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Corona Coaching - Take the chance in the crisis

In COVID-19 pandemic has changed our life and work in many areas. While the pandemic is challenging in many ways, it is also an opportunity to challenge ourselves and our Set to redefine. A professional Coaching can help support us during these difficult times and help us achieve our goals. Our Coaching-Team offers individual and tailor-made coaching programs aimed at taking your career or personal life to the next level despite the challenges of the pandemic. We help you to define your goals, develop strategies and recognize your strengths in order to be successful. Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation and learn how we can support you during these challenging times.

It becomes dangerous when we give up on ourselves and successively sap energy from responsibility for ourselves Habits abgeben. Ihr Coaching Institut sees valuable opportunities in every situation - especially in the Corona period - through business and Personal Coaching, for us as individuals, but also as a society. The question is always what you and we make of it.

Changes in everyday life due to the Corona measures

Everyday life has changed for many people. The long-term consequences are difficult to assess or prove. The scope is certainly far-reaching and requires a great deal of focus and energy. We are there to use all the necessary resources and capacities of our multidimensional Teams collect around you or Team accompany you professionally!

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Health Coaching and Corona

Corona measures alone - such as wearing a mask - give us less oxygen, which is the prerequisite for the life of every cell in our complex organism. At the same time, the level of carbon monoxide increases, which is why migraine attacks and headaches are more frequent at this time. The skin irritations in the mouth area due to insufficient ventilation of the skin are only superficial consequences of the necessary corona protection. The media bombards the mind with ever-changing numbers of people infected with Corona, which are often elusive for us and change every day. Worries and fears that increase stress levels in the body and weaken the immune system grow. Sitting time, too, due to the comfortable relocation of the workplace to the home office, requires less movement and easily mixes work with free time, so that we are hardly able to clearly separate the two. Our health coaching understands the changes caused by the Corona situation very well and helps you to achieve your individual goals in the area Healthto achieve vitality, well-being and balance.

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Corona coaching online and by phone

We want to give you a space for your worries and needs in the current situation and are happy to help you to get a positive benefit from this time. Ihr Coaching Institut offers you the opportunity - regardless of the corona virus - to carry out a coaching of your choice conveniently via video conference or telephone. Simply contact us by email or telephone to arrange an initial consultation.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional approach that uses various conversation techniques. It takes place between a so-called coachee and a trained coach. During coaching, the coach tries to find suitable answers and solutions for the client's individual problems, worries and challenges. Coaching is not therapy and does not replace one. How long does coaching take and how often should I book coaching? A coachingMeeting lasts 60 minutes and can be held in person on site or by telephone or video conference. Depending on your concerns, we can arrange follow-up appointments with you. In our experience, coaching units are most effective when they are used eight to ten times every two to four weeks.

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