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Coaching in Kassel – individual advice for professional and personal development of managers – supervision, organizational development and coaching Kassel

Coaching Kassel: Welcome to the city Kassel! Whether you live or work here. There are many reasons to seek support from a professional coach. Our Team in Kassel is there for you. We offer individual answers and adapted strategies. For managers, self-employed people and private individuals.

We support you in achieving your personal and professional goals. We want to recognize and promote your strengths. So that you can develop your potential like a butterfly. When you are ready to take the next step. Or taking your life to the next level. Then contact us to arrange your free, non-binding initial consultation. We look forward to seeing you!

For professional and private topics

The topics are always different. Because we focus on the wishes of the client. His needs are the focus. So it can take place outside or in our rooms. With or without direct contact. No matter what you decide. You can find advantages everywhere. So the right choice really just depends on you and your situation. We will inform you in detail. We tackle the issues together.

Business Coaching Kassel – a coach for managers and employees

Coaching is often compared to training. But you shouldn't confuse the two things. Our sessions take place in nature or in our rooms. Or even online. You decide what is most comfortable for you. Ultimately, it is important that you feel comfortable. We will find the optimal option together.

The coach and coachee are on equal terms. The client is the decision maker. Trust is important. Reflection is a component. The supervisor analyzes and observes. The principle behind it is help for self-help. Training is different. The coach makes the decision there. And the focus is solely on performance. Trust is not absolutely necessary here. And the client is not independent either.

Coaching in Kassel – How does coaching work?

We start with the current analysis. We use our experience to look at your situation. Then we set the goals together. We discuss the framework and the systemic coaching itself. You will also be concerned with the topics afterwards. But with our expertise, you know how to deal with it.

We create structure and clarity. You will soon be able to live your life the way you want. We are your trusted companion. So do you want a real transformation? Here's an example. When we hurt ourselves, we feel pain. If we hold this pain with us, it becomes suffering. Suffering is living in the past. With fear of the future. With us you arrive in the present. We are where you need us most. We believe in you!

Free initial consultation

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The best coaches for your goals 

Our offer is large. From staff to Life Coaching. The application of the tools is broad. We think it makes sense to keep the topic simple and clear. So that you can understand and use it. Our coaches are experts. You have a high level of experience. And they pass this on to you.

Changes are important in our lives

Here, too, it is important: people are our top priority. The technical aspects are subordinate. Many topics can be important. They play together. And we look at them all. We help with special methods. The client's situation is changed so that he can fulfill his ambitions.

The “miracle pill” coaching

You should be aware that you have to go your own way. A mentor cannot do that. But he can support us. There is no magic pill. It only works if the chemistry is right and both have a purpose together. Consultant and client. Trust is essential. But we humans often get in our own way. So it is a door opener to ourselves. And therefore to everything within us. Our experts have already steered many people in the right direction.

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Personal, career and life coaching

The experience of the coaches is of great value. You have experienced a lot and experienced it yourself. And now they can pass that on. Our entire Team works together for this. We want to help people. To this end, we are constantly optimizing our concept. Just ask for it. Whether reorientation, organizational development or perspective. We give you what you need. We believe in people. This also includes openness. So contact us.

Kassel – more than a city

Kassel is an independent city. An administrative district and district. It is the third largest city in Hesse. And has over 200.000 inhabitants. The story is also unique. Because the area is characterized by principalities and rural counties. Attractions include the park with water features. You will also find a statue of Hercules, the artificial ruins of Löwenburg and Wilhelmshöhe Castle. Everything in one place. But that's not all. The “documenta” takes place here every five years. A globally important exhibition of art.

Find your expert

Kassel has therefore been the documenta city since the end of the 20th century. For this purpose, the first comprehensive school in Germany was founded here. Today it is a university. Kassel is located in a valley basin. Just a few kilometers away from the center of Germany. It also borders mountains and forests. Are you familiar with them?

Habichtswalder Bergland
Kaufung Forest

From north to south. From East to West. Here we are surrounded by nature and landscape. This natural splendor is supplied by the Fulda as a lifeline. Kassel is only 2,5 hours away Mainz .

How to develop your potential with coaching

Attitude is an essential concept for us. We move between meaning and success and help achieve and maintain the balance of external and internal success. Your advisor can help you fulfill your full potential. This balance is essential for sustainable leadership and a vital, healthy life. Especially with massive and rapid external factors in today's world!

coaching in practice

Coaching can take place online and offline and cover many different subject areas. Depending on the situation, we will find the right mentor for your personality and your concerns. Coaching is accompanied by a process of change that is noticeable on many levels of life.

The more open and confident you are about coaching, the faster and more efficiently you will make progress. Our job is to ensure that we meet your expectations and work with us to achieve your aspirations. Our coaching sessions are very strenuous and require a lot of attention and time. Probably the most effective way of coaching is to meet regularly (for example on a weekly basis).

Our Team is here for you

Urs Meier - decision maker


Decision management

 The better a person makes decisions, the more potential that person can unlock.

This is us

The coaching institute consists of one Team the best experts in their field. We have come together to help people where they need us.

Laura Baxter - Body Language and Posture Expert


 Appearance and presence

I have been studying the effects of the voice and body for around twenty-five years.

Reinhard Benditte - turnaround expert



In the past, I have supported various companies with turnaround management.

Holger Bröer - Sales Expert


Sales and cold calling

The trick to speaking is listening. Make friends, maintain partnerships, win customers. Build companies. Live the life you deserve.

dr Carlos Davidovich - expert neuromanagement



I didn't just rely on my medical training and deep understanding of the brain. I use neuromanagement coaching to contribute to obvious, lasting change in clients.


