What is good coaching? Coaches’ fees and coaching costs for the private individual – coaching fee: This is what coaching costs…

Costs Coaching: The time fee for coaching can vary. It depends on the coach. But also from the target audience and the experience of the coach. This also includes his qualifications. It is usually billed on an hourly basis. So it can be between 220 EUR and 700 EUR per hour. But the consultants can also take more. The average hourly rate is €330. Self-payers can have an advantage here. You might be able to get a lower rate than a consulting firm. Why? Because you are the focus. Advice for large customers must be much broader. Simply to be able to meet all of the customer's requirements. 

The costs of coaching can therefore vary. It varies depending on the number and hourly fee. Individual care can therefore be costly. But in the end it can also bring greater benefits. What you invest will pay off in the long run. Since every person is different and so is the process, the price is always different. This should be discussed before starting the program. You can find more answers to this on ours FAQ page.

A slide rule with coins stuck in it. As a symbol of the costs of coaching. Coaching costs.

Sessions are usually billed by the hour

The coaching process is usually billed at a fixed hourly rate. This creates a fair structure. Transparency is the key word here. This route is also very flexible. A client can decide for themselves how many hours they need and how often. That suits your budget. And it fits the style of life. In addition, it is often more personal. The coach can take more time to really get to know you. This means the added value is greater.

The coach can address topics and draw connections to other areas of life. He understands us as a person. And his experience enables him to guide us individually. Of course there may also be discounts or offers. This can be used in conjunction with hourly billing. All in all, it makes sense for coach and client. Both have benefits from it. Because in the end it's about making the process as effective as possible. It's about working together towards that Success to work.

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How much does coaching cost private individuals?

As mentioned before: the fee structure is variable. It depends on various factors. How long does the process take? What are the Set? What is the initial situation? What professional experience can the coach bring to the table? On average, many coaches charge EUR 220 to EUR 330 per coaching hour for self-payers. You can count on this range if you want to seek advice. And most say it's worth it. Because it is a long-term investment.

And no one can take away what you learn afterwards. Many coaches sometimes offer free and non-binding initial consultations. You should make use of this. If you are looking for a suitable coach, they can help. This way you can get a picture of him/her. About the way of working, the style and the person themselves. You should do this before you commit to working together. 

Then you can also discuss whether there might be additional costs. Additional expenses are also possible. This includes travel expenses and materials. Ultimately, it is important to be informed. So you are correct here. You want to find an expert who offers what you need. A plan that fits your budget. And it provides special added value.

How much does professional coaching for companies with a coach cost?

Companies can also benefit greatly from a coach. And here, too, the price can change. Corporate and Business Coaching is used in various areas. The difference is the type and scope that is needed. A larger company would be at the higher part of the fee range. A start-up, on the other hand, might need more help. There is coaching for Teams or individual people. So if a manager needs to be promoted, the coach is there.

It's the same with employees. As a rule, companies pay a fixed rate. Or they pay a flat fee for a package or program. This package includes more than one coaching session or different methods and materials. From the previously mentioned 330 € we arrive at higher prices. Such programs can cost up to €50.000. There are also extras. Personal follow-up care or group activities are considered additional help. These are paid extra. The company has to decide. How much does it want to invest in progress? What do you do for your employees?

Prices, hourly rates and conditions for orientation

Service IndustryTime unitCosts
Systemic therapy and counseling for individuals60 Minutes330 – 700
Couples Counseling/Couples Therapy90 Minutes220 – 400
Family therapy90 Minutes220 – 450
Individual supervision60 Minutes220 – 250
Online coaching privately60 Minutes220 – 250
Private coaching60 Minutes220 – 250
Individual coaching for companies60 Minutes330 – 550
support by phone30 MinutesMostly free
The table is for guidance only. Prices can vary greatly depending on the provider.

Coverage of the costs for coaching by health insurance companies

Health insurance rarely covers the costs incurred. But it does for certain forms of psychotherapy. Statutory insurance does not support you here. But private health insurance companies could handle this differently. They cover costs of varying amounts. And there is a high chance of a refund. Of the entire amount. Suitable additional insurance can also pay a part.

