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Mental Coaching: FAQs
What does mental training bring?
Numerically speaking, there are many reputable scientific studies that have proven the effectiveness of mental coaching, eg Lejeune, M., Decker, C., & Sanchez, X. (1994). However, the benefit of mental coaching goes far beyond measurable results! So a gain in quality of life that is infinitely valuable for the participant and basically priceless.
Is mental coaching the same as psychology?
no As the name suggests, mental coaching is primarily coaching. In contrast to psychology, the personality of the athlete plays no role, because whether someone is particularly introverted, conscientious or rather sociable has no significance for performance in competition: In competition, everyone must be able to adapt to the requirements of their sport in order to to retrieve his training performance safely, the introvert as well as the conscientious and the sociable.
What are the tasks of a mental coach?
The coach conveys practical exercise series to promote the performance development of his clients and to ensure that the training performance is retrieved in competition. For this purpose, mental coaches know methods for improving the following aspects: concentration, motivation, recovery, mental strength, mental competition preparation and can instruct these methods in systematic training units for specific target groups, always with the aim of accelerating performance development and ensuring personal best performance in competition.
How is it related to personality development?
Mental training is the foundation of personality development. Because in personality development, methods and techniques are used to strengthen the core of the personality. The basic prerequisite for being able to use these methods and techniques is always the mental state.
Which topics are dealt with in mental coaching?
Mental coaching is very individual. Therefore, those areas are trained with the coaching participant that are currently most important in their personal development. These can include the following topics: change of perspective, making decisions, working in a more focused manner, setting and exceeding goals, developing your own momentum, the principle of responsibility, controlling fears, building self-confidence, strengthening self-confidence, discovering talents, developing and promoting skills, becoming more disciplined and developing potential

Mental Coaching – Make the subconscious conscious

Mental Coaching Frankfurt- A person who does not have the mental strength to face all challenges.

These qualities determine the sport and our professional everyday life more and more and demand extreme physical and cognitive performance from each individual. enormous pressure to perform, exhaustion or performance failure can result. Mental coaching has long been an indispensable part of the training and competition program for top athletes. However, it is also suitable for managers, executives, doctors and every individual. Mental coaching supports you to consistently achieve the desired performance, to withstand stress and to feel good at the same time.

Thought patterns control our lives. Thoughts mostly flow in the Subconscious and influence our behavior and thus our quality of life. People often describe these thoughts as mental blockages in the brain that impair freedom in life and actual performance. Learn to deal with your thoughts through mental coaching and use them to achieve your goals. Dealing with stressful situations is made easier by positive emotions. Characteristics such as gratitude, interest and a positive attitude have a preventive effect depressive emotional states in the face of extreme stressful situations.

With mental coaching, performance blockages are resolved, resources are strengthened and old, no longer required or obstructive action patterns are discarded. The coach uses methods and techniques to improve motivation, stress management and concentration and to formulate goals more clearly and concretely. Although every person already has the right answers for themselves, they are very often not perceived as such. It's mostly because the Stress does not allow the necessary distance to fall back on it in exceptional emotional situations. Your coach will restore this distance with you in mental coaching, giving you access to these inner resources is facilitated.

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Scientific background

Auf hoher See, kann man die Segel anders setzten, um die Richtung zu ändern. Beim Coaching unterstützt der Coach den Coachee bei diesem Schritt. Coaching ist freiwillig und hat sich in hunderten von Studien bereits bewährt.

Mental training is based on the realization that it is infinitely more difficult to change something that already exists than to learn something new. The center of mental training is our brain with its neuronal possibilities. The main parts of our brain are: The brain stem, also known as the reptilian brain, controls our basic functions such as breathing, heart rate, circulation and our evolutionary primal instincts as well as reflexes capable of surviving such as coughing, swallowing or frightening actions. The diencephalon, also called the mammalian brain, has the limbic system with the amygdala, which is our emotional center and controls our hormone balance, our immune system, etc.

It reacts reflexively and immediately, without us consciously controlling it with our mind. Despite human evolution, we still carry within us evolutionary genetic material from the Stone Age. The most well-known of these is our innate, subconscious reflex behavior in dangerous situations. In these, our limbic system reacts unconsciously and directly with the archaic emergency program of attack, flight or rigidity - not preventable - or changeable by us. Only new conditioning can slightly alter these automatic responses. Many fear or panic reactions are controlled here directly and without us being aware of this.

