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Organize first, then present ideas online. What you need to make your Team to convince virtually, reveals onlineCoach Robert Spengler in the current guest article.

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Successful online │ Robert Spengler

Appreciation and collegial proximity are the best prerequisites for new ideas to develop in the Team be heard and liked. Present ideas online. But as a manager, how do you manage your employees in the home office via Zoom, Teams & Co. – and create a lasting sense of togetherness? "Just like always," says presentation professional Robert Spengler. By listening to them, noticing them, letting them participate in the process, not being bored and simply letting things go online. It's all just a matter of organization and Team-Works. Presenting ideas online will be the future! o present you online.

Listen! Your Team want to discuss with you

"Again, my question was not answered in the chat." Anyone who has ever been overlooked or forgotten in the online meeting knows: it's always a treat. That's why I already advise for online presentations in the small circle to, a moderator to determine. When neutral companion he opens the meeting, leads through the agenda and always has the chat in view. This ensures that questions or reactions are seen and included in the discussion. Even if several people are talking at once out of sheer enthusiasm, the moderator brings calm back into the meeting.

to do:

  • Small meeting from 5 to 50 people:

Appoint a neutral moderator to observe the chat and pool questions during your presentation. If an impartial moderator is not available, as the host, pay close attention to the chat. Announce: "I'll check the chat to see if I've addressed all the points!" Make sure again at the end of the discussion: "Have I answered all the questions? Did you miss something in the chat?” This is how you present yourself online!

  • Large meetings with several hundred participants: 

Appoint a moderator and 2-3 assistants to take care of the chat, evaluate and bundle the questions so that you can answer them in the discussion group. At the end, ask if all questions have been answered. Motivate your audience to ask questions again if they were missed. 

  • Teams in group rooms

Also when dividing into breakout rooms, designate a moderator or conversation leader for each group. In this way you ensure active participation and the quality of the presentation of the group results. 

Show yourself! Your Team want to see you

Don't hide behind your presentation slides. Give your guests the opportunity to to focus on you. Look at the camera when you go straight to your Team speak. A short technology check before the online meeting ensures the quality of the sound and image. Remember: Nothing is more annoying, stressful and frustrating than poor transmission quality. o present you online!

to do:

Bow to the causes of a Zoom Fatigue active before:

  • Ensure the transmission quality
  • 30 minutes is enough for regular meetings
  • Concentrate on the essentials
  • For longer presentations: plan breaks
  • Activate your Team
  • Reduce the slides of your PowerPoint presentation to a minimum
  • Make sure the slides are easy to read

You can read more about the Zoom Fatigue phenomenon and what you can do actively to ensure that your participants don't get Zoom-tired in my impulse article "`Zoom Fatigue is often homemade`: Objections to the Stanford study by Robert Spengler".

be human Your Team also needs a little coffee kitchen in the home office

With all the tips on technology and organization: many people lack that human togetherness. The small talk in the hallway, the variety of conversations in the coffee kitchen. It is precisely this very important we-feeling that motivates. Microsoft manager Carolin Eggers' idea for her weekly "CWC - Coffee with Caro" event is charming: just talk about what worries us as people. That also strengthens it Team and contributes to the fact that new ideas are gladly heard, discussed and taken up - online and live.

to do:

  • Be human online too!


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