What is transformation?

What is Transformation?

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Transformation means the process of change from a current state to a desired target state over an unspecified period of time. A transformation represents a fundamental and lasting change.

A man slowly climbs the career ladder. What is transformation?

Due to higher levels of technology and increasing complexity in our corporate environment, more and above all faster changes are becoming increasingly important. Because transformation is not an end in itself. In nature, it is not the strongest who survive, but the most adaptable. It's exactly the same in markets. Companies are successful when they constantly keep up with market requirements and, ideally, shape them themselves at some point. Would you like an example? Just a few years ago, major German cities were literally flooded with bike-sharing bicycles. Within a very short time, however, the framework conditions changed and the business model was overtaken by street-legal e-scooters. Basically, the half-life of business models is shrinking more and more.

A planned change

Transformation can be understood as a planned redesign of a company's DNA. It is often associated with a fundamental transformation of a company's relationship with individual stakeholders and with its economic and social environment. Through a transformation, relationships with the actors in an organization are fundamentally and sustainably redefined. It automatically affects the entire company - not just individual parts.

The best-known and probably most comprehensive social transformation of our time is referred to as "digital transformation". Almost all organizations – regardless of type, location or market power – are also exposed to it. How companies deal with such changes will largely determine whether organizations can emerge as winners or losers.

Our Coaching supports you in your transformation on a strategic and operational level. We accompany you individually and personally in achieving your goals Set and desired results. In the coaching, we reflect on the self-image and the image of others, encourage agile and adaptive approaches and open up many new ideas and solutions through a change of perspective. Benefit from our entrepreneurial experience and best practice cases from other companies.

transformation and coaching

Companies are in constant change, strategically, structurally, culturally. Even experienced executives and leadersteams face great challenges. Her main task is to manage the balancing act between her employees' hope for improvement and their fear of the unknown. The transformation coaching supports you in the early involvement of employees, in making clear decisions and in developing your participatory management style.

Most change processes fail because of the human factor. Only those who manage to keep their employees from the need of Changes Convincing people and getting them enthusiastic about change can shape transformation successfully. An agile environment requires a different understanding of leadership than traditional hierarchical organizations. The focus is on leaders who take responsibility, create positive framework conditions, enable potential development and empower and motivate their employees and are their contact persons.

Transformation, dealing with complexity

Our transformation coaching offers you support for your decision-making, reflection and implementation processes for a successful transformation. You will learn new skills, how to deal with complexity, react flexibly and make decisions under uncertainty. We accompany you: On the job, with shadowing in everyday work, via personal or telephone coaching and sparring throughout the entire transformation process. You get clarity about the situation you are in, where you want to go and what steps you want to take. In this way, the coaching allows you to get behind the problem instead of being driven by it. Learn more about our Approach.

Coaching is not expert advice - because you are your own expert for coherent, well-dosed solutions. Coaching is a solution-oriented process that expands your skills, opens up scope and transforms patterns through self-discovery and supported self-exploration. A different, more differentiated relationship to the so-called "problem" creates new, more targeted solution patterns. Also, learn more about in this article Hybrid working models.

In the first place of coaching process there is a resource-oriented order clarification in which we agree with you on an equal footing what you want to achieve or change. Once you have defined your goal, spaces are created that enable you to develop solutions that are helpful to you. There are more options to choose from, to get to know alternative courses of action and to prepare various implementation strategies through trial action. The coaching process is a moving and sometimes exciting journey of discovery through possibilities that you have never experienced before. He allows personal growth especially where it has previously seemed difficult. Have you read our article about Corona coaching had read?

Our Coaching-Offer addressed to individuals, Teams and companies that face new situations or obstacles on their way.

Change or transformation - what's the difference?

Change means the planning and implementation of specific actions that affect either sub-areas or the entire company. Change is often the reaction to certain grievances in the company: too high costs, too little turnover, too long production times, too high employee turnover, etc. The change is handled like a project. In change, the goal is known. It may be adjusted during implementation. But it always remains clear to everyone involved.

Transformation, on the other hand, refers to a large number of mutually influencing factors, to the entirety of a socio-cultural system. The goal of the transformation is to move from the old to the new, to redefine business models, to reinvent the company. The goals are therefore more of a visionary nature. It is necessary to redevelop the entire corporate vision and draw a new picture of the future. Transformation is therefore a long-term, ideally never-ending process in which the company keeps reinventing itself.

In short: every transformation is always a change, but not every change is a transformation.

Transformations are more unpredictable than change projects because in most cases they affect many business units. The risks are also usually higher with transformations, since even the management does not always know exactly where the journey is going. Cause and effect are often not deterministically linked. The company is in a vast field of common learning. This means that your employees also need new skills for the transformation. Use the opportunity of coaching for this.

We are proud, a strong Team of coaching experts with in-depth specialist knowledge and practical experience in the transformation of companies at your coaching institute. Our customers find among our trainers and coaches experts for the transformation of organizations and for the Development and implementation of Scaled Agile concepts, as well as experts in common agile methods such as Scrum, Design Thinking and Kanban. Have you ever come across one Business Coaching thinking?


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