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Personal coaching Frankfurt. What is the focus? Leading your own life, finding inner peace and that self-confidence strengthen. What happens in this process? That's up to you. Talk to your personal coach. In a city like Frankfurt am Main, many people are looking for help. To beat the competition, expand skills and move forward in life.

It is a popular option for people to achieve their own goals. So are you looking for solutions that suit you? Then you are right here. It is a one-on-one relationship between coach and coachee. To bring about a positive change in the client's life. And almost anything can be a topic. Because when we deal with life, everything can appear in it.

There is a large amount of coaching in Frankfurt. They are partly different, but also all similar. The city offers a variety of experienced coaches. This wide range helps everyone. With the techniques and methods that suit you. Here you will find the approaches and techniques. And the explanation of personal training and what benefits it brings for you.

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Wants your work day easy
not end?

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Do you have questions that you can't talk to anyone about?

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Have you lost sight of your path in life and do you have no strength left?

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Are you stuck in a toxic partnership and can't find a way out on your own?

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Is your patience exhausted and every little thing throws you off balance immediately?

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Do you feel misunderstood and unappreciated in your role?

How the personal coach Frankfurt am Main supports you professionally

The best methods on the market are used. This is how you get to know each other. And see your potential and inner strength. For clarity, insight and self-confidence. The goals and values ​​always come from you. And are the basis for the success of the coaching. With us you can also get on the right path. If you don’t know your goals yet. It is a very valuable investment and will help you in any situation.

If you already know your goals, that's exactly where we start. With us you can create the necessary resources for your journey. Be it physical or mental. The fact is: no one can take this experience away from you. The knowledge is priceless. No matter what the occasion. Whether it's a desire for change or reorientation, in times of stress or strain. Or you have a very specific obstacle that you want to overcome. With our helping hand you can. We are at your side. That's what defines us.

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Professional life coaching and business coaching combined – a personal trainer from Frankfurt just for you

Our approach supports your process of growth. According to your own standards. We work with what is available. Not because of what is missing. With us you can master your challenges. This means we support you in identifying and understanding them. About desires, strengths, weaknesses and your potential. A Coaching for life without crises. Or have you ever thought about supervision? We will help you with specific questions.

To discover and understand every side of your personality. You will reflect a lot in the process. And we give you the space you need for this. To strengthen your self. Are you wondering what the self is? Then you are on the best way. It means that you are already reflecting on something. The result of the collaboration is linked to this. Depending on your goal, you will reflect on your own life. And that's worth it. You will feel a positive change.

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Process of coaching with personal coaches in Frankfurt

Our process involves at least ten hours of collaboration. Every one or two weeks. This can be 60 to 120 minutes per session. Every week. Whatever suits you best. The further you are, the more you will be able to do on your own. That's the goal of the whole thing. To empower you to achieve your goals yourself. We clarify the points in the initial consultation. We lay the framework in a free, non-binding conversation. Your situation will be discussed roughly. Of course we need to know whether that is Coaching makes sense for you. And how we can help you.

Coaching is more than just a trend. It has been shown that every customer has gained huge added value from this. So first we clarify organizational questions. And see if the chemistry is right. Between you and the mentor. Only then can the process begin. This is called order clarification. If someone wants to sail to an island, they don't buy a plane. Rather, it explains exactly what the goal is and how it is to be achieved.

What does a personal coaching session in Frankfurt look like?

Very different. That is certain. Because every person is different. And with it the preferences. We want to find the best way for you. We have rooms for this in every major city in Germany. But we usually agree with the customers on online coaching. This is the simplest and also the best solution for many. It is flexible and individual. A personal trainer Frankfurt is also available to you after the session. Daily from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. Why? We all have questions sometimes. Important questions that could benefit from an opinion from the coach. 

Let’s just look at an example from the area of ​​personal fitness. You do strength training regularly. A session can be structured differently. A flexible plan is right for you. You go to the training sessions and feel good. But what about nutrition? Maybe you've already talked about nutritional advice. And even made a plan with the trainer. But something doesn't feel right yet. You can contact the advisor here. Whether from Bad Homburg or Bad Soden. He can be reached by telephone. 

