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Executives Coaching in Frankfurt. A role that today Success of a company is strongly influenced. Executives have a high status in the world of business. But you don't just have all this responsibility. You are able to do this Team to motivate, lead and inspire. We can take an important position here. It helps the manager improve their skills and realize their potential. 

Our Team offers individual programs. So you want to improve your skills? And take your career to the next level? We work closely with you. To understand your situation and develop appropriate strategies. For your Set, obstacles and everything you want from the process. These are tailored to you. Because you want to achieve your own goals. We are the helping hand at your side.

So, what is your goal? Our coaches will help you with this. Whether communication, conflict management or Teamdynamics. All topics that our experienced coaches can teach you. Contact us today. And arrange a free initial consultation. So that you can find out exactly how we can help you. It will be worth it!

Do you want to specifically expand your skills?

Do you want to be perceived by your employees as a leader?

Do you want to survive in the shark tank?

Would you like to play in the executive suite? Or would you rather sit at the children's table?

Do you want to learn how big politics works in the company?

Do you finally want to get off your hamster wheel?

Executive coaching Frankfurt am Main – appreciative, empathetic, goal-oriented

The Coaching is aimed specifically at the management level in a company. You can call it executives or management coaching. Seen in this way, it is a special case of business coaching. This can be used at any level. Coaching for executives focuses only on the leadership level.

We often notice that the terms leadership and management are often used interchangeably. Although they represent different content. But what exactly is the difference? The American management theorist Peter Drucker (1909-2005) wrote about this. “Management is about doing things right. Leadership is about doing the right things.”

You can imagine it like this: Management coaching takes place on a factual level. Tasks are considered, prioritized and solved better. The goal is usually to manage the volume of work. And to make the best of it. Or new systems are integrated and processes are made simpler. Everything at the level of the tasks or the work to be done.

Coaching for managers, on the other hand, takes place at the individual level. You will learn about your strengths and how you can use them. You develop yourself. So that you Team can benefit from your expertise. You also learn your Team to lead on the best path. This includes communication. So you're doing the right things. The ones that are yours Team and help your employees. This happens at the leadership level. And it can make a big difference. For you and your company.

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Coaching for managers – success factors and development in focus


These are the terms used in our Leadership Coaching is important. The operational business revolves around them. A manager is an indispensable part of this. Business Coaching for managers addresses specific tasks. Those that take place on a human-emotional level. What that means?

-a plan that gets everyone on board
-Organization that helps every employee to be effective
-Coordinating people so that they mesh like gears
-Control results to see what works

All in all, you want yours Team lead. And the best results come from the best executives. This means you are promoting yours Team. They help individuals develop their strengths. And thus make the workplace a more positive location Development. This also ensures that you enjoy your work. And you can be sure that the company's goals are in good hands. Leadership is responsibility. They guide the process.

The development of the entire company. Does that still sound a bit difficult? Here we have an example. They develop guiding principles, visions or exercises for this Team and implement them. What was normal before can now be improved. For your employees. So that they can be effective. And do the whole thing with joy.

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Executive coaching – Teamcoaching, online coaching or in the home office

Every leader can develop further. And especially the skills that are important in business management. With the right advisor at your side, you can do this. You build on what you already have in you. You expand your competence and learn to apply your skills to specific situations.

We work in a practical manner and run through current solutions. So that our clients receive the maximum benefit. There are several factors that play a role:

– (expectation) attitude
– own vision
– Mindset
– Way of communication
- and many more

We want the best for you.

Which method is ultimately used is up to you. And what you are open to. Because you want to find what suits you. Your personal leadership style. So that you Team will soon be able to achieve great things. And the climate in the company plays for you.

Develop your own leadership style with coaching from the Rhine-Main area

The basis for this is Transformation. Your personality and your leadership style. And this is how we achieve the implementation of values. E.g. fairness and sustainability. At the same time, your ROI gradually increases. In everyday life, the difference between leadership and management is often blurred. But together the terms can lead to great success.

Managers also have leadership responsibilities. How managers should also deal with management. That's why it's important to recognize your own strengths. And to get targeted support on board if necessary. In the areas outside of your strengths. Our Executive Coaching is the right option here. 

