Coaching Frankfurt: FAQ
What is coaching?
Coaching is like a journey. A journey to your topics, goals, visions and dreams. At its core, coaching aims for a positive change and growth process. Getting ahead in your own life and taking responsibility for it. Coaching is a valuable investment in your life and future.
Who is coaching suitable for?
For all people who want to get ahead in life and want their own life - whether they are managing directors, bus drivers, family wives or househusbands, construction workers, hairdressers, paramedics, singles, salespeople, married people, office workers, police officers, lawyers, judges, nurses, doctors or politicians. Coaching is ideal for personal development and can be done for a lifetime. At its core, coaching pursues a positive process of change and growth. Coaching is therefore suitable for everyone who wants to take their own life and their own life issues into their own hands. It's never too late to treat yourself to coaching. In certain regions of the world, regular personal coaching is a matter of course because it actually helps people move forward.
Is coaching useful for blockages?
The treatment of blockages works very well with coaching. Blockages are often deeply rooted. One could also say that the origin is often in the subconscious. Blockages can have a strong impact on quality of life and zest for life. It therefore makes a lot of sense to take care of the concrete blockages as early as possible.
Does coaching make sense for burnout?
Before, during or after a burnout, coaching is a very good decision and opportunity to deal with the burnout situation in a meaningful and sustainable way. It's about clarifying why and how the burnout came about. And how another burnout can be prevented in the future. In other words, how to regain a high quality of life.
How high are the costs for a coaching?
The costs of coaching depend on the qualifications of the coach, the target group and the general conditions of the coaching. Therefore, the fee range is large. In general, the costs for coaching are comparable to the fees of consultants and specialized experts working in business, which usually range between 220 and 350 euros per hour.

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Would you like to regain your inner peace and improve your self-confidence and self-esteem in the long term?

Questions that our clients ask within the framework of the Personnel and Business Coaching occupy. We listen, accompany, ask the right questions as part of the coaching, are sparring partners and give feedback. As passionate coaches, this type of support is in Frankfurt or surroundings, for us an additional task. In this way we unite our Expertise as a coach, our practice and our experience with people from Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany and all over the world. “Coaching unlocks people's potential to maximize their own performance. It helps them learn instead of teaching them.” (John Whitmore)

Coaching Frankfurt – Your coaching institute in Frankfurt am Main. Our customers include: women and men in management positions, executives, freelancers, the self-employed and entrepreneurs, individuals in professional and private phases of change, people who face to face & Online Coaching search. Coaching Frankfurt: Our offer is aimed at interested parties from the greater Frankfurt area and all over the world - because if you set off, you've almost reached your destination! Currently, we are increasingly leading Executive coaching in Frankfurt, DarmstadtMainzKasselKönigsteinBad Homburg and Kronberg through. “Coaching helps people to develop and recognize new horizons, possibilities and opportunities for themselves and those close to them.” (Cinnie Noble)

Auf hoher See, kann man die Segel anders setzten, um die Richtung zu ändern. Beim Coaching unterstützt der Coach den Coachee bei diesem Schritt. Coaching ist freiwillig und hat sich in hunderten von Studien bereits bewährt.

Our professionally trained staff and business coaches from Frankfurt and all over the world are freelance contractors and are therefore committed to their highest quality standards and professional expertise in an independent manner. Overall, we bring more than 383 years of professional and managerial experience from business and research. Whether in the area of ​​executive coaching, business coaching or as a personal coach. We are connected on a personal level by a warm friendship and on a professional level Expertise and passion for coaching and Training.

We guarantee the high quality standards of our work through regular further training and supervision. We are very familiar with the changes in the world of work and their topics such as digital transformation, agility and design thinking. As coaches from the economically strong city Frankfurt we understand very well the professional challenges of our clients, such as constant pressure to adapt and permanent availability. Whether in the metropolitan area Frankfurt or worldwide - whether in German or English - whether in person or online and – With us you will find the right one for your topic Training!

Discard your old, emotionally charged behavioral patterns caused by learning history in order to develop your full potential and gain more satisfaction in life. With coaching in Frankfurt am Main for personal development.

