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Master life with your Life Coach Frankfurt – Life Coaching Frankfurt am Main – expertise from business coaching and personal training

The shortcut to your happy life – Life Coaching in Frankfurt. We start with an analysis. Our tools are proven and recognized. Our customers benefit from this. We help identify and achieve yours Set. No matter what area, whether business or social relationships. We are here for you! Life coaching is your means to Success.

The most common reasons why customers book our services

  • Relations
  • career development
  • life transitions
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Would you like more structure?

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Do you fail at your goals every day?

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Do you feel like bending over backwards for your friends?

An adult holds a child's hand with a flower in it. Life coaching for men. Life Coach Frankfurt.

Do you want to be responsible with yourself and your environment?

A keen eye. Life coaching for women. Life Coach Frankfurt.

Do you want to know and work on your blind spots?

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Do you need an expert to look at your situation?

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Life Coaching Frankfurt is our professional solution

After the analysis, the path to your goals begins. Of course, these must first be defined. Wishes and conditions for the partnership must also be defined. This creates your individual strategy. It's your way to the top of the mountain. The north pole that your compass points to. It is often also referred to as Personal Coaching designated. Because our thoughts and actions make up our life. So we are responsible. And that also means that we ourselves change can effect. Here we guide you. Even after this process, the topics will continue to be relevant. With us you create the space to be able to successfully work on the topics again and again. This allows you to design your life according to your own requirements. Her Life Coach in Frankfurt. Your opportunity for action for a positive change. Find your own way with us!

Our Team is here for you

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Life coaching – personal training for managers and private individuals

We are like a mirror. We give you a neutral perspective. Our clientele is varied and diverse:

women and men in high positions

They are all looking for help. You want to be happy in everyday life. And do something that fulfills you. You are looking for face to face advice with the option to go online Coaching-Meeting? We believe that a good life must be authentic. It is a portfolio of experiences. This includes adventures as well as failures. Ups and downs are part of us personality development. This is exactly what we learn from. Difficulties strengthen us. And along the way, we get to know ourselves. This process is not always positive either. You will be challenged. You confront issues that you have suppressed for a long time. But it will be worth it. The added value far outweighs the difficulties. 

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Are you important enough for life coaching?

Coaching is an investment in ourselves. If the positive change is worth it to you, then this is for you. In the long run you will find that you can look back on it forever. What you learn once in the sessions can be adequately applied to a lifetime. No one can take the experience away from you. Our aim is to support you as meaningfully as possible. For you, this means that you will no longer need a Personal Coach Frankfurt in the future. You become your own advisor. But you have to make a start. Without doing something, we cannot expect anything to change. Through our actions we can determine our future. It also has something to do with self-esteem. Many people want to orient themselves. You want to know where your destination port is. And set sail there. It often turns out that they have followed the wrong path. He didn't fit. 

What does a coach do?

1. He stands out with an exceptional CV.
2. He has experienced a lot. And he can speak from experience. We recommend not only paying attention to certificates.
3. The term “Life Coach” is not protected in Germany. Anyone can call themselves that. So you should be careful.

Can I become one too?

1. The answer is yes. Theoretically, a website and a business registration are sufficient.
2. You can definitely help in some cases.
3. But people put their lives in your hands. That's a big responsibility. Are you prepared for this?

What does the change cost?

1. You pay primarily for the experience. Your experience in the process and the consultant’s collective experience.
2. Therefore prices can vary greatly.
3. For very experienced trainers you can expect to pay €250 – €330 per session.
4. And what only you can muster is time and effort. Are you ready for that Development? Are you ready for success?

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Work-life balance – work and private life in balance

Career and life. For many, the two terms are opposite. But they can also have a complementary effect. The imbalance is the problem. It's up to us to solve these problems. We at the institute will pick you up wherever you are. We can make the difference. We see it as our mission to accompany you to your destination. We cannot change people. But we can help him find himself. This way he finds out what really fulfills him.

Life coaching is much more than self-discovery

Reflection leads to change. They transform. The work bears fruit. The way our clients think, act and feel changes for the better. What is better? That which is consistent with your beliefs.

So why did you end up here? Do you really want to change something? Or do you love your comfort zone so much that you don't want to change anything? That it can't work at all? Many people stick with their habits and patterns. That's okay. But over time the internal imbalance becomes greater and greater. We don't need to list what this leads to here. So we want to ask you: Are you worth investing in yourself? Are you ready for change?

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Will part of the costs be covered? From the health insurance company?

1. Unfortunately, we are not that far in Germany.
2. Yes in other countries. The advantages were recognized there. There it is carried by the cash register.
3. This is of course a big disadvantage. In the long term, the added value is still much greater than the investment. That's why we have many customers. They all cover the costs themselves. 

Do we also offer business coaching?