If not, you pay the fee costs yourself. According to the previously agreed conditions. However, you should be aware that you will get back more than you invest. Because successful advice changes our entire life. And that's for the better. And maybe our health insurance company will be on our side in the future.

Our offer is becoming increasingly popular. People notice how effective and unique it is. That's why most people are more than happy with it. We live our lives and therefore generally live healthier and with less Stress. Health insurance companies should also help here. After all, these also benefit when you are healthy and happy. So why not?

What makes coaching so expensive? Fees for coaches in the coaching market

Good advice is expensive. Most coaches bring a lot of knowledge with them. Valuable experience and expertise are essential. They have special training. And over the years they have a collection of methods and tools. With these instruments you can help your customers particularly well. But this requires research. The mentors learn and understand their client’s situation. There is no other way. They want to give practical advice.

And help where it makes sense. Long-term relationships with customers are also maintained. On the one hand for longer processes, on the other hand for further questions and changes. That requires communication. It takes up the advisor's time. So it can also be very costly for him. The advisors also have more available. They know networks, know about resources or have experienced a situation themselves. With all this knowledge they can shine.

On the other hand, this is exactly what is more expensive. But you pay the coach for his knowledge and experience. This can be invaluable in some situations. We would be happy to advise you on your search for a professional coach in Frankfurt. We can be reached by email or form. For appointments or inquiries. We have what you need.

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Costs of coaching – is online coaching useful and effective?

It became more and more popular. Online coaching is increasing. And it's a cost-effective alternative. People learn new skills or develop theirs. Trust is also built and personal goals are set. It guides us online Training at. He supports us and provides resources. And all of this is tailored to each person.

This means he is very flexible and can effectively design the experience for the client. Online also means in real time. Via video or audio. Messages or calls. You can stay in constant contact and thus enable interactive sessions. Do you want positive changes? Online coaching can be a suitable tool for this. And it has been shown to have great potential. It helps people achieve desired results.

Unfortunately, there are no long-term studies. That's why you can't say whether face-to-face is better. But the approach is the same. The Development runs parallel. So let's not assume big differences. Also, it depends on individual needs. You should find what suits you best. Which guarantees you the greatest progress.

What qualification is necessary to justify the coaching costs?

Want to know if it's worth the price? When can a coach start charging these prices? To do this we have to consider various factors. Namely the qualifications of the consultant. He should have a proven track record. Sufficient experience in your field is a kind of requirement.

Credentials and education also play a role. This underlines his specialist knowledge and lets us speak of an expert. References and recommendations can also help you choose a coach. And of course the added value that you should receive counts. The benefit from your investment. More self-confidence and productivity would be tangible.

But fulfillment and better relationships can also be results. All of these factors can justify your decision. The decision for or against the development. And those for or against a coach. Please also visit our page on the topic Consulting.

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How high are the costs? How are they calculated?

The total costs are different. We already know that. It depends on the scope and type of coaching. The coaching fee is billed hourly or as a flat rate. Flat rate means for a specific number of hours or a set period of time. It is always important to discuss all of this in advance. This ensures both parties are satisfied with the agreement. It is part of successful cooperation.

Who bears the costs?

Usually the client himself. It is a personal investment. Sometimes it is also covered by the employer or the insurance company. Then it is usually associated with professional or health development. Here, too, it is important to discuss the coaching beforehand. Only with the employer or the insurance company.

Is coaching worth it?

In short: yes. People who take advantage of it can derive great benefit from it. It contributes to your goals and development. You overcome obstacles and face challenges. It is always important to get detailed information beforehand. And you should find the coach who is right for you. So now we know: The price of initiated coaching can vary. Whether costs amount to 145 euros, 173 euros, 232 euros, 226 euros or 350 euros. Good coaching actually starts at an average of 330 EUR. So when good consultants offer their services, values ​​are reflected in the fee. The coach accompanies us over a longer period of time. Anyone who works as a coach knows that it is a great responsibility. The rate for solo self-employed people can be different. We at the institute offer you many types of coaching. Our wide range can definitely cover your needs.  


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