund, there's likely a funding source to help you get yours Set to achieve.

What documents are required to apply for a grant?

If you are applying for a grant, you will need to have certain documentation ready to submit as part of your application. This includes a letter of application, a grant application explaining how the grant will be used, financial documents and evidence, proof of tax exemption if applicable, and letters of recommendation from previous employers or other organizations that can vouch for you and your project. You may also be required to submit documentation of your past achievements related to the project you are proposing, e.g. B. Awards or other recognition. Finally, you should provide comprehensive information on how the funds will be used, including a detailed budget and timetable. Having all of these documents ready before you apply can ensure your application is processed quickly and efficiently.

Who exactly prepares my funding application?

There are companies that will help you apply for grants, and there are many companies that will take the entire process of applying for grants or certification into their own hands. However, both variants have one thing in common: an enormous amount of work and time. Companies that take the issue of funding into their own hands are often rejected. Most companies do not even know that there is a suitable funding program for their project and bear 100% of the costs and the risk. This is exactly why our partner Nuviu was founded! They have been experts for companies for 28 years.

Which funding is suitable for me?

Well over 1000 different funding programs are aimed at founders and small companies from all sectors. With the 100% free funding check you will find the right offer for your project.

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