Another evolutionary-biological primal program “wanting to belong” unconsciously controls our behavior. The reason: In the past, "not belonging", exclusion from the community, was often associated with life-threatening consequences, and we are still driven by the power of acceptance and social recognition. The cerebrum enables us to think, feel and act. This is where the frontal lobe is located, which is responsible for intellectual planning, will, and critical thinking. The parietal lobes are essential for orientation, imagination or mathematical understanding. The temporal lobes, on the other hand, enable our language and memory skills. The occipital lobes store visual information.

The self-fulfilling prophecy

Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

"Whether you think you can or you don't, you're going to be right." -Henry Ford

Every champion has someone to guide them and bring out the best in him or her. Many top athletes, politicians, artists and top managers rely on mental training to release inner blockages, develop their own potential and achieve their best performance. Mental coaching is not a new discipline, but its importance and awareness are currently increasing rapidly, and the techniques and possibilities have reached a new dimension. Mental training is often mistakenly equated with esotericism, purely positive thinking or "brainwashing".

The importance of mental strength when starting a business is often underestimated and thus neglected. It is primarily our head that decides on success or failure. It depends on what vision and energy, what drive and self-confidence, what perseverance and perseverance we approach our company.

What is mental coaching really, what scientific findings are behind it?

The starting point: Even the best among us only use 10% of our mental potential - around 90% of existing resources lie dormant. In order to experience positive things, we need to create positive emotional states. The emotions consist of the four areas

physical response, judgmental feeling, judgmental thoughts, and the behavior that develops from them. Doubt and skepticism are powerful factors that determine our consciousness and thus our quality of life.

Often we are not aware of the primary emotions, only the secondary emotional responses to them. Mental training can make the primary emotions and the resulting ways of thinking and behaving clear in order to change them in a targeted manner. The basis for mental training is the willingness to take responsibility for ourselves, our situation, our future and the willingness to change. The three pillars of mindfulness, trust and freedom of choice are the basis of positive change.

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Areas of application of mental coaching

Coaching Frankfurt. Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

Mental coaching is about continuously increasing performance, maintaining a high level of performance over the long term, calling up the best possible performance at a certain point in time and not "burning out". The goal is to fully exploit your performance potential with your coach while staying mentally healthy and fit. Situations that may cause negative stress will become situations that bring joy. There are important moments that determine success or failure. Mental coaching helps you to achieve your goals.

Our coaches support individuals, couples, families, Teams and companies in the following areas, among others: health promotion - increased well-being - more life satisfaction, relationship issues - couples - family - children - colleagues - superiors, identity issues - external image - self-image, promote self-confidence - feel self-confidence - recognize self-worth, bullying - solve insecurities and fears - Building self-confidence, personal development - recognizing strengths and abilities and living more consciously, dealing with conflicts - clear and secure communication, taking up negative beliefs and changing them in a targeted manner, mastering professional challenges - reorientation when it comes to job issues, focusing - setting, pursuing and achieving goals, reorganization in the event of change of living conditions

Special areas of application of mental coaching for entrepreneurs: coping with stress - you can do more in a relaxed manner, being overwhelmed in business - do more in a focused manner, lack of time - working more effectively creates free time, getting bogged down in too many tasks - more control and focus, solving inner blockages - which you usually do not recognizing yourself, creating clarity of purpose, coping with crisis situations, getting in top form under pressure and stress. Mental training means getting to know yourself better and promoting yourself. Because then the culture of thinking can be renewed in such a way that every life situation can become more joyful and successful.

Mental coaching - your coach accompanies you to your goal
Auf hoher See, kann man die Segel anders setzten, um die Richtung zu ändern. Beim Coaching unterstützt der Coach den Coachee bei diesem Schritt. Coaching ist freiwillig und hat sich in hunderten von Studien bereits bewährt.

Mental coaching helps people to develop in a certain area and increase their potential. The coach uses techniques such as visualization, affirmations and concentration exercises. The coach is a "carer" who accompanies the client (coachee) on his way. He supports him in achieving goals, in the event of problems and conflicts, but without presenting ready-made solutions. In mental coaching, the coachee is encouraged to find the appropriate ways and keys to change and develop themselves. The coach broadens the horizon of the person concerned and helps him to recognize and reflect on the situation. He pulls something out of him that is already in him. In mental coaching, coach and coachee are on an equal footing and completely equal.

