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Coaching FAQ – frequently asked questions about coaching, frequently asked questions

Coaching FAQ: the frequently asked questions about coaching & training. Ihr Coaching Institut gives you an answer. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are exactly that. You can find an answer here. In a collection of questions. They have already been asked by many. So we take care of them.

FAQ Coaching was actually intended to make life easier. Yours, that is. You no longer have to search intensively in different forums. Or wait a long time for an answer. Usually everything you need is here. Also in the Economy and the system is established in service. We want to help you with this.

Frequently asked questions about coaching and coaching

Why is there currently a boom in coaching?

1. If you can't do anything, become a coach. This quote is used with a smile for the industry.
2. But how can you coach top performers if you can't do anything? This includes managers and athletes as well as people with great influence. 
3. You can't do that. Customers immediately recognize when they are dealing with the wrong providers. These are “self-promoters” and “fraudsters”.

Can you make money as a coach?

1. You should ask this from a different perspective. “Is your service valuable to the client?”
2. In short: yes. Customers are willing to invest 330 euros and more per session. Namely, if you feel that the coaching is worth it. 
3. Companies have recognized the advantages for themselves. For the development of employees. So the market is literally exploding. 

Can I apply to be a coach with you?

1. Top three are: 
Coaching for stress or burnout prevention.
For managers and leaders.
And in a professional context.
But there are many more. 
2. We support medium-sized companies. No matter what the issue. With Business Coaching, in case of conflicts or to increase performance. 
3. Employees can also find help with us. In the areas of communication and skills, in crises or to orient yourself. 

Do you offer initial consultations?

1. Yes. This is primarily about understanding your situation. We get to know each other. And choose the necessary conditions. 
2. Sometimes we can't help. E.g. in very special situations. That is what emerges in this conversation. 
3. Then we will forward you. To an expert from our network. So we won't leave you alone with the problem. 

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FAQ – here you will find questions and answers

As the Ihr Coaching Institut We have collected the most important questions about coaching. And here they are. The questions from our customers, coaches or interested people. From the areas of business, personal, health and life coaching. We often receive the same questions from different customers and companies. That's what this page is for.

You will find such questions and answers listed on almost all subpages. We want to be able to answer them directly for you. But we are still asked questions in conversations. It may make you feel better to ask again about your situation. So ask. Especially if there is an urgent need for clarification of questions or problems. 

We understand that! And are available by phone every day from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. Tel.: 0174-1614254. If you are missing a question. Because it is a service for you.

Our Team is here for you

Urs Meier - decision maker


Decision management

 The better a person makes decisions, the more potential that person can unlock.

This is us

The coaching institute consists of one Team the best experts in their field. We have come together to help people where they need us.

Laura Baxter - Body Language and Posture Expert


 Appearance and presence

I have been studying the effects of the voice and body for around twenty-five years.

Reinhard Benditte - turnaround expert



In the past, I have supported various companies with turnaround management.

Holger Bröer - Sales Expert


Sales and cold calling

The trick to speaking is listening. Make friends, maintain partnerships, win customers. Build companies. Live the life you deserve.

dr Carlos Davidovich - expert neuromanagement



I didn't just rely on my medical training and deep understanding of the brain. I use neuromanagement coaching to contribute to obvious, lasting change in clients.


Personal development
Professional development
Leadership and Management
Health and wellness
Relationship coaching
Digital, hybrid and analog

Renate Freisler - Stress management expert


stress management

Passionate coach, personality and leadership developer, sparring partner and eagle eye. My motto: “The mindset makes the difference.”

Lilly Fritz - Coach at the Coaching Institute in Frankfurt


Mediation & Supervision

As a judge with many years of leadership experience (president of two district courts), I will support you on your way to more personality. 

Frank Gotthardt - expert mediation


mediation and problem solving

We make the best decisions based on our values. Overcoming complex challenges offers me fantastic opportunities to develop and gain experience in many areas.

Prof. Dr. Habil. Frank Keuper - expert in corporate management


strategic company management

The diverse interdependencies between the megatrends and the VUCA world mean that we have to step up a creative and analytical gear when it comes to business.

Miriam Klinke - mediator


Mediation and conflict resolution

As an experienced mediator with a legal background, I have always focused on constructive dispute resolution throughout my international career.

Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz - Expert organizational development


Organizational development

Winning people is the key to any successful transformation. With more than 25 years of practical experience, I can support you in developing strategies and successfully implementing them together with your employees.


Leadership and management
Technology and IT
Soft Skills
Sales and Customer Service Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Manuel Neundörfer - health coach


health and nutrition

I enjoy working with family, friends, employees and clients on topics such as resilience, self-perception, physical and mental health, and general well-being.

Tobias Riegger - restructuring expert


Insolvency and transformation

What drives me is to inspire people in such a way that previously unattainable things can be achieved. Be it in sports, as a lecturer at universities and academies or in a professional environment as a management consultant.

Claudia Schick - voice coach


Voice and media

Passionate coach, motivator, networker. I combine over 20 years of TV experience at ARD as a presenter and interviewer with targeted voice and media training.