Professional coaching is tailored to you. The same goes for the coaching process. So if the first coaching sessions consist more of questions, later ones can include more exercises. We find what helps. The example comes more from personal training ✓. The personal fitness trainer is also a personal coach. But with us you can come back to all topics. Whether it's your job, relationships or other areas of life. We are here for you. 

Our Team is here for you

Urs Meier - decision maker


Decision management

 The better a person makes decisions, the more potential that person can unlock.

This is us

The coaching institute consists of one Team the best experts in their field. We have come together to help people where they need us.

Laura Baxter - Body Language and Posture Expert


 Appearance and presence

I have been studying the effects of the voice and body for around twenty-five years.

Reinhard Benditte - turnaround expert



In the past, I have supported various companies with turnaround management.

Holger Bröer - Sales Expert


Sales and cold calling

The trick to speaking is listening. Make friends, maintain partnerships, win customers. Build companies. Live the life you deserve.

dr Carlos Davidovich - expert neuromanagement



I didn't just rely on my medical training and deep understanding of the brain. I use neuromanagement coaching to contribute to obvious, lasting change in clients.


Personal development
Professional development
Leadership and Management
Health and wellness
Relationship coaching
Digital, hybrid and analog

Renate Freisler - Stress management expert


stress management

Passionate coach, personality and leadership developer, sparring partner and eagle eye. My motto: “The mindset makes the difference.”

Lilly Fritz - Coach at the Coaching Institute in Frankfurt


Mediation & Supervision

As a judge with many years of leadership experience (president of two district courts), I will support you on your way to more personality. 

Frank Gotthardt - expert mediation


mediation and problem solving

We make the best decisions based on our values. Overcoming complex challenges offers me fantastic opportunities to develop and gain experience in many areas.

Prof. Dr. Habil. Frank Keuper - expert in corporate management


strategic company management

The diverse interdependencies between the megatrends and the VUCA world mean that we have to step up a creative and analytical gear when it comes to business.

Miriam Klinke - mediator


Mediation and conflict resolution

As an experienced mediator with a legal background, I have always focused on constructive dispute resolution throughout my international career.

Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz - Expert organizational development


Organizational development

Winning people is the key to any successful transformation. With more than 25 years of practical experience, I can support you in developing strategies and successfully implementing them together with your employees.


Leadership and management
Technology and IT
Soft Skills
Sales and Customer Service Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Manuel Neundörfer - health coach


health and nutrition

I enjoy working with family, friends, employees and clients on topics such as resilience, self-perception, physical and mental health, and general well-being.

Tobias Riegger - restructuring expert


Insolvency and transformation

What drives me is to inspire people in such a way that previously unattainable things can be achieved. Be it in sports, as a lecturer at universities and academies or in a professional environment as a management consultant.

Claudia Schick - voice coach


Voice and media

Passionate coach, motivator, networker. I combine over 20 years of TV experience at ARD as a presenter and interviewer with targeted voice and media training.

Regina K. Schüller - communication expert



For me, an effective corporate culture, clear communication and value-oriented leadership are key factors for the successful implementation of the mission, goals and strategy of any company. 



Corporate tax advice
management consulting
Strategy consulting
Technology consulting
Risk management, compliance

Fredrick Spalcke - PLM and value chain expert


PLM and Value Chain

Every consolidation crisis is an opportunity for companies to intensively examine the value chain for its competitiveness.

dr Bernd Stenkamp - development expert


Research and Development

Developing products FOR people together WITH people excites me. More than 25 years of experience developing products.

Tim S. Tabrizi - Leadership Expert


Leadership and culture

I love dealing with what moves people. I treat my clients with respect for their individual situation, with a lot of motivation, inspiration and a clear intention to help.

Roland G. Braun – expert for careers and new placement


 C-suite career advice

Balancing career demands, families, friends, personal interests and health is a balancing act at the highest level. 


Vocational Training

Our coaching training offers a balanced mix of theory and practice, led by experienced coaches. She values ​​ethical standards, personal development and individual adaptation. The training emphasizes practical experience and provides ongoing support for aspiring coaches.

