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Is the day passing you by? Are you feeling exhausted? Are you overworked? Have you lost the joy of life? Are you no longer able to achieve your goals alone? systemic Career Frankfurt with the best experts in Europe. With us you get clarity for your concerns and a vision.

Hundreds of satisfied clients speak for themselves. Our experienced experts from Frankfurt Coaching will help you to solve your problem. Questions Costs nothing with us. The first consultation is free. We are not a coach. we are a Team. A unit committed to your issue. The quality of our experts makes us unique. Our prices are fair, and our interest in your problem is genuine. Profit is not our priority. The customer is our top priority.

All of our services are available nationwide and in Frankfurt. Talk to yours today Life Coach Frankfurt am Main about your problem.

Topics we can help you with as a coach from Frankfurt am Main - Coaching Frankfurt am Main

  • Receive a suggestion from our experts.
  • Process your own feelings better and faster.
  • Understand and classify other perspectives.
  • make decisions effectively.
  • Develop your own potential.

We work with clients on their challenges

Our environment is changing every day. Pressure is constantly increasing. This creates difficult situations. Sometimes there is enough work. But the work is not fulfilling. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. A sparring partner can often help. In our practice we have helped many people in this way. We can advise you in person or by telephone. Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 20 pm.

As a life coach, we use systemic coaching in Frankfurt for more effectiveness

In XNUMX, when Team we help our customers to solve their problems. We look at the entire environment. This is how we give new impetus. We work at eye level with our customers. We use a variety of tried and tested approaches. More on our pages.. Whichever form of advice you choose. You can rely on our competence.

Free consultation and initial meeting

Which topics can we help with as a business coach in Frankfurt?


A process that helps our customers, yours professional resolutions to achieve.

A man shakes hands with another man. Business Coaching Frankfurt.


A methodology that helps our customers personal goals to achieve.

A satisfied woman through Personal Coaching Frankfurt.


A process that helps our customers gain clarity about their life goals to win.

A woman who is free and independent. Life Coaching Frankfurt.


A method that helps our customers Career goals to achieve.

A successful manager thanks to career coaching Frankfurt.


The professional supervision the work of employees and groups our customers.

Goal-oriented supervision Frankfurt am Main.


A methodology based on that entire environment of our customers.

A baseball Team, which is successful through systemic coaching.

How much does coaching cost? Professional life coaching or business coaching?


starts at €1999 per day

transformation management

strategy development

Business Mediation

Digital transformation

market positioning


starts at €149


personality development

Career reorientation

leadership skills

Work-Life Balance (also for couples)

Burn-out prevention

Your own life plan


Prices on request

Project management

Social media marketing

Human Resource Management

From employee to leader


Life coaching Frankfurt for executives in our practice in Frankfurt am Main

Our advice gives you access to some of the world's best Experts. Personal support is also a worthwhile investment for companies. Businesses are increasingly using this form of advice to improve their own culture. Together we will find the right specialist for your problem. According to a study, 89% of companies have discovered the value of coaching for themselves.

There are many consultants in Mainmetropole. However, companies do not want to compromise on quality. Therefore, they sift out the best trainers on the market every day. Unfortunately these are fully booked, mostly for years. Companies are increasingly transferring the search to external companies. With this step, companies create an environment of trust. This allows employees to use their full potential. Career improves the basis of all relationships between employees.

This increases collaboration by 40 percent. This will make it easier to achieve your resolutions. Your experts from Frankfurt will be happy to advise you, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. Leave us a message and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

What do our clients say about our coaching in Frankfurt am Main

"Learn a lot about myself"

I was able to learn a lot about myself over the entire period of counseling. Especially where my strengths and weaknesses lie, but also what my values ​​are.

A customer from Frankfurt that our Life Coach was able to help.

Monica C

“I was pleasantly surprised”

I got an impressive insight into this company. As an initial skeptic, I was pleasantly surprised in many ways.

Our coaching sessions will also help you with personal development.

Laura P.

"An extremely valuable experience."

Counseling is an extremely valuable experience and will continue to help me in the future to master challenges and achieve my resolutions!

Our coaches from Frankfurt will also support you in your challenges.

Clemens C.

How do I find the right coach with commitment and personality in Frankfurt?

