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Health Coach Frankfurt - Healthy through health coaching in Frankfurt am Main

Health Coach Frankfurt: Do you want to be healthier? A health coach in Frankfurt can help here. well-being and mental Strengths are in focus. Coaching is the way to do it. With health coaching in Frankfurt you can reach all of your health needs Set consistent.

You should check their experience. This ensures that the coaches meet your criteria. And that they pay attention to your needs. Even acquaintances can give you a recommendation if you wish. Or you search online. As soon as you find what you are looking for, get in touch. They want to know if it's the right one. Therefore, discuss prices and services beforehand.

The values ​​and principles are also appropriate. If these match, you can build a close relationship. You benefit from this. The Coaching fits easily and gives a good feeling. In this way you will achieve your individual goals and the vision that you have already completed in your head. 

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Are you feeling listless?

A woman can't sleep and stares at the clock Health Coach Frankfurt am Main. Health Coaching Frankfurt.

Having trouble sleeping?

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Do you find it difficult to get out of bed?

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Tired of supplements and pills?

A woman trains with the help of dumbbells. Health Coach Frankfurt am Main, Health Coaching Frankfurt.

wish for more
power in everyday life?

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Do you need an expert
that leads you step by step to your goal?

The adjustment screws for your well-being with your health coach Frankfurt am Main

Whether healthy or not. We can influence it very well. With exercise, diet and enough sleep. This results z. B.

  1. A better sleep quality
  2. a longer attention span
  3. a higher resistance
  4. more energy
  5. shorter regeneration times
  6. a powerful body
  7. alleviate discomfort

The quality criteria or skills for more well-being are:

  1. Health promotion for a healthier everyday life
  2. Health management to create your own life
  3. long-term health maintenance Success
  4. stress management and stress management
  5. a balanced relationship and successful interplay of these factors

Free initial consultation

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Health coaching helps in the lifestyle of our clients. Science says so too. 

The coach is by our side. He supports us on our way. He guides us in healthy questions. He can also give well-founded tips on how to deal with problems. Body and mind influence each other. Are you ready for that change?

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Define SMART goals for coaching and increase your performance

You want to take the right steps? Use SMART Goals. They help you do the right thing. In health and in life.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Adjusted, Realistic and Timed. So what do you want to achieve? Is it physical or mental? Or maybe both? You should ask yourself that. Your goals then emerge from this.

Make sure your goals

  • Are specific enough to keep you in focus.
  • Are measurable, so you know where you are and where you are headed.
  • Are adapted so that they can cope with the implementation.
  • Are realistic so that they fit into your everyday life.
  • Are timed so they know when the goal is reached.

Setting goals correctly is already a great benefit. In doing so, you prepare your own success. Like every client before you.

What is the process of a health coaching with your coach?

First we do an actual analysis. We analyze the client. We need knowledge of his past. By this we mean diseases or allergies. Then comes the target state. The only right way for the client is found.

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How long does a Health Coaching workshop or training last?

The answer is quite simple: it depends on the client. On average it takes 3 months. It depends on the client. Together you agree on the right duration and rhythm.

Can you answer yes to these questions?

Are you ready for a lavish change? For more strength, mobility, endurance and coordination?

Would you like to finally feel good again when you look in the mirror?

Would you like to start the day healthy?

Are you ready for a better quality of life and performance? professional and private matters?

✓ Talk to your coach now.

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Which topics are dealt with in Health Coaching?

  1. health-promoting strategies, dietary changes and movement concepts.
  2. The client is strengthened physically and mentally.
  3. resilience, dealing with Stress and regeneration are key themes. They are part of a comprehensive health Coaching Programs.

For us, health is the basis for self-love and appreciation. The next step can be to become sporty in everyday life. This includes stairs, shopping, cooking, playing with the children. All of this should be able to be a constant aspect of life. 

Depending on the goal, fitness means something different. We help you to get fit in a goal-oriented way!

Holistic help from an experienced health coach

You can do too much or too little. Having and maintaining balance and discipline is one of the greatest challenges. Emotions, as well as destructive thoughts and behavior, are internal and external factors in the achievement of personal goals. They can easily throw us off balance.

That is why we choose the holistic approach. We understood. Several stimuli come together. And we have to adjust these in order to achieve our goal. It is important to formulate this goal as clearly as possible. This allows you to take measurements on it. We turn the complicated structure into a clear strategy. Health becomes measurable.

Already have a goal in mind? Do you just need the specialist knowledge and expertise?

Then you can test the extent to which you can define these smart goals for your own health.

The more focused you are on your goal, the better. We are looking forward to your contact!

Whether nutritionist or health consultant, personal trainer or simple training. Employees and executives in the entire Frankfurt city area are addressed. The only requirement is your willingness to perform!

Book a free initial consultation at the institute now.

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What is health coaching

Health coaching is a form of counseling that helps people improve or maintain their health. The coach accompanies the client in defining and achieving their personal goals. It's not just about physical health; mental and social health.

Who is health coaching suitable for?

Health coaching is suitable for people of all ages and life situations. It can be availed by people who
– want to improve or maintain their health
– want to develop new lifestyle habits
– want to deal with chronic illnesses
- Stress want to reduce and mental Want to gain strength
– want to achieve a healthier weight
– would like to integrate more movement into their everyday life

How does health coaching work?

Health coaching usually consists of a series of one-on-one meetings between the coach and the client. In the discussions, the client's goals are defined, resources and obstacles are identified and strategies for achieving the goals are developed. Interviews can take place online, over the phone, or in person.


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