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Coaching doesn't always make sense! What is the purpose of coaching?

Coaching doesn't always make sense. It is voluntary. No compulsion, no must. If you want to get external help, you should really be willing to do so. And don't be forced to do it by your partner or employer. Here you will find answers to frequent questions. All about coaching.

Only when you approach coaching voluntarily can it happen Success bring. You also can't wear a hunter to hunt. He must be ready and have a desire to hunt.

Who is this really suitable for? Who does it make sense for?

It is an internal process change. Anyone can take advantage of it. But only if you seriously want to change. Anyone who wants to go swimming will also get wet. Just a little bit doesn't work.

How long does the process take? 

Change takes time. Studies show that you need to repeat routines for 6-8 months. Only then are they consolidated in the subconscious. We also rely on that. It takes longer. But what you learn is worth the effort. Contact us.

Why are our customers looking? Coaching or coaching training?

There are various reasons to seek coaching. Here are some possible reasons:

Do you want to develop skills?
This is done through our advice. Whether professional or private. The consultant helps develop strategies and plans. You set ambitions and achieve them soon.

you have one Challenge to manage something?
Sometimes we are at a dead end. Or can't get over a blockage. Formulate the next steps with us. And implement them. 

Do you want to increase your performance?
Professionally, sportingly, no matter where. We will help you with this. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Find what helps you. 

Do you want to take your career in a different direction?
Develop your career with us. Networks, skills, beliefs. You can build all of this with us.

Practical tools are taught. These lead to clarity and growth in line with your own values. self reflection and behavior change is necessary to achieve a result. To resolve a conflict or Work-Life Balance to achieve. 

As you can see, there are many reasons. Since every person is different, the problems are always individual. And the solutions too. With us you have experts and our experience at your side. 

How can coaching help people with this? What values ​​and methods does it use?

This can be very different. Questions that make us think are probably the most important part. Exercises are also included. But first there is always an as-is analysis. We analyze your situation intensively. We can then set sail according to your wishes. And work towards your goals. A good Coach caters to your needs. Therefore, he develops a program just for you. 

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Why fail Coaching Approaches? Discover the existential reason behind it

There is no one approach. Or one technique. It is highly individual. But without trust, not even the best approach can make a difference. And without a willingness for change there will be none. It requires patience. Some projects just take time. It's a part of life.

Do I also have to talk about my private life?

Trust: Here we have it. The coach sheds light on a person's situation. The moon always has a light and a dark side. But it's no use just illuminating one. We look at you as a whole. People are our focus. You can use this to find out whether the process makes sense for you. But you have to build trust. 

But I don't want to reveal all topics to the coach, is that okay?

No. The counselor can only work with you if you open up. His ability lies in connecting dots. But you have to give this to him first. If you hold something back, he won't be able to ask the right questions. And you don't draw the right conclusions. But if you trust, you will be rewarded. The effort will bear fruit very soon. It's up to you.

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Think about a football game. But the commentator only speaks about one team. Only their contacts at the ball are the subject of the conversation. How are you supposed to fully understand the game? That's how it is with us too. Talk to us about our coaching concept.

We know that this step is not easy. Many are just ready. But when confronted with reality, around 20% of clients withdraw. We understand that. After a period of reflection, most people come back. We start again. It's not that easy. But it's worth it.

What are the most common reasons why coaching fails?

The chemistry has to be right. Between coach and coachee. Without it, the process is doomed to failure. The client must also act consistently. Open up, implement exercises and plans. So stay tuned. Otherwise you won't make any progress. Maybe you don't understand the coach's advice. But when you trust, you realize that he has a perspective from above. You may have imagined something differently. Or it's harder than you thought. You can now give up or move on. Also, trust the process. You will notice how your imagination unfolds. So it takes something from you to make a change. You should be aware of this.

What is the purpose of coaching?

It supports us. Support us no matter where we are. We achieve Objectives and fulfill our potential. We overcome obstacles and develop personally in the process. So it's a positive one change, A personality development.

When does it make sense?

To help you achieve professional or personal goals. Health, career, job. Anything can be a topic. You name it, we help.

How can it be useful?

It can be helpful in many ways. You learn to deal with problems and situations. They improve and build Stress away. You find what suits you. We will accompany you in this. So that you can master your own life.

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