Regina K. Schüller - communication expert



For me, an effective corporate culture, clear communication and value-oriented leadership are key factors for the successful implementation of the mission, goals and strategy of any company. 



Corporate tax advice
management consulting
Strategy consulting
Technology consulting
Risk management, compliance

Fredrick Spalcke - PLM and value chain expert


PLM and Value Chain

Every consolidation crisis is an opportunity for companies to intensively examine the value chain for its competitiveness.

dr Bernd Stenkamp - development expert


Research and Development

Developing products FOR people together WITH people excites me. More than 25 years of experience developing products.

Tim S. Tabrizi - Leadership Expert


Leadership and culture

I love dealing with what moves people. I treat my clients with respect for their individual situation, with a lot of motivation, inspiration and a clear intention to help.

Roland G. Braun – expert for careers and new placement


 C-suite career advice

Balancing career demands, families, friends, personal interests and health is a balancing act at the highest level. 


Vocational Training

Our coaching training offers a balanced mix of theory and practice, led by experienced coaches. She values ​​ethical standards, personal development and individual adaptation. The training emphasizes practical experience and provides ongoing support for aspiring coaches.

Ralph Rixner – expert for IT and transformation


Information Technology

As a long-time manager in the IT sector, I have 35 years of experience in setting up and managing international projects.

Dr. Thomas Meininghaus – Expert for Quality and Regulatory


Quality & Regulations

Change, quality and transformation processes run through my professional life like a common thread. 

Karsten Schmidt – expert in international management


For more than a decade I have been supporting managers of multinational companies in intercultural management and emphasizing the importance of culture in the business world.

Frequently asked questions at the start of coaching

How quickly can I get an appointment?

1. Appointments can be made directly here Online get booked.
2. We currently have access to a pool of 16 life and business coaches. Nevertheless, we require a lead time of 2 days.
3. If you have urgent concerns, we ask that you call us directly. Then when it can't wait any longer. (+491741614254)

One question is asked again and again. How much does it cost?

1. Coaching is not a bargain. Customers buy time from experts. This can't be cheap if it's supposed to be really good.
2. Ask yourself. Why would anyone give away their experience and time? Without pay?
3. So it has its price. You can expect to pay €220-330 per hour. For quality time with your companion.

How does the coaching process usually work?

1. You make contact. By email or telephone. 
2. Initial consultation: We will find out how we can help you. A kind of analysis of the current and target state.
3. Set sail and get started. After the contract and goal setting, the process begins. We are at your side. As part of the coaching process you will find solutions. We ensure that the coachee gets the answers themselves during the process.

What kind of strategy do we use?

1. We follow the process of Holtbernd & Kochanek. (see infographic on page)
2. We make the goals you set at the beginning measurable. Together we will find your definition of success. 
3. Intermediate steps are also included. This way we can always test whether we are still on the right track. Whether our sail is set in the right direction.

What does it cost on average in Frankfurt?

1. The prices for coaching in Frankfurt am Main vary greatly. They range from 84 €/h to 375 €/h. Depending on the experience of the advisor.
2. We advise that Choice to be conscientious. The mentor’s experience should always come first. And the chemistry between you. 
3. If you buy cheap, you usually buy twice. An expert’s time costs money.

Is coaching something for private clients?

1. We currently have 33% private customers. And 67% business customers. They all need our help. 
2. A consultant is not just for companies and companies. In the USA, every second private person now has a mentor. 
3. The three regular examples in the private sector can be found here. 
-Marital crises
-Change in career
-from your own motivation

How long does the process take?

1. Change takes enough time and does not happen overnight. No matter whether business or private.  
2. The duration and intensity of the coaching depends on your goals and how you achieve them.
3. On average, change with our clients takes 3-6 months.

Free initial consultation

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Answers to your questions – we are happy to offer our clients a free conversation

The number of our customers is growing. This means that more and more questions are being asked. Can't find your question here? Would you like to get in touch with us directly? Then you can contact us here.

No matter whether online or as a face-to-face meeting. By phone, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Our Team is there for you. In the first session we find out whether coaching Sinn does for you. The FAQs are a way for you to get to know the topic of coaching better. Please also take a look at our other pages. You can find more information there.

How much time do I have to invest in this?

1. 85% of our customers use the offer 60-120 minutes per week. 
2. Clients that we have been looking after for a long time, a rhythm of 60 minutes every 2 weeks is sufficient.
3. We recommend not exceeding the 14 day mark. Otherwise what you have learned will be forgotten. Without you being able to use it.

What happens in a meeting like this?

1. We find the problem. There can be hundreds of small problems. Yes, always a main problem. 
2. It is narrowed down. We use the appropriate questions. And look at it from every side. 
3. The customer receives the right tools and impulses. This will soon enable him to change the situation INDEPENDENTLY.

How many sessions does it take?

1. We won't know until after we've had the conversation. Or even after the order has been clarified. Because everyone has a specific topic. 
2. Many people start with us with a contract for ten sessions. 
3. The contract can also be terminated unilaterally. After every session. So you are in control. 

Does the coaching always take place in the rooms in Frankfurt?