1. The techniques are not all that different. Our offer is holistic. The focus is elsewhere. But your life is the focus.
2. Here, too, the actual analysis comes first.
3. Then you plan the next steps. You want to get from the IS to the SHOULD.

Can a life coach also be a coach for professional goals?

1. It depends.
2. He has proven that he has mastered life. Until old age.
3. But that doesn't mean that he has to have made it to the top in his job. Board members are often preferred business coaches.
4. Many things are cross-cutting. But, not everything. That's why the distinction exists. Find your right advisor!

How can I find myself?

The thing is. You already have all the answers within you. You just can't access it like that. They are encrypted. Distractions and emotions get in your way. The advice is suitable for all ages. Nothing is given to you. You find the solutions yourself. They are already dormant within you. We are here to help you. A coach cannot pursue and achieve the solutions for you. But he can give you tools. And he can translate your answers. Sometimes we don't know what to do with an answer. The mentor has the experience. He shows us what it means for our lives.

The questions also focus on our past. What did we love? What could we not get enough of as children? It may surprise you. But as children we could easily answer these questions. We knew what we wanted and what we didn't want. Of course we have obligations now. But we can still learn from our past selves. 

The sides of a brain Creative and analytical. Life Coach Frankfurt. Life Coaching Frankfurt.

Is life coaching just a trend?

1. No. The world is spinning faster. There are many distractions. We are influenced from all sides. We need the help.
2. Having a permanent partner at our side. That makes it more bearable for many.
3. People with external support are more successful and effective. This is what the studies show.

What makes a good coach?

1. He has a lot of life experience. The more the better. The client benefits from this.
2. We only work with partners who have a high level of Empathy have.
3. Certificates and training are rarely meaningful.
4. It suits you. You can trust him.

A footprint from which a plant grows. Life Coaching Frankfurt. Life Coach Frankfurt.

What is the job of the life coach?

1. In short: “A life coach is there when things get critical.”
2. He helps us out of crises, motivates us and gets the best out of the client.
3. He recognizes our strengths. He then tries to actively promote it.

Systemic coaching, a concept for your life

As experts, we are there for you. Together we cover blind spots. You get clarity and get motivated to get down to business. You can achieve all of this even faster than you could on your own. Get started now. The more open you are to change, the more efficient the process. However, you should note the following. Many think they are ready. But they are not.

Advise yourself with help

No matter where you are right now. We pick you up and bring you closer to yourself. From experience we can say: beliefs are usually the obstacles. But this also makes them the best levers. They are seen as rules, some of which we are not aware of. But our experts know their stuff. You are very familiar with the subject of personality. Not just when working as a coach. You have also experienced changes in the course of your life. And accompany other people. Development is part of their experience.

Different stages of planning. Life Coach Frankfurt. Life Coach Frankfurt.

What does a life coach earn?

1. The scissors diverge significantly here. Some €40.000, some €400.000 a year.
2. The difference lies in the CV. If he has something to show for it, then he is worth every penny.
3. A board can teach you a lot about the pitfalls of professional life. So be careful when choosing.

Is a Life Coach a Counselor?

1. Consultants are usually referred to as consultants.
2. Coaches are sparring partners at eye level. Someone to guide you home safely during a storm.
3. Find someone you can trust. Someone with empathy, experience and sensitivity. 

How do I recognize the qualities of a provider?

1. Is the chemistry right? Is he likeable?
2. Does he have something to tell you? Can he offer something? Can he understand you?
3. Use an initial consultation. This is the only way to find out whether it fits.

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What exactly is a Life Coach Frankfurt?

The concept of life coaches is relatively new. That's why there is still debate about who they are and what they do. In general, coaching has a very flexible landscape. That's part of the job. And it has already benefited many people.

Here is a little picture of who they are and what they do: The goal is for the client to reach their potential. That's why it's often about setting goals and achieving them confidently. Every mentor has their own style. The process can be adapted very well to the needs of the customer. This is important because you want to help the customer. He should create his own life. 

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has developed ethical standards. They can be used as clues. Despite this, it is not a regulated industry. Thus, the type of implementation is free for everyone. You don't have to be certified or licensed. Some also work closely with psychological counselors. There customers can get support through psychotherapy. This cannot be replaced by coaching sessions. Others work independently again. Each variation has its advantages and disadvantages. It is believed that most techniques are taken from sporting contexts. Just as athletes get help from their coaches, so we get it from advisors. One can draw many parallels. The coaches of great athletes are also very experienced. They were mostly ones themselves. In sports, too, there is energy and Stress in the centre. And of course regeneration. 