Coaching Frankfurt: FAQ
How did coaching come about?
Coaching originally came from the sports sector. Here it was and still is primarily about getting the athlete to achieve their best sporting performance. It was Timothy Gallwey, American sports educator, tennis coach and best-selling author, who realized that the biggest enemy is in your own head. He describes this as an “inner game”. So it's about not standing in your own way and releasing mental blockages in order to be able to use your resources optimally. When the training methods from competitive sports were transferred to professional life, business coaching was born. The goal in this area is clearly a career, because the focus here is on increasing performance and success at work. Last but not least, the findings of positive psychology (influenced by Martin EP Seligmann, American psychologist, among others) have awakened interest in the whole human being. Is it only about self-optimization or is it not also about a fulfilling (private) life? And how is one even possible without the other? And now we come to life coaching. The primary goal here is: More perceived quality of life. Through more mindfulness for yourself and more self-determination.
For whom is coaching suitable?
Our coaching is aimed at people who do not want to stand still in their life situation, who finally want to take themselves and their needs seriously. People who take responsibility for their own lives and are willing to reflect on themselves and accept feedback. People who ask themselves: was that it? Or is there more in it for me? And also for people who say to themselves: Actually, I should be happy, I have everything. But still I'm missing something. In addition, our coaching is also suitable for people who want to organize their thoughts with someone, are willing to tackle their issues, plan to achieve a specific goal or want to cope better with a situation.
What is life or personal coaching?
Coaching is a professional service at eye level. A goal- and solution-oriented form of advice; always forward-looking, i.e. towards your future. Life Coaching supports you individually. It can also be described as constructive help for self-help. We live in a time where we have more freedom than any generation before us when it comes to making lifestyle choices. We have more options than ever before - in all areas of life. Basically, this is very positive, but it can also overwhelm you, because it constantly requires decisions. In order to make the right choice from the limitless possibilities these days, we need to know who we are and what is important to us. Otherwise, we run the risk of chasing after the ideals of others, which doesn't nourish our true selves and ultimately doesn't make us happy.
What is business coaching?
Business coaching is the solution- and goal-oriented support of people in the professional environment. In an individual exchange with your coach, you will gain orientation in changes, strengthen your personal resources and improve your view of yourself and your future.
What is the difference between consulting and coaching?
This is an excellent question, which we will explain using an example: A client comes with the following request. Your management department performed unexpectedly poorly in the employee survey, and the board is expected to present a convincing concept for improvement. Of course, it would be obvious to start right away with tips and concrete recommendations. However, in this case it would be counterproductive and not to the greater benefit of the client to proceed in this way. Not only would the client's own culture-specific solution ideas be ignored and something might be "grafted on" that is not appropriate in the specific environment. It would also miss the learning opportunity to be able to solve such problems yourself in the future. The more the tasks are solved by the consultant, the less one's own "solution muscle" is trained.
Can I prepare for the first coaching?
Before our first coaching session, we call and discuss the process. So we already have the most important information and can make optimal use of our coaching.
What are the intervals between the coaching sessions?
The usual interval between two coaching sessions is one to a maximum of two weeks. If it is urgent, we can start with weekly sessions and then increase the spacing. With long-standing clients, we also have intervals of four to six weeks. However, this only makes sense if you are well attuned to each other.
Will the coaching really help me?
We as coaching can answer this question Team answer "Yes" in 99% of the cases. It's only been twice in about twenty years that we've had to tell clients in the first session that we can't help them. In these cases we have recommended them to a psychologist or psychotherapist.
How do I experience the improvements after the coaching?
In principle, experiencing improvements is very individual and gradual. You tend to have the “aha” moments in the coaching sessions, the improvements and changes in your own behavior/thinking are best noticed in everyday situations. Then we realize that we have changed. Feedback from our environment is also often an indicator. Give yourself two to three months and be happy if it works faster.
How soon can I get a coaching appointment?
Evening appointments within 2 weeks, daytime appointments usually in the next week.
Coaching Frankfurt: FAQ
What moves you personally?
• Are you dissatisfied and don't know why
• Do you want more joie de vivre
• Need clarity and direction
• Would you like to achieve a personal goal
• Do you want to fulfill a long-cherished dream?
• Do you have something to process but can't do it on your own
