Everyone needs a coach

Why does everyone need one? Coach?

Why does everyone need a coach? For the blog of Your Coaching Today we are conducting an interview with Mr. Tim S. Tabrizi - Managing Director and Board Member of the Coaching Institute in Frankfurt.

Mr. Tabrizi, thank you very much for your valuable time. As an executive coach, you already have almost 20 years of management and coaching experience. Today I would like to capture your expertise and experience for our readers with 5 specific questions.

Tim Shahriar Tabrizi - Everyone needs a coach. Coaching Frankfurt Interview.

Question 1: Why does every employee nowadays need to have a coach or sparring partner?

Thank you for the interview and the interesting question.
Bill Gates put it very aptly in his Ted Talk in April 2013 in New York: Everyone needs a coach. And now, 10 years later, we know how right he was! But why does everyone need a coach?

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Many people today are looking for support to Set to achieve and realize their full potential. A coach can help with this by providing individual advice and support to identify a person's strengths and weaknesses and develop a tailored plan to achieve those goals.

I personally know many people who have benefited from a coach. For example, a friend of mine hired one of our coaches to help him achieve his career goals. The coach helped him identify his skills and talents and develop a plan to achieve his career goals. My friend was very grateful for the coach's support and, working with him, achieved his goal.

One of our loyal clients hired a coach in 2019 to improve their interpersonal relationships. The coach helped him improve his communication skills and resolve conflicts. My acquaintance was grateful for the coach's help as he is now able to interact better with other people and improve his relationships.

But why does everyone need a coach? Overall, a coach can help build self-confidence and Motivation empower a person and help them achieve their goals. If you feel you need support to achieve your goals, hiring a coach can be a good idea.

Question 2: But nowadays everyone calls themselves a coach, how do I find the right contact person?

Anyone can call themselves a coach these days, regardless of their experience or education. Unfortunately, the profession is not regulated, which we hear again and again from our customers.

This can make it difficult to find the right contact person. One way to find the right coach is to ask around and get recommendations from friends and family who have used a coach before. This way you can find a qualified and experienced coach.

You can also research online and see other clients' experiences. Many of our coaches have reviews and references from previous clients or on social media. You can read these reviews and see if the coach suits your needs.

You can also speak directly to the coach and ask about their qualifications, experience and methods. When you feel comfortable with the coach and are convinced that he can help you, you can start working together.

But why does everyone need a coach? I received feedback from one of our clients who hired an inexperienced coach who couldn't really help him. He chose the coach on the Internet without looking at references or experiences. It was a costly lesson for him as he wasted a lot of time and money without getting the results he was hoping for.

Overall, finding the right coach can be challenging, but there are ways to ensure you choose a qualified and experienced coach. Look at that Team of the Coaching Institute, we attach great importance to the fact that our coaches stand out from the crowd through their expertise and qualifications.

Question 3: And with which topics can I turn to a coach? Isn't it just board members who use coaches?

Coaching is not only intended for executives, but for anyone who wants to develop personally or professionally.

But why does everyone need a coach? A coach can help with various issues, such as building self-confidence, dealing with Stress and Burnout, in improving interpersonal relationships, in career development or in achieving personal goals. Whether it's personal or professional challenges, a coach can help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

One of our clients turned to us in 2020 to boost her confidence. She had trouble trusting herself and making decisions. Our coach helped her identify her strengths and talents and show her how to use them in her life. Working with the coach, she was able to build self-confidence and began to make better decisions and achieve her goals.

Another client approached one of our coaches in early 2023 to see his career through career coaching to advance. The coach helped him define his goals and develop a plan to achieve them. The coach also helped him improve his leadership skills and develop his professional skills. By working with the coach, he was able to Career move forward and achieve your goals.

Overall, there are a variety of issues that a coach can help with. Whether you're facing personal or professional challenges, a coach can help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

Question 4: Why are coaches so expensive in Germany?

Yes, you are right. Coaching isn't cheap, but you have to remember that for the time Approach and pay for the coach's expertise. When you think about it, things get put back into perspective. Our coaching hours start at EUR 220 and are based on standard market prices. Why needs so then each one to Coach astronomical prices?

One reason for higher prices could be the experience and qualifications of the coach. An experienced coach with higher qualifications and certifications may command higher prices than a new coach.

The location of the coach can also play a role. Coaches in major cities or popular holiday regions may charge higher prices than coaches in more rural areas.

One of our clients turned to us in 2016 to improve their career. Although he was satisfied with the coach's work, he felt the cost of the sessions was high. However, our coach was highly qualified and had a lot of experience, which justified the higher prices.

Another client had the impression that the prices for coaching in Germany are generally higher than in other countries. He compared the prices for coaching in Germany with those in his home country and found that this is not the case. This can be attributed to various factors such as higher cost of living and higher taxes.

Overall, the prices for coaching in Germany can vary depending on the coach, location and qualifications. If you want to hire a coach, you should look around and compare different offers to find the right coach for you. I'm not a big fan of quotes, but I would like to mention one thing at this point: "Chew cheaply is usually bought twice".

Question 5: What topics do coachees usually come to you with?

Overall, the coachees come to us with a variety of issues that affect their personal or professional lives. As coaches, we work closely with them to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. With 25 coaches, we are now one of the largest coaching institutes in Europe, with some of the best and most experienced coaches that can be found on the European market. Why does everyone need a coach?

Thank you Mr Tabrizi for all this information. I hope that they will help the readers of our blog. Also read our article on the subject damage to image.

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