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Career reorientation Frankfurt ‣ targeted career advice and job coaching · also outplacement and career coaching

Career reorientation Frankfurt – the necessary change in your life. Most people have already found themselves in such a situation. You feel like your job isn't the right one. You would be more successful in another area. That's why they're looking for a new orientation. But there can also be other reasons for this. For example, if you are trying to overcome new obstacles. So you want to use your skills and talents in a different environment? Then you are right here.

But there are even more reasons. External factors also play into a decision like this. A move, health, a new phase of life. With us you can use this as an opportunity. It is the opportunity to take life in a new direction. To take a new path. This also includes new professional challenges. Maybe you need to learn new skills. Or get to know like-minded people. One thing is certain. To do this, you have to take a few steps into the unknown. They adapt to a new environment. With us you can do it.

Before you can take the first step, you have to plan the whole thing carefully. You should know what you are getting into. So research can't hurt either. You want the best of the change make. You can make this possible with your planning. In a new professional orientation, a consultant can and Career Coach Help them. He supports you with the career planning and implementation. With his experience you will find the right path. Please contact us. It will be worth it. 

Career reorientation Frankfurt ‣ individual career advice and coaching for your new career start

What value does that bring? Coaching for your reorientation? When does it make sense?

  • Are you dissatisfied? With us you can take the step towards the career that suits you.
  • Is your company no longer the same? Jobs have changed a lot? Then we can help. Whether you're looking for a whole new career or just a few changes.
  • Do you want to grow in your career? This is how we can serve. With your new orientation you will grow professionally and personally.
  • Are advancement and fair earnings important to you? With us you will find the positioning on the job market that meets your requirements.
  • Do you want something completely different? No matter whether it is another area or the path to self-employment. You can master it with us.
  • Are you moving and your situation changing? We want the best for you. This also includes finding a job that suits your situation.

Career advice for specialists and managers ‣ Finally have a perspective

Around 25% of employees are dissatisfied with their job. This is the result of a Xing study. With around 10.000 participants. From Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On this page you will find the reasons why. Which is why a new orientation is a good option for most people. We give you methods, tools and knowledge to help you do this. So that you can manage the change.

There are a few things to consider so that the change can bear fruit. With us you will find career coaching exclusively for YOU. But first, it's important to understand your reasons. Why do you want a change? What brought you to this point? What reason, feeling or thought led to this? What exactly do you want to change? All these questions help us. You are the foundation on which we build your path.

Business coaching and planning ‣ Calibrate your compass

What were the motives behind the desire for change? Just because a job is socially highly regarded doesn't mean it's a good fit for us. As an entrepreneur or consultant, you may be the center of attention more often. But in other positions you can make much better use of your skills and strengths.

That depends entirely on the client. On the claims he pursues. And the professional aspirations he has. The image of a career in the sense of “faster, higher, further!” is often just a pretext. People want fulfillment, security and added value. Now let's find out what this means for you. 

So what does career mean individually? For this reason, let's leave out the image of the career ladder. What could be much more important is how the job can be integrated into everyday life. Or how it fits the person in relation to other areas of life. So the question is: what is career for you? How can you incorporate it into your life? Once you know this, you can start taking action. You will then know which direction you have to go. It is the beginning of your journey. No matter where you are right now. 

Happy at work?

The job can also be difficult at times. And a project can be quite strenuous. But in the end, what also counts is whether it makes us happy in the long term. If that's missing, changing jobs is a good option. To do this, you first have to have a personal conversation. The order can usually be clarified in two conversations. So that we can address your situation specifically. And find a solution to your problem.

We have a wide network of experts. Together we are one Team from coaches in many industries. With our experience we will find a way. The methods we provide you with will help you Success lead. We help you to recognize and use your potential and motives. With us you can shed light on blind spots. 

The result is structure, clarity, self-confidence and much more. You get the space you need to shape your own life. The way you really want it. With us you have process support you can trust. Her Development is important to us! We provide you with competent support. 

