AI in coaching: will artificial intelligence soon take over the industry?

AI in Coaching: Artificial intelligence im Coaching – various Company are already working feverishly on a solution. They want to make coaching affordable for everyone and see AI as the solution. It could also open up new opportunities for existing coaches and thus accelerate the coaching process.

In this article you will not only find possible applications of AI in coaching, but also an outlook on the changes that such a Development will entail.

Let's imagine: maybe we have an app on our cell phone that talks to us, asks profound questions and, depending on the reaction and answer, generates further questions. Basically an Alexa with which we can talk about our feelings. Wouldn't that be awesome?

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What can the AI ​​contribute?

If you look at the existing possible uses, it looks tight at first. Some AI tools can answer questions for us - others create images or are used to create text. Even for these texts there are programs that are supposed to distinguish between human text and other texts.

Initially, this has little to do with coaching.
From a different perspective, there might be a way to use AI in coaching after all. People who are interested in coaching or who have specific problems that they are trying to solve can receive more information or even specific instructions for action through AI tools. Here's an example:

A screenshot of the AI ​​tool ChatGPT - AI in coaching

Sometimes one wishes coachee more knowledge on a topic. In addition to Google as a search engine, AI can certainly help here. But not every answer is correct! It is still up to us to judge the veracity of an AI's response.

How will AI develop in coaching?

Let's imagine life again a few years in the future.
2040: We have a coaching program that we can always carry with us So AI in coaching. Under what conditions does this work?

Artificial intelligence needs input. If we give an artificial intelligence a list of coaching questions, for example, it can work through them - in connection with a system even in a meaningful order. Whether the questions fit the situation at the moment is another matter.

The AI ​​will have to learn to formulate and apply meaningful questions. It may take a while, but it's possible. To do this, the artificial intelligence needs a lot of input: We give it data about us - the more, the better - which it evaluates and incorporates into the process of our personality development lets flow in. This includes things like age, gender, but also hobbies, state of health and data collected in real time such as gestures, facial expressions, heart rate...

So is AI beneficial in coaching?

Artificial intelligence is accurate. She is more accurate than any human when it comes to analyzing data. And it is objective. It only refers to existing data and does not bring your own life circumstances or views into the coaching. Last but not least, an AI is certainly cheaper and more accessible to everyone than a human one Coach. So what do coaches do?

Artificial intelligence has one aspect: human needs.

You may be wondering what this has to do with AI in coaching.

Here's the explanation: Man's will arises from needs. Without the need to win a football game, I don't have the will to score a goal. This will – the Motivation – connects people. And it is precisely in this connection that we find the aspect that makes Human Coaching unique.

A human may not always be 100% objective, but through their experience, the coach can draw attention to a question that the AI ​​would have deemed unimportant. And it is through such a question that he can get the desired positive change effect in a person's life.

Because the special thing about a realization is that we can no longer continue to live as before. Realizing that fire can destroy and is dangerous, man thought twice about setting fire to the jungle with it. Later we understood how to use the fire for us to cook, to warm ourselves and much more.

Back to coaching: The interpersonal relationship between coach and coachee is based on trust and also works well Empathy. Artificial intelligence will not be able to completely take on this task in the future either. It remains reserved for humans.

Is AI in coaching for the bin?

Not really. The benefits and the Effectiveness of artificial intelligence can also be used in coaching.

Precise data analysis: As a supplement in one coaching conversation An AI tool can detect changes in the other person's behavior in real time, which the coach can evaluate and thus respond more precisely to the coachee. This would increase effectiveness.
Accessibility: As already described, we use artificial intelligence to query, summarize or simply reproduce knowledge. A coaching tool that asks basic questions about a person's areas of interest can help get started.

In case of dissatisfaction with work, the AI ​​could worker or Executives ask what exactly makes you dissatisfied. This is how you get to the bottom of the problem first. That speeds up the whole coaching process enormously.

And finally ...

Artificial intelligence promises to transform coaching. The benefits of greater accessibility and precision can speed up the coaching process and be leveraged by the coaches themselves. Still, AI will not take over the entire industry due to the lack of the interpersonal aspect that can positively change our lives.

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What is AI coaching?

AI coaching is a form of coaching that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to support the coaching process. AI coaches use AI tools and algorithms to collect information, identify patterns, and make recommendations.

What advantages does AI coaching offer?

AI coaching offers a number of benefits including:
- More efficient and effective coaching processes: AI tools can help collect and analyze data faster and more accurately. This can make the coaching process more efficient and effective.
- Personalized Coaching Experiences: AI tools can help personalize coaching experiences by adapting to individual needs and Objectives of the coachee.
- Improved Coaching Results: AI coaching can help improve coaching outcomes by helping the coachee achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

What are the limits of AI coaching?

Cost: AI coaching can be more expensive than traditional coaching.
Privacy Policy: AI tools collect and process large amounts of data. This can pose a privacy risk.
Ethik: AI coaching can raise ethical questions such as: B. the question of whether AI systems are able to accompany people empathetically and understandingly.


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