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Our approach: Coaching is Transformation with the people

Our approach is simple. No matter which topic area is relevant in coaching. You as a person are always our focus, that is our philosophy. Our approach: Coaching is Transformation with the people. transformation is a Process, in which something fundamentally changes or redesigns.

In general, transformation refers to a positive one change, in which something is improved or renewed. Transformation can be applied to different areas, like the personal one Development, to companies or to entire societies. Transformation can also come in a variety of ways, such as through innovation, education, or leadership. In general, transformation aims to improve the quality of life and open up new opportunities for those involved.

Life Coaching:
life coaching In contrast to business coaching, it encompasses all aspects of life. Life coaching usually focuses on client development.

Business Coaching:
Business coaching focuses on that professional development and company performance. Business Coaches help leaders and employees improve their skills, performance and career goals.

Executive coaching:
leadership coaching focuses on the development of managers and leaders. A leadership guide helps clients improve their leadership skills and achieve their career goals.

Supervision is a form of counseling that focuses on the professional development and improvement of work performance of individuals or Teams concentrated. A supervisor works with clients to help them develop their skills and their Objectives to achieve at work.

Mediation is a form of conflict resolution in which a neutral third party, the mediator, supports the conflicting parties in finding a fair and acceptable solution to their conflict. The mediator helps the parties to the conflict understand and take into account their different perspectives and interests and promotes constructive communication between them.

health coaching
Health coaching is a form of counseling that focuses on improving the health and well-being of individuals. A health Coach Works with the client to define their health goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

Understanding customer needs is our approach

We attach great importance to respectful and confidential communication at eye level and cooperation that is tailored to your needs. Our approach or philosophy: Listen to understand, not to answer. Of course, we are familiar with all kinds of KPIs or other relevant figures and topics in the Business Coaching .

These numbers will also change as a result of the cooperation, if that is your goal. Nevertheless, you as a person remain the center of attention. Ultimately, the way you think, feel and act influences your outcome. With our multifaceted expertise, we will guide you step by step to your goal. Our goal has only been reached when we can help you, that's the only philosophy that counts for us.

Our approach: helping people

The way we do this is through questions rather than statements. You carry within you every answer to the questions that concern you. Our role as coaches is to make these answers visible and tangible by asking critical questions. This is nothing more than a consciousness process that is triggered by the cooperation. Some people come to us because they need guidance. Our approach is to help people and not make profit!

In these situations, we are happy to fall back on scientifically based tests and profiles that are established in practice. Skills and strengths that lie dormant in you can be easily recognized and illustrated here. In addition, every strength can also be a weakness. The balance of your traits and how you use them ultimately decides who you are Success in your life. We make your success our mission and accompany you on your way there! Coaching begins with the conscious decision to change.

How much does coaching cost? Our approach is transparent prices

The cost of coaching can vary depending on the type of Coaching, location, experience and qualification of the coach as well as the duration and frequency of the sessions vary. In general, however, one can say that the cost of individual coaching in Germany can range from €80 to €700 per hour. However, there are also coaches who ask for more or less. Group coaching can have different prices depending on the size of the group and the duration of the coaching.

Some coaches also offer packages that include multiple sessions, which are often cheaper than individual sessions. However, it is important to note that the costs of coaching often have to be borne by the clients themselves, as many health insurance companies in Germany do not offer reimbursement for coaching. It is therefore advisable to discuss the costs with the coach before the start of the coaching and also to clarify whether the employer or other institutions can reimburse the costs. Our approach is to find a price for each of our clients that needs our support.

Transformation with and through people

We follow the philosophy that every person has their own happiness in their hands. We are convinced that every human being has the opportunity to change himself and his outside world. Our approach is to use our expertise for the benefit of our clients. Proactively on my own Motivation out of here. That's why we talk to our clients at eye level, confidentially and in a needs-oriented manner.

We provide the necessary breeding ground for this, because life cannot develop without fertile soil. We support you in developing yourself. Whatever direction that may be. That's why we don't focus on numbers, but on targeted reflection work. That's our philosophy! Also read our article on the subject Systemic coaching.

Successful coaching does not depend on numbers

Numbers only interest us if they are consistent and relevant to our approach and consistent with our overall philosophy. Again and again we find that beliefs or goals that we have within us are compensatory mechanisms and only intensify the actual problem or the original situation. Together we dive deep into the world to yourself. A world that only exists like this once.

You are unique and we appreciate your value. Only one thing remains that matters. Also check out our article about selective demarketing on. I would like to share a well-known quote from Che Guevara. As always, what you make of it is up to you: let the world change you and you can change the world! In our Blog there is more to this topic demarketing or the Sinn of coaching.

What are coaching methods?

Teaching materials, techniques, formats, interventions and methods are often lumped together and used interchangeably. If you're looking for general information, that's fine. Teaching is a specific area. Most methods have one or more founders. It is possible that a method has evolved over time and lost its originator. Teaching methods follow a theory or an experience, e.g. B. about people and their environment. Coaching tools, techniques and formats are found within these “superstructured” coaching methods. They serve as a guide. This page lists coaching methods in alphabetical order and is updated regularly. If you can't find a method, browse our collection - you might find it under a different name or it's coming soon. Check back often. We also provide a list of coaching tools or coaching exercises.

What is the autonomous coaching approach?

The autonomous method is based on the constructivist idea that people perceive and construct the connections in their domestic system from within and make desired changes freely, i.e. H. autonomously, can bring about. The clients are free problem solvers. With this strategy, responsibility for the results lies with the client or coachee, process responsibility with the coach. The coach observes and makes hypotheses about the coachee's life. He then stimulates it self reflection through comments, systemic questions or Socratic conversations without judging or influencing the coachee.

What is the authoritarian coaching approach?

Authoritative trainers diagnose and prescribe. The trainer must be able to make a diagnosis. He is responsible for the outcome as he controls the path of the reaction. In this method, the techniques of order consulting and NLP are used.

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