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The funding check for SMEs – a check to see whether you can receive funding. This can be for a specific project. Starting from the government or other institutions. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive support for your unique and innovative company. Ask us!

How are small and medium-sized companies defined?

An SME is often defined by a combination of factors. The number of employees, the annual turnover or the annual balance sheet value. There are no 100% clear boundaries. In the EU, however, we talk about companies that have fewer than 250 employees. In addition, sales are less than 50 million euros and the balance sheet total is less than 43 million. But one thing is clear. It is these companies that drive the economy in Germany. You carry the country on your shoulders.

What funding options are there? ‣ Funding and support program to achieve your goals

There are more than 2500 funding programs here in Germany alone. Each is made for different funding and funding. As a rule, it often comes down to…

...whether you are a small or medium-sized business Company make

… where your headquarters are

... what industry you work in

...what topic it is about

... how much funding you have already received

Process of the project for funding

  1. Funding check per Form
  2. Education about your options
  3. Application for funding
  4. project implementation
  5. Receipt of the funding instrument
  6. Application for another funding opportunity

Example topics of state funding for small and medium-sized companies

  • Management consultancy
  • Executives Coaching
  • Employees Coaching
  • market analysis
  • Teambuilding training
  • Strategy consulting
  • Other operational training and courses
  • Digitalization
  • SEO Services

Promotion measures for entrepreneurial know-how (BAFA)

The BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) supports SMEs in Germany. With a variety of programs to strengthen their competitiveness. Some examples are:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects
  • research and Development
  • internationalization and hybrid working models
  • Digitalization
  • Business start
  • other topics on funding programs for entrepreneurial know-how

Funding check for companies ‣ the funding for your SME

The opportunities for financial support have grown significantly. Start-ups receive a lot of support, especially in the first year. Since the beginning of 2023, more has been done here. For you and yours growth.

Holistic support for digitalization for SMEs with up to €12.000 in investment subsidies

There are various programs here. Depending on the federal state and some other factors (e.g.: “Go-digital”, “Digital Now”, etc.). The bottom line is that the federal government is trying to support entrepreneurs in general. Especially in digitalization and innovation. Typical services for this are:

  • SEO services (improving findability, visibility and ranking on Google)
  • Marketing Services
  • Introduction of CRM systems (customer relationship management, customer service measures in German)
  • Digitization of work processes
  • IT security services
  • Various consulting services in IT

Free funding check including implementation ‣ apply now

The request and processes for a funding program are free of charge for you. We will cover all costs for you! 

How does the supportive support work?

This can take various forms. Whether it is a grant or favorable conditions for a loan. You can receive extensive subsidies at the state, federal and local levels. KfW is an example. It offers both grants and loans. To be eligible, you must complete certain tasks. You have to be able to prove that you are a good fit for the funding measure. You can also promote public-private partnerships. So consider your options carefully. Choose what suits you best in terms of cost, duration and conditions. 

For whom is German funding advice worthwhile?

For anyone looking for support for their company. In addition to repayable grants, she also obtains more information about government support. You will receive incentives that can help you. Together we will gradually explore your options. From potential investments to further opportunities in the market. The advice helps at every stage. It opens up possibilities. No matter what phase you are in.

How does the check work in practice?

That's easy. You click on the request and enter all relevant data there. You can clarify the rest with our partner, who will provide you with comprehensive advice. As soon as we have a confirmation, you can start the procedure.

What are examples of possible remedies?

There are many sources of financing here. Private foundations, crowdfunding campaigns and sponsorships are included. Financial help can also come from the state or universities. Regional companies can offer support. No matter your project, there is definitely a way for you to get funding.

What documents are required for this?

You should have ready: a letter of application. Furthermore, the application with an explanation of the intended use. This also includes financial documents and evidence. You can discuss with us in detail what is necessary. So that you can do it right and receive the public funding rate soon. You should be ready to do yours Business plan to show in detail. And everything that goes with it. Deploying all of this sooner will give you peace of mind. Namely, that your application will be processed quickly and efficiently.

Who exactly will prepare the application for me?

Other companies take on some of this. Be helpful with your expertise. If you take it into your own hands, you can quickly fail. This involves a lot of effort. But there is definitely something out there that suits your needs. You shouldn't have to tackle this alone. This is why our partner Nuviu was founded! You have been finding the help you need there for 28 years.

Which offer of funding is suitable for me?

Well over 1000 different funding programs are aimed at founders and small companies from all industries. With the 100% free funding check you will find the right funding offer for your project.

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