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What is voice training or speech training Frankfurt?

Voice training is a process of learning to use the voice effectively and efficiently. It includes various techniques and exercises that help improve vocal range, projection, diction, pitch, tone, articulation, resonance and overall performance. Vocal training is particularly important for those who sing or speak professionally, e.g. B. Actors or singers. It can also be beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their confidence when speaking in front of others or their communication skills. Voice training can take place in a group or with an individual trainer. There are a variety of schools and institutions in Frankfurt that offer courses for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you're looking for basic lessons in using your voice properly or more advanced techniques to improve your speaking quality, Frankfurt has experienced professionals who can help you improve your vocal skills Set to achieve.

How long does speech training take?

A good basis is 4 × 2 hours. In presence or remote. If necessary, we can also split the hours into individual hours.

How much does it cost?

One hour of voice training costs €330, a total of €2400.

What do I need for voice training?

For training we need a sufficiently large room in which we can move. Enough water to drink and a good mood!

What is a good voice?

A good, resonant voice is based on several factors: breathing, articulation, intonation, speaking speed and variance. The aim of voice training is to develop such a sonorous voice. 

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Strong voice and great effect with your voice trainer from Frankfurt

My name is Claudia Schick. I'm a voice coach and TV presenter for the coaching institute. Having grown up in an acting family and having worked as a radio and television presenter, I know that a strong and resonant voice is the key to a confident and competent demeanor. Whether you're presenting in person, digitally, or over the phone, if your voice isn't clear and understandable, your presentation won't be as effective. I will help you to use your voice optimally and to give your best.

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How much does vocal coaching in Frankfurt cost?

Speaking training in Frankfurt can cost between €220 and €330 per hour, depending on the teacher, their experience and expertise, and the type of voice training you are looking for. For example, finding a singing teacher to help you make better use of your vocal range can cost more than just improving your pronunciation or diction. Therefore, it is important to do your research and look for the best price before deciding on voice training in Frankfurt. Also, many teachers offer package deals that include multiple sessions at discounted prices, so make sure to inquire about those as well. How exactly we train can be found in the boxes below:

Voice trainer Claudia Schick with top politician Wolfgang Thierse
Speech trainer Claudia Schick with top politician Volker Bouffier
Claudia Schick, the voice trainer at the ARD moderation
Professional voice trainer Claudia Schick with Mario Adorf
Voice trainer Claudia Schick during the TV moderation
TV presenter Claudia Schick, the expert for voice training
Voice training coach Claudia Schick introduces herself.
Expert for language and voice training at the ARD moderation


Posture and voice are closely related as both are expressions of the body and a person can express how they feel and what they think. An upright and confident posture can contribute to a clear and strong voice, while a hunched and unsteady posture can weaken and unsettle the voice.


Breathing and voice are closely linked, because good breathing is the prerequisite for a strong and clear voice. Breathing supplies the body with the oxygen and energy necessary for a strong and enduring voice. When breathing is deep and even, it can increase air pressure in the body, which in turn strengthens the voice.

voice relaxation

Voice relaxation is a process of warming up the voice before a presentation or performance in order to get a strong and clear voice. This can be achieved through simple exercises such as saying certain sounds out loud, exercises to increase breathing capacity, and vibrations in the throat area.


Indifference and voice are linked because good posture can affect voice. Assuming neutral position can contribute to a clearer and stronger voice because neutral position helps relieve tension in the body and improve breathing.

voting power

Voice and vocal power are closely related because vocal power is a person's ability to produce a clear and sustained voice. Vocal power is influenced by a combination of anatomical factors such as the larynx and vocal folds, as well as good breathing and physical fitness.


Voice and modulation are closely related because modulation is a person's ability to change the pitch, volume, and rhythm of their voice to express emotion and meaning. Good voice modulation can help a person use their voice in a more varied and interesting way, and thus be better understood.


Articulation and voice are closely related because articulation is a person's ability to pronounce sounds and words clearly and distinctly. Good articulation is important for an understandable voice. Fuzzy or unclear articulation can result in a voice that is difficult to understand.


