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GMBH Managing Director course – act with legal certainty

Your individual training - GmbH managing director, course - As a GmbH, managing director or manager, you must be a "know-it-all". Our approach that change Creating with and through people themselves sets us apart from similar GmbH managing director seminars. The most valuable thing you can do for your future is to invest in yourself. Because nobody can take the experience from further training courses like our GmbH Managing Director course away from you. GMBH Managing Director course – act with legal certainty. If you are not interested in a course or training, you will also find the link to ours here coaching education.

Program – GMBH managing director course

With us you have a partner at eye level, a confidential relationship and an individual design of the course due to our wide range of expertise in various positions and functions. No mass events, no off-the-shelf training. Furthermore, we channel our previous experience of more than 380 years in management positions exclusively for you in this modular course. Check out all the benefits, we don't need to advertise this course to you, the facts speak for themselves!

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GmbH managing director course

Basically, the term corporate governance is ambiguous. On the one hand it means running a company and on the other hand it stands for the leading people in the company. The management of the company consists of one or more people who steer and direct the company.

Possible Set are more sales, more profit after taxes, less expenses, more investments, more employees or expansion. Sales and profits are important for the managing directors and investors, more jobs and decent pay are important for the state and employees. Do you already have a GMBH Managing Director Thinking about a seminar? Due to the interest from outside, the company also has a great responsibility for society and the environment.

This responsibility also belongs to corporate management. Ascending trend! We call this fairstainability. A word composed of the English terms for fairness and sustainability. Because these are not only of great value for society and the environment, but are also noticeable in the return on investment (ROI).

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What distinguishes our GmbH Managing Director course from other competitors?

Our Team made up of experts from different fields and developed an incomparable course for managing directors. We adapt all content very individually to you and your company. You can imagine the GmbH managing director course as a modular system in which each module is compatible with each other. This means that you can omit modules completely, or you can select certain focal points within our presented modules yourself.

Are you over Business Coaching thought? Depending on how you decide, we will provide the right coaches for you! We are happy to help you with the selection of the course composition. Reach your goal faster with our GmbH managing director seminar. Your benefit from the GmbH managing director course: You learn what you need at the moment. Be it in strategic or operational management. In addition, you can find out about current, decisive civil, criminal and administrative penal legal regulations or when you - even through omission - take liability risks.

You meet the liability requirements by clearly delimiting your area of ​​responsibility and delegating tasks. Suppose you want to focus on the external impact of your person or discover and develop the best leadership and communication style for you. We leave no need unfulfilled for you! You have the opportunity to discuss examples from your practice with the experts and you can use the recommendations directly for your personal security and the further development of your GmbH. This course is aimed at: Executive Board, management, members of the board of directors, members of the supervisory board, authorized signatories, executives and department heads. The GmbH managing director course is also available online. The first 30 minutes of the first consultation are free of charge. Get in touch now and secure the next terms of our tailor-made, modular GmbH Managing Director course. Also read our post on the topic Autogenic training.

Which topics are covered in the GmbH Managing Director course?

you are boss You decide which content is relevant to you and which is not. Our topics can be divided into strategic and operational module areas. We would be happy to explain the advantages of our GmbH Managing Director seminar to you. This is how we create a well-rounded overall package that we can put together according to your business needs. These topics often form an important basis for our clients. Our Executive coaching might also interest you. Contact us.

Analysis Internal analyzes + external analyzes = summary in a SWOT profile. This section of the course is for all business leaders who want to reflect and revise their strategy. This part of the course is usually covered at the beginning. At the end of the module there is a complete SWOT profile that you can use for further planning and implementation. Let's talk about our GmbH managing director seminar.

corporate planning Planning replaces chance with error... But you can learn from error. In this module we combine the economic aspects of different sub-areas. These include technical-technological, legal, social and ecological interactions that you and your company are currently facing and will face in the future.

Financing The right financing mix ensures the independence of the company. Together we will develop or review your financing plan or financing strategy. Here, as in all other areas, trust is our top priority. We go into the relevant key figures step by step. Talk to us about our other services: personality development, Life Coaching. We analyze the results and together check to what extent you are prepared for current and future challenges and crises in your industry. According to your individual needs, our GmbH managing director seminar.

Why the GmbH managing director course is a valuable investment

law and taxes Knowledge of the legal limits gives you security, but also the opportunity to use potential in the system for yourself. Law and taxes are topics that GmbH managing directors often neglect. Until there are noticeable consequences. We give you the necessary knowledge about the current legal and tax system. You will also get a glimpse into the future so that you can prepare your company for the upcoming legislative decisions. You are one step ahead of your competition and can concentrate more intensively on your value-added process.

Supply Chains and Purchasing Organizations that get it understand that you can reduce your costs by reducing your environmental footprint. This topic particularly accompanies companies that use international trade routes. In addition to strategic aspects, controlling, negotiation and environmental aspects are also included. We provide you with important practical insights that you can use to protect yourself and at the same time gain a trading advantage over other companies in your industry.

Guide Leading by example is not the most important way to influence others. It's the only one. In this part of our GmbH Managing Director course, we analyze your primary leadership style. To do this, we use scientifically based tools that illustrate your strengths and weaknesses very effectively. Emotional leadership according to Goldmann is usually an essential part of this process. We also go into how you can intrinsically motivate your employees, recognize potential conflicts at an early stage and take unpleasant necessary steps. Role playing and various other individual methods underline the process.

GmbH managing director course – operational elements

mind set When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. We also call this neuromanagement. We work with you in depth on conscious and unconscious mechanisms that are blocking you. At the same time, we strengthen existing resources and create new ones. This block is fundamental and usually represents an essential part of our GmbH Managing Director course. The development possibilities in the area of ​​mindset are as varied as the species in the deep sea. No matter how you feel about this topic, in our experience, the mindset that shapes your inner and outer attitude is one of the most powerful levers on your way.

Presence, presentation and impact What would you do if you weren't afraid? As the managing director of a GmbH or other form of company, you represent a thought construct. The more authentically you reflect this, the more positive the internal and external impact of your company. Be it when communicating with department heads, trading partners, competitors or your employees. If you become aware of the extent to which your external image influences your company's success, you will benefit enormously from this module, primarily in the long term.

Health in the company & change management Health is Wealth – Healthy companies need healthy employees. This part of the GmbH managing director course is about the health of the company and its employees. Because you as the managing director are responsible for it. Apart from that, by implementing the course content, you can not only secure your long-term profit through efficient staff, but also increase your employer brand and the loyalty of your employees. Our environment is constantly evolving – companies keep pace with constant change. Which changes are currently affecting you the most as a managing director? How do you react to this? Does the reaction align with your values? What are your next steps? Further legal information can also be found on our Imprint.

Who is the course suitable for?

1. For the self-employed, managing directors, board members, CFOs, CEOs, COOs, authorized signatories, deputies, owners, shareholders

2. 80% of our clients are medium-sized companies, the engine of the German economy!

3. Over the past 5 years, we have seen a 34% increase in female students.

How long does the course last?

1. We offer maximum individuality for our clients.

2. You can book our compact seminar (3-5 days).

3. You can also have an individual seminar, tailor-made, put together for your company. Local or online.

What is the content of the seminar?

1. The "important" 100 days in the new position.

2. The targeted control of a company for key figures and balance sheets.

3. The rights and duties of a director.

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