But the customers are more diverse. From CEOs who know they still have a lot to learn. Up to pensioners who want to realign their lives and find meaning. Also graduates who want to find their way in their first job. And the list could be much longer. What is the reason for that? Life coaching has many potential benefits. These include, for example:

-A clear vision for the future
-Goals along the way
-Strategies for progress
-Methods and techniques to reach your potential
-Help with any concerns
-Confidence in your own abilities
-More personal responsibility
-Better personal well-being and self-esteem
-Encouragement and inspiration
-A guiding hand in difficult times
“Every person has so much strength within them that they have to let out. Sometimes they just need a little push. A little direction. A little support. A little coaching and the greatest things can happen.” – Peter Carroll

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Our advice covers private and professional issues holistically

The topic can also be covered in a 1-2 day training course. For the very motivated. It's outside of our premises. And you can choose between groups and individual coaching. Each one has its advantages. You should choose what benefits you the most. What you are comfortable with. But to make deep changes you also need time. There is no shortcut for this.

What are the differences to other types of coaching? This question is often asked. Life coaching is more about the private area. Alternatively, the focus can also be on the job. But these two areas also intertwine. When we are happily in love, it has a positive effect on our everyday working lives. When we are happy with our work, we have less stress at home. Professionally and privately. Both are part of our lives. Both are considered. 

Why should I seek advice?

The call within you is getting louder and louder. You want change. But where should you start? We help you find clarity. Maybe you are going through a difficult time. Or you've reached a dead end. They don't know what to do anymore and aren't particularly happy. Then contact us! We help clients with similar concerns every day. You want to overcome hurdles and change something in your life. We support you in coping. This can be in every area of ​​life. We are reaching our limits. We are looking for answers to questions. The counselor will help you sort out your thoughts. Then go step by step in the right direction. So you want to change something? Do you want to be certain about how you think, feel and act? In this case you have come to the right place. We can help. Together with us you will achieve the goals of your dreams and make them reality. 

How the coaches support you mentally in coaching sessions

We strengthen your self-concept. With everything that goes with it. So that you can follow the path of your heart. Together we will free up access to your potential. What she expects? First we listen. We need to understand what's going on inside you. Then define goals. Based on this, we ask questions. This then leads to uncovering barriers and negative beliefs. Of course we can't leave it at that. We want to solve these too. So that you can live carefree. What thoughts are getting in your way? How can you get rid of these? Have you ever had one? Supervision thought about? If you want to change your plan, we are here for you. Perhaps your course has changed slightly. Sometimes you just have to adjust the direction. The process should run in your interest. It is important to go the right way. In the long run, every small change can make a difference. And that would turn your life completely different. You want to use that for yourself.

The logical coaching process. Life Coach Frankfurt

Client Julia, business and life coaching in Frankfurt am Main

Julia has a dilemma. She has a great job. She is thankful for the stability. But it's not your dream job. No, your dream is very different. She wants to start a business with her sister. With a plan, dreams become visions. Julia's sister had it now. It might work. You would be taking a calculated risk.

But now Julia doesn't know what to do next. Because starting a company is difficult. And your life would change drastically. It would be more difficult, but also somehow more exciting. She still has a few weeks left. That's why she's looking for a life coach. She makes an appointment. With him she analyzes every option. She goes through the pros and cons and eventually comes to a conclusion. Now she knows what to do. She is confident. And she's sure she wants to work with a professional life coach.

Client Devon, Personal Coaching as Life Coaching

Devon is ready for a big adventure. At least he thought so. A few weeks ago he decided to move. To the coast. He always wanted to live there. And now he wants to take the step. It was time for a change. But now doubts arise. What if it's not what he imagines? What if he doesn't like it there? He's looking for help. He finds these. He makes a plan with the coach. You address his concerns and clarify his needs. This creates new goals. Ultimately he moves. And he is happy to have included the mentor. They continue to talk on the phone. Devon is now very happy. He has built a new life for himself.

The coaching process is not just for the sports field. Many more people confide in an expert. For decisions, goals or life transitions. We have already helped many people. Now it is your turn. Take the first step. It will be worth it …

If you are still unsure, here are a few questions for you:
Do I want my life to stay like this forever?
Is there a chance to improve my life? Where? 
What do I have confidence in?
Do I need a reorientation?
Which blockages do I want to solve?
Do I dare to overcome self-doubt?

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What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a process that helps people achieve their goals and develop their full potential. A life coach supports his clients in exploring and changing their thoughts, feelings and behavior in order to steer their life in the desired direction.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

Life coaching can provide a variety of benefits including:
Clarity about goals and desires
Increase in self-esteem and self-confidence
Improving communication skills
Development of new skills and abilities
Overcoming obstacles and challenges
Improving the quality of life

How do you find a good life coach?

When looking for a good life coach, it is important to consider the following criteria:
Qualifications and experience of the coach
Coach's area of ​​expertise
Chemistry between coach and client
It is also helpful to get references from other clients of the coach.


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