Personal development
Professional development
Leadership and Management
Health and wellness
Relationship coaching
Digital, hybrid and analog

Renate Freisler - Stress management expert


stress management

Passionate coach, personality and leadership developer, sparring partner and eagle eye. My motto: “The mindset makes the difference.”

Lilly Fritz - Coach at the Coaching Institute in Frankfurt


Mediation & Supervision

As a judge with many years of leadership experience (president of two district courts), I will support you on your way to more personality. 

Frank Gotthardt - expert mediation


mediation and problem solving

We make the best decisions based on our values. Overcoming complex challenges offers me fantastic opportunities to develop and gain experience in many areas.

Prof. Dr. Habil. Frank Keuper - expert in corporate management


strategic company management

The diverse interdependencies between the megatrends and the VUCA world mean that we have to step up a creative and analytical gear when it comes to business.

Miriam Klinke - mediator


Mediation and conflict resolution

As an experienced mediator with a legal background, I have always focused on constructive dispute resolution throughout my international career.

Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz - Expert organizational development


Organizational development

Winning people is the key to any successful transformation. With more than 25 years of practical experience, I can support you in developing strategies and successfully implementing them together with your employees.


Leadership and management
Technology and IT
Soft Skills
Sales and Customer Service Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Manuel Neundörfer - health coach


health and nutrition

I enjoy working with family, friends, employees and clients on topics such as resilience, self-perception, physical and mental health, and general well-being.

Tobias Riegger - restructuring expert


Insolvency and transformation

What drives me is to inspire people in such a way that previously unattainable things can be achieved. Be it in sports, as a lecturer at universities and academies or in a professional environment as a management consultant.

Claudia Schick - voice coach


Voice and media

Passionate coach, motivator, networker. I combine over 20 years of TV experience at ARD as a presenter and interviewer with targeted voice and media training.

Regina K. Schüller - communication expert



For me, an effective corporate culture, clear communication and value-oriented leadership are key factors for the successful implementation of the mission, goals and strategy of any company. 



Corporate tax advice
management consulting
Strategy consulting
Technology consulting
Risk management, compliance

Fredrick Spalcke - PLM and value chain expert


PLM and Value Chain

Every consolidation crisis is an opportunity for companies to intensively examine the value chain for its competitiveness.

dr Bernd Stenkamp - development expert


Research and Development

Developing products FOR people together WITH people excites me. More than 25 years of experience developing products.

Tim S. Tabrizi - Leadership Expert


Leadership and culture

I love dealing with what moves people. I treat my clients with respect for their individual situation, with a lot of motivation, inspiration and a clear intention to help.

Roland G. Braun – expert for careers and new placement


 C-suite career advice

Balancing career demands, families, friends, personal interests and health is a balancing act at the highest level. 


Vocational Training

Our coaching training offers a balanced mix of theory and practice, led by experienced coaches. She values ​​ethical standards, personal development and individual adaptation. The training emphasizes practical experience and provides ongoing support for aspiring coaches.

Ralph Rixner – expert for IT and transformation


Information Technology

As a long-time manager in the IT sector, I have 35 years of experience in setting up and managing international projects.

Dr. Thomas Meininghaus – Expert for Quality and Regulatory


Quality & Regulations

Change, quality and transformation processes run through my professional life like a common thread. 

Karsten Schmidt – expert in international management


For more than a decade I have been supporting managers of multinational companies in intercultural management and emphasizing the importance of culture in the business world.

For whom is coaching suitable?

In itself, coaching is suitable for anyone who consciously wants to bring about a specific change in their life. Of course, it is useful if you already know roughly where the journey should go. If that's not the case, there are numerous exciting ways to find out more about you and your driving forces. For example, our Big Five personality profile provides ample clarity, guidance, and reflection on issues that may not have been previously aware of in this way or at all. That is why many of our coaching sessions begin with just such a scientifically based personality analysis. A rough classification of where the coaching journey can take you can be seen here:

Coaching for executives

Ihr Coaching Institut accompanies you in your development processes! In our coaching we offer tailor-made solutions. The focus is on developing skills. As a neutral conversation partner, we support you Development Your very own solution using proven tools. Talk to us about our extensive coaching offers. We help you with these topics in a wide variety of organizations and functions: change management, Teamdevelopment, conflict and crisis management, parasympathetic analysis, personality development, new placement.

Coaching, training & consulting

COACHING: Ihr Coaching Institut accompanies you; personal and confidential! The 1 on 1 setting is one of the most effective for sustainable change and can be used to resolve a wide variety of conflicts. TRAINING: we offer individual training for companies, project groups and managers. The most frequently requested courses are leadership competence, Teambuilding and burnout prevention. You can find out more about this here, among other places. ADVICE: Are the values ​​lived in the company? Is the company vision still current? We support you wherever you need it! Trust and appreciation are the basis of our work. We are happy to help. A well-founded analysis and precise clarification of goals form the basis of all consulting services. Together with our customers, we develop practical solutions that have a lasting effect. The long-term customer relationships impressively confirm this.

Free initial consultation

+49 174 1614 254

What is coaching and how can it help me achieve my goals? 

Coaching is an interactive process in which a coach helps a person define their goals and develop strategies to achieve them. You learn to use your resources.

What types of coaching are there, and what type of coaching is best suited to my specific needs?

There are different types of coaching, such as life coaching, business coaching or health coaching. The best type of coaching depends on the needs and goals.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy and which option is best for me?

Coaching focuses on the future and achieving goals, while therapy often involves coming to terms with past problems. The choice between coaching and therapy depends on individual needs. 

How do I find the right coach for me and how can I make sure he/she is qualified and trustworthy?

It is important to choose a coach who is qualified and experienced. One option is to get recommendations from friends or colleagues, or search for reviews and testimonials online. All in all, personal coaching is helpful for everyone. Whether in personnel development, improving a technology or professional development. We can rely on professional support.


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