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Mediation Frankfurt am Main - How mediators provide fair support in conflict counseling, conflict resolution, family mediation and business mediation - Mediator in Frankfurt

Why mediation?

Mediation in Frankfurt. We help to find solutions. A Process without expensive and ongoing legal disputes. It is an option for anyone who wants to strengthen their problem-solving skills. Mediation creates a safe and neutral space. To allow each party to express feelings, needs and concerns.

While the mediator both through targeted Coaching leads to a common basis. The aim is to find a solution that benefits both sides. However, the parties to the conflict must first be placed in this position. Creative approaches are used and solutions to disputes are found. Mediation does what would not be possible through legal proceedings. This makes the process faster, cheaper and results in less overall Stress. And ideally the relationship is maintained. All of this applies to both sides.

Mediation in Frankfurt – An alternative to court proceedings

Mediation in Frankfurt has already proven itself. Namely, as an alternative to legal proceedings. It allows the dispute to be resolved more cheaply and quickly. By both sides agreeing on a mediator. He leads the negotiations. And in doing so he makes it easier and helps both sides immensely. Because in the end they have a solution that works for both of them.

The procedure can be tailored to the individual case. It is individual and therefore suitable for your situation. The mediator's experience makes it possible to find creative solutions. Solutions that would not be possible in court. This is our added value for you.

Why recognized mediators? Find a certified mediator now

Mediation resolves conflicts of all kinds. Constructively, together and outside of court. The solution is the goal. It allows the two sides to find a solution together without a trial. Everyone is invited to voice their concerns. Both sides are considered and disagreements are overcome.

The aim is to enable both to find a solution. You enter into a dialogue. The business mediator ensures that this is done profitably. Previously two different pages. But now you come together and find something like this Team a solution. Thanks to his experience, the mediator can not only add his own ideas.

He knows how to deal with the conflict and mediate it. He knows his way around finding a solution in tricky situations. He leads the dialogue. It allows you to view the situation from every angle. And every stone is turned over. Because in the end he wants to achieve the best for the parties.

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The mediation process – internal, business mediation or family mediation

There are conflicts everywhere. Topics related to our lives can be included. The process only works if both sides agree to it. They bring autonomy and personal responsibility with them. The mediator cannot take care of that. So it's partly up to the parties. He's there for that personal Bringing in the interests and concerns of both sides.

Fair and equal. It is confidential and all partisan. We guarantee that. He supports the process and passes on ideas and experience. But the result is in the hands of both parties. Likewise the termination of the procedure. They want to come to a common conclusion. Both of them have to do something about it. 

You undertake to work together to the best of your knowledge and belief. And on this basis to find an advantageous solution. Both sides sign this agreement at the beginning. The mediator moderates the dialogue and adds necessary methods and strategies. Practical exercises can also be included.

As soon as there is a solution, it will be recorded. An agreement is reached. Written and signed by both sides. This process usually involves several sessions. Depending on the situation, it can be a few days or several months. It's up to you. At the parties.

The better you work together, the faster a solution will be found. No matter what type of conflict there is. The mediator is a great help. Whether at work or in your own home. We are here for you. We help you turn the problem into a solution.

Conflict counseling for individuals

This is about understanding the conflict. How did you get there? How can you deal with it? How do you get out of there? The mediator discusses the situation with the client. Together you will develop a strategy. How this should be dealt with. What next steps are necessary. We only have one side. But we can also learn a lot from this. With the help of the trained Experts let's put ourselves in different perspectives.

We get creative. And above all, we adopt a neutral position. Because emotions can prevent us from finding a solution. Professional experience makes a big difference here. Our experts already know both sides. That is a big help. But in the end it's up to the customer. Whether he is ready to resolve the conflict for himself. Only he can take the steps to do so. 

Mediation for separation and divorce

Family mediation is an important tool. Also in the process of separation or divorce. The aim is to support the couples. So that a solution that is acceptable and fair for both sides can be found. And to be able to end the disputes. It is less confrontational than a court of law. And this allows couples to negotiate agreements that suit both of them. And are tailored to the situation and needs of your family.

With the help of the mediator, various questions can be clarified:
How are assets divided?
How is custody resolved?
What about maintenance?

Experienced mediators are third parties. Impartial and experienced. They lead the conversation between the spouses. With active listening and communication skills. This makes it easier to understand the other person. A compromise is thus found. This works because a common ground has been formed.

This results in fair agreements. They are in the best interest of spouses and children. So it's a big advantage for both sides. And the relationship is also essential. No further damage is added to her. So that both of you can move on with your life. Divorce mediation ensures this.

Costs and Fees of Mediation vs. Court Proceedings

Mediation is a good alternative. Regarding the proceedings in court namely. It offers many advantages. And the costs are usually significantly lower. Because preparations with a lawyer are not necessary here.

Internal mediation is also usually billed in hours. But it is often shorter than a process. Because both sides work together. This reduces costs. Or many questions can be clarified in advance through online mediation. Then the process doesn't take too long. 

It is always important that both sides make their contribution. You have to be open and honest. It's about a creative compromise that suits both parties. There is also work involved. We can't do that for you.

Mediation training and further training in seminars – you too can become a certified mediator 

Certified mediators ensure fair conflict resolution. They lead the conflict resolution process. The practice of mediation can be applied in various areas. You will guide the structured process for constructive resolution. If you are looking for professional training as a certified mediator, you should be well informed about it!

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What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which two or more parties attempt to find an amicable solution to their conflict with the help of a neutral mediator. It is fundamentally different from systemic coaching. The mediator helps the parties understand their positions and needs, find a common language and develop a solution that is acceptable to all involved.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation offers a number of advantages over other conflict resolution methods, such as litigation. This includes:
– A higher success rate in resolving conflicts
– A faster and more cost-effective solution to conflicts
– A lower risk of further conflict
– The possibility of improving relations between the parties

What are the requirements for mediation?

The following requirements are required for mediation:
– The willingness of the parties to work on a solution
– The parties’ willingness to engage with the mediator
– The willingness of the parties to compromise


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