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Help with reorientation – recognizing your motives

Is there a problem at work? What is the working atmosphere like? Is communication well? These questions can be a reason for a career change. Or are you not earning enough money to put your plans into action? Do you need more balance in life and work?

Every person is different. So do the motives for his actions. Or the qualifications he has. Motives are the forces that drive us. According to David McCelland, every person has nine of these powers within them. Just to different degrees. This model is also used in the LINC Personality Profiler. The nine factors are:

Security, independence, influence, creativity, growth, performance, lifestyle, values, relationship.

As you go through them, you will recognize yourself in some of them. You see the terms that play a major role for you. But also those that are rather unimportant to you. But are you also fulfilled at work? Can you act according to your motives there? With us you can see where you can start.

Would you like to reposition yourself professionally? ‣ find your dream job

If you know your motives, you can quickly see what needs to be changed. But our personality should also be taken into account. The features from it help us find the right path. For this we need a detailed analysis. So that we can build harmonious interaction. From motives, personality and expertise. The best of everything you have to offer. Your career should support you. That is the goal. 

Each part is important in its own right. Without it, the new orientation will not be successful. A good advisor can help you with this. So that you can see what suits your situation best. So that you can implement this directly. Constant reflection is necessary. The coach helps with exactly that. Even if you stray, he will bring you back.

The coach can be a “game changer” for you. An expert who will help you answer all your questions. So take advantage of the challenge of change. Make the change a positive one. Shape your professional future. We are here to help you. For more clarity.

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Why investing in a career change is valuable?

Do you know that? You have an aha moment. This is invaluable. What aha moments have you experienced in your life? What was the thing that moved you the most? What impact has it had on your life today? Because every experience shapes you in its own way. The Buddhists like to say: “Everything matters”.

In German it means something like “everything has an effect”. With us you get these aha experiences. Because we know what value you have for the future. With career coaching you invest in yourself. In your development and development. Nobody can take that away from you. 

Application training ‣ the impulse for the new position

Our coaches will quickly find out which questions will serve you. They use scientifically based methods. Because they know what is important. In the debriefing you will see everything that has changed for the better. And what else lies dormant within you. It comes to light with us. So that you reach your full potential

Our clients are often surprised at what they are capable of. With us you have clarity. We are your transparent mirror. So that you can recognize what is good for you. For individual solutions to your problems. We help you. Your success is our goal. Your growth is our task. No matter what that means to you. This can be preparation for an application process with an interview. Or switching to the right job.

How do you benefit from a Big Five personality test?

Do you want to make a change? Then you have to be ready for it too. You have to trust the coach. The Big Five Test can help you get to know each other. It is a personality test that makes you reflect. This is particularly important for your career coaching. And this is how the coach gets to know you. 

In the process you can also recognize changes and tendencies in your personality. This will steer the process in the desired direction. Personality is dynamic. It is never 100% tangible. If the test is used several times, it may turn out differently. But you can also see your development in this. Feel free to ask us anything you want to know about it. We're here to help.

The value of collaboration

Here we take a quote from the indigenous people of Australia. “If you want to move forward quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go in a group.” The new orientation is just a beginning. They have bigger ones Set. With a group you can go further than you could ever imagine. There is a reason why we humans are the way we are. So make the most of it.

How do I find my dream job?

To do this, you need to reflect carefully. You want to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Likewise your own values ​​and interests. Then define career goals. A consultant can greatly simplify this process. 

What is the best way to change my current job or industry?

You have to prepare well for it. So that you know what is needed in the new area. A network of contacts can also help. Experience through internships or small jobs can be worth its weight in gold. 

How do I deal with the fears and doubts that come with change?

Take the time to recognize and overcome your fears. Be realistic with your expectations. And make an action plan that you can follow. Family, friends and a professional counselor can be of great help here. 

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