• Do you want to make a decision and don't know how
• Does a conflict with someone bother you
• Do you constantly feel exhausted and only function instead of living
• Do you wish for a new love
• Ask yourself why you're not having success with online dating
• Want to be more confident when dating
• Would you like to make your relationship more harmonious
• Consider whether your relationship still has a chance
• Would you like to curb your jealousy
• Have you recently separated and are now wondering how to proceed
• Would you like to overcome your lovesickness
What moves you at work?
• Consider reorienting yourself professionally
• Constantly ask yourself whether your position still fulfills you enough
• Do you no longer enjoy going to work and finally want to change something?
• Have you lost your job and are realigning yourself
• Would you like to increase your chances on the job market
• Do you feel like you are on the verge of burnout?
• Do you want to overcome your burnout syndrome
How many coaching appointments do I need?
We cannot give a general answer as to how often we meet and how many coaching appointments are necessary, as this varies from case to case. At our first meeting, we get a clearer picture of your concerns in the coaching, and we agree on the specific procedure. In this way, we clarify together how often we will meet and how many appointments will be necessary. Basically, we discuss the challenges at regular intervals with our clients. In this way, we ensure that no "endless coaching" takes place and that we work on your specific concerns as best we can. It is recommended to arrange 3 sessions at the beginning, because experience has shown that this has the greatest success. In this way you can illuminate your topics from several angles and clarify them "systemically". Most people suffer from "related issues" that are intertwined. In a session, only what soul and body are really ready for can be solved. Nothing can be broken over the knee or released at the "push of a button". Processes run step by step - just like life.
What happens at the first meeting?
Every coaching starts with the first meeting. The process is not just about you describing your situation and us formulating your concerns, but also about us getting to know each other and clarifying the general conditions. At least as important as the what and how is how good the famous chemistry is between us: Do you feel good? Can we imagine that we can tackle the work ahead of us together? Are we the right people for your request, or do we know someone from our network that we can recommend to you? Only when you and the coach agree not only with your head but also with your heart can we start your coaching process together.
How does coaching actually work?
We will discuss the exact process of your coaching at our initial meeting, which will also include a specific description of your concerns. The first meeting serves to get to know each other, to describe your concerns and the general conditions. Normally, for quality assurance purposes, we check with you at regular intervals during the course of the coaching whether your concern has changed and whether we are dealing with it in your experience in a good way. This ensures that no "endless" coaching takes place and that we do not lose sight of your concerns. The final discussion reviews the joint process and completes our work.
How are blockages resolved?
Through four pillars: methods for body, soul, spirit and system If the body no longer functions as usual, we have pain, we are more likely to say "something is wrong" - the body only has the possibilities to express itself through pain or cell changes. We assume that every problem, every malaise and every illness in body, soul, spirit and organ is connected.
How should you prepare for the coaching?
Before the first appointment takes place, it is important to clarify the three most important and difficult issues. Finding an "issue" in this context means confronting oneself with those things for which there is not enough abundance, growth, health, love or happiness to be found personally in life. An issue can be a physical or psychological problem or a mixture of both It is very helpful to think about each individual topic and to write them down briefly for yourself. It is particularly important to come to the session with as few expectations as possible so that there is no resistance (i.e. a renewed blockade) to the topic can build.
What happens between the coaching sessions?
Your system reorganizes itself between sessions. This time is perceived differently. Changes usually happen in the mental, but also in the physical area. We know from brain research that new experience networks develop when there are changes in behavior or new experiences. In concrete terms, this happens through the rewiring of brain cells. The cells are connected by so-called synapses. The more often a new, desired behavior is lived, the more stable and larger the synapses between the cells become. The less often the undesirable behavior is experienced, the more likely it is that the synapses responsible for this behavior will shrink or atrophy.
Is coaching suitable instead of psychotherapy?
The answer to this question is clearly no. Coaching cannot and should not replace psychotherapy. If necessary, coaching can supplement therapy in consultation with the therapist.
What do I do if I am unsure about coaching?
If you are not sure whether coaching is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. In a short phone call or video call, we will discuss whether and, if so, how we can support you with your challenge. All of this is completely free of charge and non-binding.


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