1. Something has changed here since Corona. 99% of coaching is now virtual. (Zoom + Teams)
2. Or a client insists on the face-to-face appointment. We also have rooms in every major city. As suits you.
3. We have optimized the online coaching over the past time. With much success. You can now enjoy the session from home. 

Can I reach the coach at another time?

1. Coaching serves them as a passion, not a profession. We are available to our clients “almost” around the clock.
2. Even if a topic comes up unexpectedly. We are there for you. By email, telephone or simply in person. 
3. This gives you security from us. We never leave you alone. This is one of our solutions. 

Free initial consultation

+49 174 1614 254

Our FAQ aims to answer the most common questions

These questions about coaching are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any further questions, we are here for you. Contact us!

Can I always end the process?

1. Yes, our coaching contract can be canceled at any time. “§ 9.1 The contract can be terminated by either side at any time without notice.”
2. Sometimes during the session the trainer realizes that the client is not yet ready for the change.
3. Then it is advisable to end the coaching. And to start again at a later date. Or you want to stop coaching for personal reasons. We won't stop you. It is important that your desire is at the forefront. 

Can I afford the coaching?

1. Our vision gets to the point. “We want to help people. The idea of ​​profit is in the background for us.”
2. We have so far found the right offer for every customer. No matter in which situation. So asking doesn't cost anything. 
3. We value a lean corporate structure. So we don't have to pass on high fixed costs to clients. And as Team can we help.

My topic is "special", can you help me?

1. Sometimes our clients' concerns are as different as every person. 
2. Structured and with foresight. We accept every challenge. No problem is too small. 
3. We've never had to turn anyone away. Throughout our entire history. We take care of the obstacle.

For whom is coaching useful?

1. This is one of the favorite questions. We get it again and again. Of course for everyone!
2. Our clients include students. Just like DAX boards.
3. Because we care about the well-being of our fellow human beings. That's why we also carry out pro bono projects (for the benefit of the public).

How expensive can coaching be?

1. Ask yourself the following question. How much money would you pay Urs Meier, the six-time UEFA referee, for his time?
2. You see that the cost of an hour of coaching always depends on the quality of the advice.
3. Feel free to talk to us. We have never turned down a client who needed our support.

A question mark with a Smartie as a dot.
Can anyone become a business coach?

1. The answer is no.
2. Unfortunately the term is not protected. So everyone in Germany can call themselves a business coach. But not everyone has what it takes.
3. A coach must have a high level of empathy. Egoists and self-promoters are wrong here. You can only blind potential customers for a short time.

Why is business coaching so popular today?

1. The tasks of leadership are becoming more complex. More and more is expected of executives. It's difficult to manage all of this alone. 
2. This is the reason for the increase in speed in our lives. And partly also the deterioration of the economy. And the result is toxic environments. 
3. Our clients want to orient themselves. You don’t want to be harmed in this environment. And get out of there. 

How do you measure success?

1. We measure it against hard facts.
2. The goals are defined at the beginning of the coaching units. Measurable and broken down into steps. 
3. The coaching only ends when the set goals have been achieved. Coaching means trust and we underline this with our approach!

What makes a business coach so important?

1. A person who has never driven a car needs a driving instructor. To learn the theory and practice.
2. If employees advance into new leadership roles, it is a systemic business coach essential. For sustainable success!
3. With us you can master the position permanently. Through the experience and help of the mentor. This is of great value. 

What is the biggest advantage of a business coach?

1. An experienced systemic consultant gives you a competitive advantage.
2. You don't have to reinvent the wheel for every problem. Instead, you can rely on the coach’s experience. It is help for self-help. 
3. This defuses many critical situations. And makes you faster compared to the competition.

What does a business coach do for private clients?

1. He examines the professional and private environment.
2. Sometimes it's because of the private environment. It inhibits development. It throws you off balance. 
3. Sometimes the job is also responsible for private crises. The business coach will give you this template. So that you can change something. 

Is there a difference between coaching and consulting?

1. Consultants solve tasks for clients. A coach helps the client to solve the task independently.
2. The client provides a service. As a result, the learning effect is demonstrably 70-80% higher. And it sticks with you. 
3. A coach does not work project-driven, but rather problem-driven. As long as the problem still exists, he will stay on the ball. He will accompany you to your destination.

Is a coach subject to confidentiality?

1. A business coach, just like a therapist, is subject to absolute confidentiality.
2. We are often asked by managers if we can give them some insight. In the results of your employees.
3. Our answer is always no. Our goal is to solve a problem with the coachee. Not to give FK an advantage. Confidentiality and trust are very important to us in everyday life. 

Where do your clients work?

1. Our clients are private individuals, managing directors, self-employed people, corporate managers and individualists.
2. Top 10 companies where our clients work: Linde, Siemens. Microsoft, Salesforce, DATEV, Shell, Adidas, Allianz, ADAC, Telekom, SAP, Puma.
3. If we can help our clients, we have achieved our goal. We don't think in boxes. At work and with clients.

Can you give us references for your work?

1. If necessary, we will be happy to forward you to one of our customers.
2. We work with top executives, board members and entrepreneurs. And we are proud of every single reference.
3. Please tell us who to use for your reference. We organize a phone call within 2-5 working days.

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