Ralph Rixner – expert for IT and transformation


Information Technology

As a long-time manager in the IT sector, I have 35 years of experience in setting up and managing international projects.

Dr. Thomas Meininghaus – Expert for Quality and Regulatory


Quality & Regulations

Change, quality and transformation processes run through my professional life like a common thread. 

Karsten Schmidt – expert in international management


For more than a decade I have been supporting managers of multinational companies in intercultural management and emphasizing the importance of culture in the business world.

A life coach in Frankfurt – Lifecoaching Frankfurt as part of it

Life Coaching. Also an area we can do. As in the name, this is about life. But there isn't that much of a difference. Because we rely on the systemic approach in every coaching session. We look at your life. Because every little thing can have an impact on your goals. You can look at it separately, but you will lose important information. We want to find the root of the problem. Recognize the root of it. We already did a basic analysis in the first conversation. Now it goes on. 

The mentor gives the client a rough overview of the process that lies ahead. A motive analysis or a personality test can be of great value. This is exciting for most of our clients. You want to find out where your strengths lie. Or what skills still lie beneath the surface. The results of this analysis are a good basis for further coaching. Our focus is always on your goals and needs. Because it is clear to us: people are our focus. The next steps are about finding a solution.

Or solutions. For your problem or the change you want to make. And our methods are as different as people themselves. So that everyone can find what is right for them. So you work out a strategy together with your advisor. Your coach Frankfurt for a process at eye level. The better the companion, the more individual the collaboration is. The coaching process is one thing. Of course you want to see the results in your everyday life. To do this, you have to implement them right there. What is discussed should become action. Only then can you count on added value.

A woman stretches her arms up, success. Personal Coaching Frankfurt. Personal Coach Frankfurt.

A coach for personality development – ​​personal training in Frankfurt

Once you reach the point where you know: If you want things to get better, something has to change. As part of the process, we create the atmosphere for this. To talk and work with each other. The basis for this is respect and appreciation. The chemistry must be right. So that you can trust us all. And we can achieve real results with an honest climate.

The quality of your thoughts also determines the quality of your emotions. And the emotions that arise from it. This in turn determines the quality of your actions that influence your environment.

Thoughts → emotions → actions

So everything comes from the thoughts. And you can decide about this. You should pay attention to what thoughts arise in your mind. Or to put it a little more directly: Don't believe everything you think. So when you think about your thoughts, reflect. We work with the patterns together. The patterns of your thoughts, behavior and emotions. And turn them into opportunities to improve the quality of your life. We pass on our expertise and competence to you. So inquire about our offer. We find a way for everyone. A solution for every problem.

influence beliefs positively?

Together with us, you restructure the brain in a certain way. New insights emerge. And bring you as a person closer to your goal. You can also find current articles in our blog.

Imagine a program on your computer. One that you reinstall. That's how it is for you too. You install new positive thoughts. And a new observer who has a different view of the world. So that you can recognize opportunities and always find the right path that will take you further. Installation can take several weeks. And needs repetition and training. Like a muscle. We have to keep at it. But you can always optimize and adapt the program. Depending on the situation and as you see fit.

If you would like to find out more about this, please feel free to talk to us. Contact us today. We look forward to seeing you!

Free initial consultation

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How much does coaching cost?

Solution-oriented coaching is an investment in your future. In rare cases we cannot help with your situation. But we won't leave you alone. We will still help. And find someone who understands your current life situation. And helps you.

You can't give a fixed price. It depends much more on the process and the length. They take time from experts. That has its price. With real consultants you can expect around 300 EUR per hour. It's individual training. There is no one solution for this. But together we will find yours.

The coach’s experience is particularly helpful. To change and improve your professional performance and situation. This also increases your self-esteem. And our customers are willing to pay this price. Because they know that the value is greater in the long term. In professional and private contexts. 

