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Welcome to the charming city of Kassel! Whether you live or work here, there are many reasons why you should let a professional coach guide you on your path to success. Our Career-Team in Kassel offers individual and tailor-made Career-Programs for executives, self-employed and individuals to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We rely on a holistic coaching approach that aims to identify your strengths and develop your potential. If you're ready to take the next step and take your career or personal life to the next level, contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. We look forward to accompanying you on your way to success! Helping people honestly - Coaching Kassel - The English word "Career' is used in many different ways these days. As a result, a coach was someone who, as a coachman, successfully led his horses to their destination. We are happy to support you - your coach Kassel.

For professional and private issues - Coaching Kassel

Since the mid-19th century, the term has often been used by students in the sense of a mentor. After all, towards the end of the 19th century, coaching was also established in the field of sports – especially in high-performance sports. The way the term is used today, coaching has only been known since the 1970s: as a variety of training and consulting concepts Development private and professional goals and the acquisition of the necessary skills.

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Business Coaching Kassel

The term coaching is often confused with training. Our service can take place outdoors in nature or on our premises. Have you ever been over Business Coaching thought about it with your coach Kassel? You decide which setting is the most comfortable for you. After all, it is essential that you feel comfortable in the area. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information and work with you to find the best option for you. Coaching: The coach and coachee are on an equal footing - The coachee is the decision-maker - The coach's observing and analyzing function - The personal relationship is important - Reflection work is a main component - Helping people to help themselves as a working principle. Training: The trainer is superior to the trainee - The trainer is the decision-maker - Based on repeating a process with the aim of optimizing physical or mental performance - Personal relationships are less important.

Coaching Kassel – How does a coaching work?

A coaching with Ihr Coaching Institut usually starts with a detailed analysis. To do this, we use scientifically recognized tools and others that have proven themselves across our experience. In the further steps in the coaching, we define with our clients their specific goals, wishes and general conditions for the cooperation. Our coaching process is ongoing, so that you are still confronted with the issues after the coaching. We create structure, clarity, a sense of responsibility, self-efficacy, self-confidence and a space to shape your life the way you really want it. With us you have a companion who cares about your development and who you can trust! With our coaching we are your transparent mirror. Our customers include: women and men in managerial positions and functions, executives, freelancers, the self-employed and entrepreneurs, individuals in professional and private phases of change. So do you want a real transformation? Here is a simplified example to illustrate. When we hurt ourselves - be it physical or mental - we feel pain. Get in touch with your coach in Kassel. However, when we hold that pain with us and keep drawing it from the past into the present, we call it suffering. Suffering is often a living in the past or fear of future events. With us you arrive in the present. When it comes to coaching Kassel, we start where you need it most. We believe in you!

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Let the best coach you – Coaching Kassel

The coaching offer at Ihr Coaching Institut near Kassel offers business relevant coaching and Personal Coaching at. At the Business Coaching we work with people who want to improve their company or the company they work for. The field of application for coaching is very broad. We from Ihr Coaching Institut think it makes sense to keep the topic clear and simple. This is how we distinguish the areas Business Coaching, personal coaching and health coaching. Business coaching includes all topics relevant to a company. It doesn't matter whether the topic is organizational development, process optimization, image enhancement or improving the quality of communication.

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Changes are important in our lives

Here, too, the decisive factor is that people come first for us. The technical is subordinate. Content for business coaching can be: improvement of management skills, increase of employee motivation, optimization of communication within the company. Outside the company, increasing the efficiency of a process, helping to open up new markets, supporting a generational change Personal coaching is about the individual goals of the coachee. Experience has shown that a great many topics are intertwined here. Through empathy and precisely coordinated methods, the coach helps to change the situation of the coachee in such a way that the desired goals can be achieved independently.

Coaching is not a new trend

Contents for personal coaching can be: career guidance, strengthening of existence, improvement of communication with the partner, more flexibility in everyday life, increase of resilience, dealing with blockages. Any coaching at Ihr Coaching Institut based on the needs and wishes of the client. This is how coaching can help Ihr Coaching Institut with or without personal contact. It can be perceived outside in nature or inside our premises. No matter how you decide, every coaching setting has advantages and disadvantages. The right choice therefore depends primarily on you and your situation. We will inform you in detail and together we will find the optimal variant for your coaching in Kassel.

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Coaching Kassel – The “miracle pill” coaching

Anyone who wants to take advantage of coaching should be aware beforehand that they still have to walk the path themselves. There is no magic pill that will get us in the right direction in a jiffy. Rather, the miracle pill is close cooperation that only works if the coach and his counterpart bring personal responsibility and the inner desire to achieve a goal. Cooperation is based on recognition, respect and appreciation. In addition, the willingness to build trust is essential. The advantages of coaching are obvious. We humans often stand in our own way. Ask your coach, Kassel. Through professional support at eye level, coaching is a door opener to oneself and thus to everything around us. Our coaches with many years of expertise have successfully steered many people in the desired direction.