Choose your expert carefully. This is the only way you can achieve personal and professional goals. Put enough time into the search. Ask lots of questions. The consultant must be competent and suit you! Consider the experience of the trainer. The expert must have the required knowledge and skills. This is the only way he can help you achieve your visions.

You can also ask for recommendations and reviews from friends or colleagues. Arrange an initial consultation with the candidate. During the conversation you will learn everything about human character. The right expert can be instrumental in helping you reach your prospects. If the chemistry is not right, the cooperation is doomed to fail. It would be wise to check the recommendations. Read the contract carefully. Make sure the cost is within your budget.

Should you still Ask your expert from Frankfurt will be happy to advise you Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. Individual advice for private individuals and companies, unrestricted and with a lot of empathy.


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What distinguishes us and our services from other coaches in Frankfurt?

We are not an expert, but a Team. The diversity of our Teams makes us unique. With us you can choose between 25 different experts. Your institute is committed to your topics.

Are the offers in Frankfurt am Main comparable? The answer is yes. We recommend our clients to pay attention to three factors. Experience, experience, experience.

Stromberg summed it up with humor. "If you want to know how to fly, ask the eagle and not the penguin. We are also often asked about psychotherapy. Unfortunately, we do not offer psychotherapy in our practice. However, we do have a network to which we are happy to recommend you.

Where do the coaching sessions with our clients take place in Frankfurt?

Most customers used Teams or Zoom for their sessions. Easy and without much travel planning. This kind of Consulting has proven to be very useful. A few sessions also take place in our office. If you wish, we can also come to you. Please note that travel expenses may arise.

We would be happy to advise you without obligation Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. in order to find the ideal location for you too. You will find our practice in Frankfurt in the Senckenberganlage, opposite the Natural History Museum. Parking spaces are plentiful.

What is the typical course of a coaching session for private individuals?

The first contact is made via our contact form. The first conversation is free for our customers. In this conversation we try to find the cause of the problem. On rare occasions we have to turn customers down.

We use the Holtbernd & Kochanek process for systemic support. Typically 10-11 sessions are required for this approach. So you can plan better for yourself! Meaning infographic: change Career.

The schematic coaching process (Holtbernd & Kochanek) of the Coaching Institute Frankfurt.

What types of coaching do we offer as a coach in Frankfurt am Main?

Coaching is a comprehensive measure. It helps people reach their full potential. Counseling can take many forms. Including Executive and leadership coachingExecutive Coaching helps decision-makers to make better decisions. This allows decision makers to increase their effectiveness in the workplace. 

Life coaches make their clients' lives more fulfilling. Leadership experts help clients to develop leadership skills. Ultimately, each type of counseling has its own purpose and definition. We recently got one too Vocational Training to the coach in the program. If you have any questions, your expert from Frankfurt will be happy to advise you Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m.

Our coaches in Frankfurt am Main will also support you with career advice

Our experts from Frankfurt are available from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. You can reach us at any time by telephone on +49 (0)174 1614254. If you would like to make an appointment, you can do so conveniently via our Calendar do.

If you want to leave us a message, you can do so conveniently. We are at your service in the center of Frankfurt, Bad Soden, Bad Homburg and worldwide.

Are you looking for a coach or mediator with a wealth of experience?

Every client faces different challenges. Our 25 person Team consists of some of the best consultants in Europe. Our expertise is not limited to one subject. This enables us to support our customers in all areas of life. No matter on career coaching or personality coaching. Call us.

Which experts are there in Frankfurt and which specific services do they offer?

We focus on corporate and executive coaching, with 40% of our clients being self-employed. Our coaching process opens up new perspectives and can be used holistically and throughout Germany.

How much does a professional consultation cost?

We have presented our prices transparently for you on our homepage. An individual consultation with us starts at €149 per hour. You are welcome to pay the fee by invoice, Paypal or credit card. We offer our coaching sessions in the private sector and for employers.

How do I find the right expert for my needs and how can I make sure the chemistry between us is right?

With us you can choose from 25 different experts. A free chat will ensure there is chemistry between you. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot offer psychological support

Is Life Coaching Frankfurt, consulting, coaching the same?

No, as a coach we help and accompany you with every question and decision-making process. We work in a solution-oriented, cross-method manner and depending on the concerns of the customer.

Here you can go directly to your life coach and the free consultation


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