Resonance and voice are closely related because resonance is a person's ability to amplify and enhance their voice by creating it in the resonant spaces of their body such as the throat, mouth and nose. Good resonance can help a person have a fuller, clearer, and more expressive voice.


Regular exercises are important for voice training because they help to strengthen and improve the voice. Regular practice can strengthen your vocal cords and surrounding muscles, which will help ensure you have a controlled and expressive voice.

What can speech training do?

Voice training is an important process that helps people improve their ability to speak and speak. It can help people develop more confidence in their voice and reduce any voice disorders they may have. Voice training also allows for clearer communication and better pronunciation of words. There are a variety of voice training programs in Frankfurt am Main that are tailored to different needs. These programs can focus on improving vocal range and volume, as well as diction, intonation, and articulation. Voice training can also help people with speech disabilities such as stuttering or stammering. With the right guidance from qualified professionals, voice training can be an effective way to improve your speaking skills.

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Why should you train your voice and appearance?

Vocal training is an important part of any singing career as it helps maximize vocal potential and minimize the risk of vocal fatigue. Vocal training is particularly important for those living in Frankfurt as the city is home to some of the most prestigious and competitive singing competitions in the world. Training your voice will help you develop a range of singing techniques that can help you stand out from the competition and gain recognition. Vocal training also improves your vocal control and projection, allowing you to hit higher and lower notes with ease and maintain a consistent tone throughout your performance. Furthermore, voice training will increase your confidence on stage as you will be able to rely on your technique instead of just relying on your natural talent. Overall, voice training is beneficial for anyone who aspires to a music career or wants to become a professional singer in Frankfurt.

For whom is voice training useful?

Voice training is a useful tool for anyone who wants to improve their vocal skills and improve their speaking or singing. From professional singers in Frankfurt to students in school choirs, voice training can help them find the right notes, improve breath control and learn proper singing technique. Voice training also helps develop an understanding of how to use your voice properly, which can be especially beneficial for those who need to speak in front of a large audience. It can also help reduce accents and improve speech clarity, making it a good option for anyone looking to improve their overall sound. Professional voice coaches can work with all types of people work, from beginners to experienced singers, helping them hone their skills and reach their full potential. You are also welcome to give us feedback.

What's the point of training the voice?

Voice training is an important part of keeping your voice healthy, especially for those who use their voice professionally. With the right singing exercises, you can improve your vocal range, vocal quality, vocal power, and strengthen your vocal cords. That's why many singers of all genres, including classical, jazz and pop music, take singing lessons in cities like Frankfurt to ensure they perform at their best. Vocal training also helps improve breath control and diction, allowing you to reach higher notes without straining your throat or risking injury. Ultimately, regular practice of vocal exercises can help anyone become a better singer and give them the confidence to perform at their peak.

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Is there an exercise to improve the voice?

Anyone who wants to improve their voice can do so. In Frankfurt, vocal coaches offer lessons on how to properly use the vocal cords and practice techniques that help the voice sound clearer, fuller, and softer. With the help of these experts, you can learn how to strengthen your vocal cords, control your breathing, and use your voice properly. You will also learn how best to warm up your voice before singing or speaking and how to protect it from damage. You'll also get tips on how to overcome pitch or diction issues that may be preventing you from achieving a better-sounding voice. With dedication and dedication to practice, anyone can learn how to improve their own vocal skills. Also visit our Coaching page for toxic culture in the company.

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What is the connection between voice and posture?

The connection between voice and posture is a key element of the Frankfurt School's communication theory. According to the Frankfurt School, both body language and tone of voice are important components influencing how messages are understood. Voice can reveal a speaker's emotions, intentions, and power dynamics in a conversation. Posture can also provide subtle clues about the speaker's attitude and level of engagement with the topic being discussed. For example, slouching shoulders and demeanor can indicate disinterest or boredom, while an upright posture signals alertness and enthusiasm. Paying attention to both voice and posture when communicating can help you better understand what is being said in a conversation. Together, these two elements can serve as powerful tools for gaining insight into the feelings, motivations, and intentions behind what is being said. Our Team is there for you Monday to Sunday.

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