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interview on the topic Mental coaching with Regina Karoline Schüller

Today we are talking to Regina Karoline Schüller, Mental Coach Frankfurt Ihr Coaching Institut in Frankfurt am Main, about mental coaching. After working in management for more than 25 years at high-ranking banks and institutes in the areas of communication and press - including the European Central Bank and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority - she is more than experienced in her current profession, which undeniably involves a lot of communication has. Below she explains to us what is important in mental coaching and how exactly the coaching works.

Regina Karoline Schüller in an interview on the subject of mental coaching.

Can you give us examples of how you helped a client overcome their fears?

Mental coaching or mental coach already contains the term "mental". That's the point! We are controlled by our thoughts, they influence our behavior and thus our quality of life. For me personally, the beginning of the coaching – summarized – looks like this:

  • Kick-off meeting: getting to know each other and building trust. 
  • Defining the objective: what is the objective? Why do I want to achieve exactly this goal? 
  • Current state analysis: Where am I today? What thoughts and fears do I have? 
  • Target analysis: What are the milestones to achieve my goal? What are possible obstacles? 

The concrete and detailed development, for example using specific questioning techniques, is the basis for effective changes that are necessary to achieve the goal.

As a mental coach, how do you go about identifying limiting beliefs?

What I need to do here is to find out “Who am I?” To do this, I usually use the creation of a personality profile using the LINC method. I work with the results coachee point by point. This brings personal strengths and weaknesses, reality and perception, conviction and facts into the necessary balance.

To what extent does empathy play a role in your work as a mental coach?

A necessary role! Why? Coaching is largely based on relationship building. Mental coaches must be able to deal correctly and appropriately with their own emotions and needs as well as those of the other person. For this reason, coaches must regularly check and systematically develop their own emotional competence. I practice the latter through regular Supervision.

How do you prepare a client for a challenge or exam?

In this phase, the coach is the motivator, the confidant and the helper. My approach is: continuous support and practice, practice, practice! Together with the coachee, I go through the challenge or test - whether big or small - again and again until a high level of security is achieved. We discuss which weak points are present and how we can fix them. If possible, I will be present at the respective appointment. However, my experience shows that the coachees are so well prepared that they master the challenge well and often even better on their own! How effective our coaching can be, you can find out in our blog article.

How do you incorporate meditation and breathing exercises into your mental coaching sessions?

The integration of Mediation and breathing exercises I mainly use in extremely stressful situations, e.g. B. during coaching or in preparation for an upcoming challenge or exam. I pay a lot of attention to the individual situation and the condition of the coachee. A general procedure is not possible here!

How do you work on fostering a positive mindset in your client?

Defining each goal is crucial. The goal must be specific, achievable and therefore positive. The coach must motivate the coachee to rethink so that new paths emerge and blockages are resolved, i. H. the coachee can step out of the comfort zone and be active Health support financially. I systematically give the coachee concrete, positively worded advice Objectives before. Here are some examples: 

  • I remain calm, even if my competitor or colleague makes a scathing comment!  
  • I take a deep breath before answering. 
  • Listen first. Then answers.

Ms. Schüller, thank you very much for the interview. Also visit our main homepage on the topic Mental training. You can also find our blog post here, how to develop personal strength with a mental coach. You can find the original article at the following link.

What is mental coaching?

Mental coaching is a process in which a coach helps a person optimize their mindset and inner beliefs in order to achieve their goals and realize their full potential.

What are the advantages of mental coaching?

Mental coaching has many advantages. A qualified mental coach can help you achieve your goals by providing you with tools and techniques to improve your mindset and optimize your inner beliefs. A mental coach can be yours too Motivation and boost your self-confidence and help you overcome mental blocks and negative thoughts.

How do you find a qualified mental coach?

To find a qualified mental coach, it is important to look for recommendations and find out about the coach's experience and qualifications. A real way to find a qualified mental coach is to look for certifications. You can also do a first Meeting Arrange a meeting with the coach to find out whether the chemistry is right and whether you want to work with the coach.

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