Coaching discussions, questioning techniques and visualizations are used methodically. The conversations and questions are often about how the person behaves, how they come across to those around them and why problems arise. Incidentally, the word “coach” comes from Hungarian and means carriage. And that is an appropriate image, because the coach guides his clients and accompanies them - like the coachman - on their way. Every coach in your coaching institute has extensive coaching experience and many years of professional and management experience in business or research.

Your coach brings professional, methodical and social skills and a high degree of life experience, heart education, empathy, practice, curiosity and flexibility to his work. In addition, the work of our coaches is based on an ethical attitude that values ​​people and focuses on them in their entirety. This combination makes us successful in mental coaching of people who want to achieve more in life. We support our clients in mastering personal challenges and in achieving their individual goals. Contact your coach at the Coaching Institute!

Develop strength and unleash potential

Coaching Frankfurt. Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

Every successful athlete, actor, singer or entrepreneur has a coach who supports them in achieving their goals. In particular, the mental area plays an important role. Those who manage to control their mental processes, discard negative habits and replace them with positive ones, and discover their talents and abilities will not only achieve their goals, but will unfold their true potential and be capable of incredible things.

We can do much more than we often think we can or realize. However, what most people lack is the necessary knowledge, methods and techniques to discover and develop their potential and to mentally program themselves. The goal of Mental Coaching is to help you discover your true potential and get the best out of you and your life. The development of one's own potential has a lot to do with personal development and expanding one's consciousness, which is why we use holistic methods.

When you're stressed, your body braces itself for attack or flight: your muscles tighten and your heart beats faster. This reaction comes from the time when man had to run away from dangerous predators. Today it can cause you to block yourself. After all, your energy should flow into your work and not go to waste in nervousness. Especially when one deadline chases the other, many people break down. Chronic stress can lead to headaches, stomach problems and serious heart damage. To prevent this, you can regularly take small, worthwhile breaks and shut down your system with conscious relaxation training such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation. This is how you recharge your batteries so that you can then go full throttle again. A recognized mental training method is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), which originated in the USA. The molecular biologist Jon Kabat-Zinn developed it back in the 1970s in order to reduce stress by directing attention in a targeted manner. For more information, contact us without obligation for a free initial consultation.

Mental Coaching: FAQs
What is mental coaching?
Mental coaching in the classic sense is the mental rehearsal of movement sequences ("cinema in the head"). However, not only sports techniques can be mentally simulated and thus stabilized for the competition, but everything that has to do with "optimal performance under pressure". Stay relaxed in critical situations, regulate nervousness to an optimal level, fight stage fright, promote concentration, increase motivation, improve recovery, build self-confidence
How does mental coaching work?
In mental coaching we focus on the resources in people, because everything we find, we will find in ourselves - it is important to discover and develop this existing potential. Experience spaces are created in which we can make strengthening experiences of ourselves and our abilities. Without these empowering experiences, our self-worth is always diminished. That's why we need the opportunity to show what makes us special, what strengths live in us and how valuable we are.
What happens during mental coaching?
Mental coaching leads to serenity and in turn to a stronger belief in yourself. Because our true nature corresponds to this attitude of self-confidence - of each of us. So what we need is a new culture of thinking and opportunities to rediscover ourselves. Mental strength isn't just the preserve of a few, it's within everyone's reach.
How do I recognize a mental coach?
For us, being a mental coach and profiler means that we help our clients in mental training to find their personal strengths and abilities. We not only help you to discover them, but also show you how you can live and develop them. With us, our clients learn to get to know the cornerstones of their own personality and which strengths can be drawn from them. Strength that no one can take away from you anytime soon.
For whom is mental coaching suitable?
Mental coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to be better in their daily exams. Athletes, students, musicians, actors, police and army special forces, pilots, surgeons. So basically helpful for everyone, for children from 6 years to seniors.
Auf hoher See, kann man die Segel anders setzten, um die Richtung zu ändern. Beim Coaching unterstützt der Coach den Coachee bei diesem Schritt. Coaching ist freiwillig und hat sich in hunderten von Studien bereits bewährt.


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