Experts for our managers – Find a personal trainer in Frankfurt am Main

Coaching does not always take place in one place in Frankfurt. Depending on your individual needs, it can be done online in the meeting room or by telephone. We help you actively shape your own career and develop your potential. Where a consultant develops the solution, we approach it together. Also solution-oriented. But in the end you should know how it works. How to use the tools. So that you can use them for the rest of your life. 

Gears showing progress. Personal coach frankfurt. Personal Coaching Frankfurt.

Whether career advice or Life Coaching Frankfurt – Fitness Coach or Business Coach in Frankfurt am Main – We are there for you

For women and men from every area. We want to offer quality personal training. And we constantly stand for it with ours Team in connection. To improve our concept and help each other. From sports coach to executive coach. With us you will find someone who will support you. Do you have a desire for change? Then you are right here. To improve your situation. We're here to help when things get stuck or you're stuck in a dead end. Or not being able to orientate yourself. 

Is the offer also suitable for companies?

The coaching is very personal. And it cannot be generalized. In the company, however, several people usually have to be coached at the same time. Then it is no longer individual. But you can get around that. Individual coaching for a manager can definitely be useful. Or you can look for other variations, like Business Coaching. Otherwise the offer is primarily aimed at private individuals. Or to support individual employees.

But there are also other types of offers. We are at your side for a set period of time and deal with certain aspects of your company. Aspects you want to improve. It can be supervision. Or a series of seminars and meetings to strengthen skills. Contact us. And we will find a way to help you. You can also continue to look around on this page. You will find everything you need to know about our offering and our approach on these pages. 

A tree with important keywords such as plan. Personal Coaching Frankfurt, Personal Coach Frankfurt.

What training do you need as a coach?

A coach’s training can be numerous. Or are sometimes very low. Because today everyone can call themselves a coach. The term is not protected! And certificates and training are a dime a dozen. It is definitely good if your advisor has thorough training. Especially in the area in which you are seeking help. But experience is even more important. Long-standing and diverse.

Our coaches have experienced what the clients are looking for. They have the knowledge and know the problems. And not only that. The experience in coaching itself also counts. If you have helped people for many years, you learn a lot. You expand your own horizons. And although every situation is different and new, you already know the basics of how to deal with it. So experience is really important.

And if you choose a mentor, you should also pay attention to other things. On the relationship between you. It is based on trust. They have to reveal things in order to work on them together. So find someone you feel good with. Who understands your goals and supports you in achieving them. That's what makes the difference in the end. 

How important is health to clients in Frankfurt am Main?

Of course essential. Health should be a priority for all of us. But far too often it is put aside. To serve another purpose. Work, or a short-term desire for something else. Health must be actively promoted. And it starts with what we breathe. Go on with what we drink and eat.

And is strongly linked to stress, physical activity and our thoughts. But living healthily is not a burden. Or restricting our freedom. This gives us much more freedom. We feel better and can perform better. This also means that we find more time and try things out.

And just do something new. We have more joy in our lives. And are able to change something. With more energy and less stress. Health is therefore a particularly important aspect of life. And therefore also a topic in coaching. 

Online or in our practice in Frankfurt

Get in contact. And soon you will be able to pursue your goals. No matter where from. We are flexible. Take control of your life. 

So what is personal coaching?

So it's a kind of support. Like all coaching with us, it deals with life as a whole. And can use these insights to help you achieve your goals. It is individually adapted to a person. And it largely deals with us and our thoughts. But your job can also come into play. The focus is on your situation. No matter in which area. No matter what obstacle slows you down. 

How can it help us?

Pretty much with everything. Our Team can provide support in every area. These can be problems in everyday life that rob us of energy. Or a high level of stress. Maybe we also need guidance. All of this is possible. And at the end you will be able to use the tools. And continue the process independently. Our clients’ results are always different. But self-esteem and self-confidence always increase. You will understand yourself and your life better and expand your skills in the process. And along the way, they achieve their goals.

Who does it make sense for?

For those who are ready for change. But not everyone is ready. Even if you want to change something. In the end you have to DO it. There's no getting around it. So you should be sure that you actually do it. We can give you the strategies. But you have to implement it yourself. So the question is: Are you ready?

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