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Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Führungskräftecoaching / Executive Coaching / Leadership Coaching für Führungskräfte, Geschäftsführer, Manager, Vorstände. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt

Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Im Executive Coaching bieten wir Raum und Zeit für persönliches und fachliches Wachstum. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

Do you want one
build a secure existence?

Would you like to create a sustainable company?

Do you have the desire to finally realize your visions?

Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Führungskräfte Coaching in Frankfurt am Main – Ein Coaching kann Führungskräften bei vielen Fragen eine Unterstützung sein. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt

Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-30 Jahre Erfahrung als Berater von DAX-Konzernen. Karriere-Leiter mit Knick? Kein Fortkommen? Führungskräfte-Coach kennt die nötigen Kniffe. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main
Coaching Frankfurt - Im Executive Coaching bieten wir Raum und Zeit für persönliches und fachliches Wachstum. Coaching ist ein kraftvoller und kreativer Prozess.

Do you need an expert to look at your situation?

Are you ready for change and always looking for something new?

Are you a "leader" with emotional leadership qualities?

Coaching Frankfurt am Main – Experience Frankfurt with your coaching institute

Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Tailored coaching, keynotes and training for individuals and companies. Your coaching institute Frankfurt am Main

Coaching Frankfurt am Main – Business- and Personal Coaching in Frankfurt- Frankfurt am Main is divided into 43 districts and no two districts are alike. Each quarter has its own face and tells its own story. Starting with the picturesque half-timbered houses in Niederursel and the wonderful old town in Sachsenhausen to the skyscrapers and designer boutiques of the financial district and downtown. All districts of Frankfurt have their own face, a history that is more than a thousand years old and their very own atmosphere.

About a third of the city area is designated as the Frankfurt green belt conservation area, which extends in a ring around the densely populated city center. The Frankfurt city forest, one of the largest city forests in Germany, also belongs to the green belt around Frankfurt. If you are from Frankfurt, coaching in the fresh air is an option that we offer to all clients. Depending on the type, the coaching can take place in a slow walk or in peace and quiet in an idyllic place. The fact is that the setting, and the environment that goes with it, plays a crucial role in effective coaching.

Coaching Frankfurt - Das exklusive Coaching Erlebnis in Frankfurt am Main, Wir helfen bei Ihrer Krise, Burnout, Mobbing, Transformation, Leadership, Egal ob als Business Coach, Health Coach, Vocal Coach, Personal Coach oder Life Coach, wir sind für Sie da.

Our institute is an experienced partner for competent coaching in Frankfurt am Main. The market for this type of coaching is constantly evolving, because the skills of a good coach are not only in demand in business, but also in the social and medical fields. We would like to give you an insight into our coaching in Frankfurt am Main so that you can determine for yourself to what extent this path suits your professional situation. The aim of the self-reflection process is to reflect on beliefs and attitudes, to invite those involved to think about change and to understand that change is necessary. An individual analysis helps to think outside the box together, to shake things up with future scenarios and to give thinking a new direction.

The topic of coaching is so diverse that we cannot present all variants with this brief overview. Frequently used counseling variants are Teamcoaching, group coaching, individual coaching, mentoring, executive coaching, organizational development, health coaching and life coaching. Depending on the focus of the respective interests, our coaching in Frankfurt am Main offers different content. Our coaches have gained valuable experience in various positions and functions in various industries, from which you can also benefit.

You may be wondering why this type of service is in such high demand. The global competition, the pace and the demands of our working world are increasing from year to year. The associated pressure on entrepreneurs, employees, the self-employed and those working in the social, medical and health sectors is constantly increasing. Not only employees, but also managers are enormously challenged under these conditions. Various personnel development measures and management consultancies can help to master these requirements.

Why should you choose our service

Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

We love the city of Frankfurt with its unique atmosphere and can hold your individual coaching with you in various cafés or day care facilities. The city of Frankfurt is the economic and geographic center of the Frankfurt & Rhine-Main region. With more than 43.000 economically active companies, it generates a quarter of the gross domestic product of the federal state of Hesse and, with 650.000 jobs, represents the region's job engine. Thanks to its excellent infrastructure, Frankfurt am Main is not only easily accessible, but also very well networked. You can reach all European or international markets within a very short time.

Frankfurt Airport is the eighth largest in the world and transports around 60 million visitors all over the world every year. With the heavily developed motorway and rail networks, Frankfurt am Main is one of the busiest crossroads in Europe. In addition, Frankfurt is one of the most important data traffic hubs in the world and is known and loved as a city of short distances. The skyline of Frankfurt is unique. From the visitor's platform of the Main Tower, located 200 meters above the ground in the modern banking district, you can see the entire region. In the historic center of Frankfurt, the Römer town hall, the cathedral and the Paulskirche are a must-see.

A cosmopolitan city with historical and modern sights awaits you. The Kaiserdom and the skyline are only a few minutes' walk away from each other. Internationally renowned exhibition halls form a unique art and culture mile on both sides of the Main, the Museumsufer. The best shopping opportunities for every taste and a culinary offer that is as diverse and international as the people in this city invite you to linger. In our coaching in Frankfurt, we connect generations and competencies that sustainably promote willingness to change and growth. We combine proven management practice with the latest findings from brain research. From the practice for the practice.