Personnel, career and business coaching

This experience on a human and professional level creates an unimaginable added value, since this treasure is tailored to the other person and passed on with heart and soul. Frequent topics of our clients are: orientation, prospects, professional development, development of leadership skills, mental and physical health and communication. Our entire Team works closely together and has a big common goal: to help people. We at your coaching institute are in lively exchange with each other and constantly optimize our concept with every new experience. Your Coach Kassel can support you with your challenges. Just ask. We are open to change, stand by our word and firmly believe in people who decide to work with us on an equal footing! We are already looking forward to welcoming you from the wonderful Kassel area for a free and non-binding conversation.

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Kassel – more than a city

Kassel is an independent city, a government district and a district. Kassel is the third largest city in Hesse with over 200 inhabitants. Due to the history of Kassel, which was shaped by principalities and land counties, the people of Kassel are happy. The park is particularly well-known for its water features, Hercules with the statue of the same name, Wilhelmshöhe Palace and the artificial Löwenburg ruins. But that is by no means the entire cultural heritage of Kassel. Every five years there is a world-renowned exhibition of contemporary art in Kassel, the "documenta".

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Since the end of the 20th century, Kassel has borne the official nickname documenta city. The first comprehensive university in Germany, which is now the University of Kassel, was also founded in Kassel. Kassel is located a few kilometers northwest of the center of Germany in a basin. In the southwest, Kassel is surrounded by Langenbergen, a low mountain range and natural area of ​​the Habichtswald Bergland Langenbergen. In the northeast, on the other hand, the district of Kassel borders on the foothills of the Reinhardswald and on the Kaufunger Forest in the east. In the south, Kassel frames the Söhre as another low mountain range. Do you have one Life Coaching thought about it with your coach Kassel? All of these five low mountain ranges are connected by two ridges north and south of Kassel. The Kassel area shines through a real nature lease, which is supplied with the Fulda, which runs from south to north, as a lifeline.

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How to develop your potential with Coaching Kassel

Attitude is an essential concept for us. We move between purpose and success, helping to achieve and maintain the balance of external and internal success. Your Coach Kassel can develop your full potential. This balance is essential for sustainable leadership and a vital, healthy life. Especially with massive and fast-acting external factors in today's world!

coaching in practice

coaching can online and take place offline and cover many different subject areas. Depending on the situation, we will find the right coach for your personality and your concerns. Coaching is accompanied by a process of change that is noticeable on many levels of life. The more open and familiar you are with coaching, the faster and more efficiently you will make progress. It is our job to ensure that we meet your expectations and work with us to achieve your goals. Our coaching sessions are very strenuous and require a lot of attention and time. Do you have over Personal Coaching with your coach Kassel. Probably the most effective way of coaching is to meet regularly, for example on a weekly basis.

For whom is coaching suitable?

In itself, coaching is suitable for anyone who consciously wants to bring about a specific change in their life. Of course, it is useful if you already know roughly where the journey should go. If that's not the case, there are numerous exciting ways to find out more about you and your driving forces. For example, our Big Five personality profile provides ample clarity, guidance, and reflection on issues that may not have been previously aware of in this way or at all. That is why many of our coaching sessions begin with just such a scientifically based personality analysis. A rough classification of where the coaching journey can take you can be seen here:

Coaching for executives in Kassel

Ihr Coaching Institut accompanies you in your professional development processes! In our coaching we offer tailor-made solutions. The focus is on developing personal skills. As a coach and thus as a neutral discussion partner, we support you in the development of your own personal solution using proven tools. Ask your coach in Kassel about our extensive coaching offers. We support managers in a wide variety of organizations and functions on these topics: change management, Teamdevelopment, conflict and crisis management, parasympathetic analysis, personality development, Newplacement in KAssel and also in Mainz.

Coaching, training & consulting in Kassel

COACHING: Ihr Coaching Institut accompanies you individually, personally and confidentially! The 1 to 1 setting is one of the most effective for sustainable change and can be used to solve a wide variety of challenges. TRAINING: Ihr Coaching Institut offers individual training for companies, project groups and executives. The most frequently requested are the training courses leadership competence, Teambuilding and burnout prevention. You can find more about this among other things here . CONSULTING: Are the values ​​lived in the company? Is the corporate vision still relevant? We support you where you need it! Trust and appreciation are the basis of our work. We would be happy to advise you - your coach Kassel. A well-founded analysis and precise clarification of objectives form the basis of all consulting services. Together with our customers, we develop practice-oriented solutions that have a lasting effect. Long-standing customer relationships confirm this impressively.

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What is coaching and how can it help me achieve my goals?

Coaching is an interactive process in which a coach helps an individual define their goals and strategize to achieve them.

What types of coaching are there, and what type of coaching is best suited to my specific needs?

There are different types of coaching, like Life Coaching, business coaching or health coaching. The best type of coaching depends on individual needs and goals.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy and which option is best for me?

Coaching focuses on the future and achieving goals, while therapy often involves coming to terms with past problems. The choice between coaching and therapy depends on individual needs.

How do I find the right coach for me and how can I make sure he/she is qualified and trustworthy?

It is important to choose a coach who is qualified and experienced. One way is to get recommendations from friends or co-workers, or search online for reviews and testimonials.


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