Do you understand these two terms? Because there is a smooth transition between them. In everyday life as an executive or manager. And in implementing the changes. Our Mentoring Offer is aimed at people who lead other people. And unite them. These are often managing directors, CEOs, board members or Supervisory Boards. They expand their competence. And change your actions in a solution- and success-oriented manner. They know the value the mentor brings. And have recognized that in some places they need a neutral perspective. That is why we are here. We will shed light on your situation. And together we find the best solution to every problem.

We also support the leadership of the future. Because we can help everyone. No matter in which situation. Our expertise is based on several years of experience. She could soon be yours.

Management coaching: Methods for leadership

Are you wondering which skills exactly are being strengthened? Here are a few:

– Leadership – how exactly you lead employees
– Decision-making skills – make quick and good decisions
– Conflict resolution – recognizing obstacles and emerging stronger from them
– Mentoring competence – helping employees to develop
– systemic thinking – being able to design the workplace effectively for everyone

You name a competency or skill. We'll help you with that. This is not only a great advantage for you. You can use what you learn to help your employees as well. You pass on what helps you.

Management coaching: competence + personality = success

Do you want to develop your own leadership style? That is also elementary. What helps one person may not have any effect on another. That's why you have to find what suits you and your values. With us you will learn how to build basic security. And from there find your own path. After all, you are unique! And your strengths can achieve great things.

Our offer is aimed at individuals. Your coach asks relevant questions. He accompanies you through the process change. You recognize opportunities and possibilities. And realize your goals and plans. The following applies: You can use the coaching in person or online. As mentioned before, we want to find what suits you. It's already starting here. Whatever the process is best for you.'

No matter what challenge is currently in focus. No matter what's on your mind at the moment. It is important to remember: It is never just the visible problem. But it always has to do with the person themselves. What that means? Like a tree, the problem has a root. And we want to find them. Most of the time it has something to do with us and our thoughts or fears. We can help here. 

Executive development – ​​individual coaching for executives

This is exactly where we would like to take a closer look. This is where success is decided over failure. We want to get to the root of the issue. And solve it sustainably. The great thing about it is that you have part of the problem within you, but you also have the solution. And if you recognize this, you can take action against it in the future. With the right tools and methods.

So at this point you can start where it will have the greatest impact. With yourself. Personality is an important component of successful leadership. With us you therefore have the opportunity to take a well-founded personality test. And with the coaches you will then find out your leadership style. And your strengths. He is part of the coaching.

It is a kind of potential analysis with feedback and personal Coaching. And it supports leaders and high achievers. Anyone who wants to strengthen their influence and achieve more impact and effectiveness. It's a great tool. And with the test you can accurately identify successes. And know what you can work on next.

What makes good management coaching? Ask for a reference

Success here depends on many factors. First of all, the chemistry between coach and coachee must be right. Because the beginning of every relationship is based on trust, respect and sympathy. Are you ready to meet the right coach for you?

On our Team On this page you will find a short profile of each of our coaches. With the most important information. Pay attention to your gut feeling. This is exactly right in over 80% of all cases! The first phase then consists of getting to know each other, analyzing and clarifying the order.

A solution-oriented mindset usually emerges after the first 3 to 5 hours. You start to find ways on your own. And think in a completely new way. The coach makes sure that the client does the right things to get closer to his goal. If you go off course, we will adjust the sail again. It's becoming more and more familiar. And in the next phase there is a deep dive.

Blind spots are made visible. This creates clarity and harmony. Unknown blind spots become known bright spots. This is the principle that supports our approach. For your success.

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What is Coaching for Executives?

With us you will develop new leadership skills. You resolve conflicts and help your employees develop. You develop your own leadership style and competently solve the problems in your company. So that employees are satisfied and effective. 

Who can benefit from this?

First, the leadership itself can benefit from it. It develops in professional and private contexts. Our professional expertise helps you increase your productivity. And be able to support others in your environment comprehensively and efficiently. This also benefits Teams of it. Because that professional development also spills over to them. 

What approach do we use for this?

We use the systemic approach. We advise you with the right questions and help you accept new perspectives. In doing so, we also provide new impetus. The focus is on the role as a manager. This is crucial for success in the world of work. 


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