Frankfurt am Main Airport – the city's economic engine

Coaching Frankfurt - Das exklusive Coaching Erlebnis in Frankfurt am Main, Wir helfen bei Ihrer Krise, Burnout, Mobbing, Transformation, Leadership, Egal ob als Business Coach, Health Coach, Vocal Coach, Personal Coach oder Life Coach, wir sind für Sie da.

Frankfurt am Main Airport is Germany's largest commercial airport. In terms of passenger numbers, it was the fourth busiest airport in Europe in 2019. With over 2 million tons, Frankfurt Airport has the largest cargo volume of all European airports and the eighth highest in the world. At the same time, the airport, with around 81.000 employees spread over around 500 different companies, is the largest local workplace in Germany. The first forerunner of today's Frankfurt Airport was founded as early as 1912, the "Luftschiffhafen am Rebstock", where initially only airships docked and later also airplanes landed. In 1936, a new airport was built at the current location – twelve kilometers south-west of downtown Frankfurt, mostly in the Frankfurt city forest.

After the Second World War, civil aviation developed rapidly and Frankfurt am Main Airport was continuously expanded. Today it has two large passenger terminals, which are connected to each other via the SkyLine elevated railway, and has its own ICE train station as well as the two freight centers Cargo City South and North. But Frankfurt Airport is not only interesting for air travelers. Many visitors come to the airport just to shop. Numerous shops have settled at Frankfurt Airport and offer the opportunity to shop daily from 7 a.m. to 22 p.m. The physical well-being is also taken care of with numerous gastronomic facilities. The visitor terrace offers a unique view of the airport apron, where you can view flight operations.

Today, Frankfurt am Main offers a platform for strongly export-oriented companies. The international branches of large foreign or multinational companies have explicitly settled in the vicinity of the airport. Without the airport, for example, the vast majority of pharmaceutical and chemical companies and branches could not exist. Frankfurt am Main is therefore a magnet for growth of all kinds. We are certain that you too will share your growth with ours Team can advance.

Coaching – meaning and mindset
Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

What exactly is coaching? Coaching is a measure to develop and promote personal skills. It is a temporary accompaniment of executives and employees (coachees) by consultants (coaches) as part of an individual consultation or Teamadvisory.

The name coaching comes from the English word "coach" - in German "coachman" - whose task was to lead his horses quickly and safely to their destination. Since the 1850s, it has increasingly been used colloquially as a synonym for private tutors of students. Towards the end of the 19th century, coaching finally found its way into the world of sports.

Ultimately, coaching was understood to mean the extensive support of people in high-performance sports. Since the 1970s, the term coaching has been used for a variety of training and consulting concepts for the development of private and professional goals and the acquisition of the necessary skills. We at your coaching institute start our coaching with a free initial consultation to check the fit. After your questions have been clarified, the work phase begins, in which we develop solutions that you implement and check in your everyday work. Together we use our systemic coaching to develop strategies that are conducive to your development and at the same time correspond to your self.

We successfully support our clients in a wide range of problems and personal challenges: stress management, difficult situations at work, career planning, life crises & changes, blockages, difficult emotions, relationship issues, difficult communication situations, self-confidence and self-confidence. We achieve the best results with clients who want to bring about positive change in their lives. And who, above all, want to work with a holistic method that we offer as a coaching institute with a lot of experience. With our offer we would like to give interested parties from Frankfurt a space to develop. The subsequent transfer in the personal and professional environment is jointly prepared, tried out, evaluated and, if necessary, readjusted.

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Coaching Frankfurt - Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main ist einer der führenden unabhängigen Anbieter von Personal Coachings, Business Coach- und Trainer-Ausbildungen in Deutschland.
What is coaching?
Coaching supports people on a case-by-case basis in a professional context to successfully deal with the challenges of everyday life. It is based on voluntariness, mutual respect and trust. The conversation aims to promote self-reflection and self-awareness. Awareness, responsibility and self-management are emphasized. Coaching is time-limited, result-, solution- and resource-oriented.
What do you think a coach should be able to do?
Professional coaches should be able to empathize with the customer's professional reality, ie ideally they should have their own professional experience as an employee, manager or entrepreneur (professional competence). From our point of view, a coach should enjoy working with people and should generally be convinced of the development abilities of others (personal competence). He should accompany you during the coaching with specific questions and methods to find your own solutions.
How long does a coaching session last?
The duration depends on the occasion and content of the conversation. A session is usually between 60 and 120 minutes, in a few exceptional cases 2 to 3 hours.
When does a coaching session make sense for me?
We are not victims of our circumstances, we are what we make of them. A personal conversation often creates clarity, a change of perspective and new strategies for quick and sustainable solutions. If you have the feeling that professional coaching would be a good and right step for you, then it is often worth trusting this feeling.
How do I know if you can help me with my request?
In a free preliminary telephone call, we can realistically assess whether we are the right contact person for your request. Clients often come to us with problems that they believe that no one else can understand or even solve, and are then quite surprised that the problems are not so unique and, above all, unsolvable.
Can I also get a coaching appointment as a working person?
We have flexible times in the early morning or late evening especially for working people. Feel free to contact us so that we can find a suitable date together. It is important that the appointment fits your schedule as well as your biorhythm, because the most effective way to start coaching is with energy, a fresh mind and motivation.
Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main
Auf hoher See, kann man die Segel anders setzten, um die Richtung zu ändern. Beim Coaching unterstützt der Coach den Coachee bei diesem Schritt. Coaching ist freiwillig und hat sich in hunderten von Studien bereits bewährt.


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