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Finally get off to a good start with job coaching

Job Coaching is a form of counseling in which a coach helps a client to develop their professional Set to reach and his Career to advance The coach can help the client, for example, with finding a job, writing applications or preparing for job interviews. job Coaching can also help improve the client's job skills and abilities and help them be more successful in their job.

The unshakable path to application success: overcoming setbacks and self-doubt

Job Coaching Frankfurt – Who doesn’t know it? You want to reorient yourself and finally the “want” has become a “must”. Congratulations, you have taken the first step on a long journey. Now comes the unpleasant part. You prepare your documents, CV, cover letter and certificates.

Spend all night long on various job portals like StepStone and suddenly think: “WOW, now I think he’s perfect for him Job for me, I meet all the criteria and also understand what the job posting expects of me.” You apply with your documents polished to a high gloss and within a week you get a standard answer back, it comes from the working student in the HR office. "Due to the criteria we use for the selection, we unfortunately have to turn you down for this position." Finally get off to a good start with job coaching.

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They don't get discouraged and do this 30-40 more times. Every time with the same result! We are devastated. Her Motivation completely disappeared. Your hope in the basement, your mood as good as on a cold, sleet day. They doubt themselves and the quality of their documents. You continue to optimize and polish, but the result remains unchanged!

They withdraw and become more passive, the number of applications drops drastically with each further rejection that appears in the mailbox. You no longer believe in a miracle and start making careless mistakes, spelling, subject, etc. The spiral goes on and on until you finally reach 100 rejections.

"Is it me?" you ask yourself, putting your whole Career in question. Then suddenly the invitation to the first interview comes out of nowhere. “The curse is broken”, they have reached their goal, now nothing can stop them. They do their best at the interview and are convinced that they will move forward, but then they receive the standard rejection from the working student in the human resources office.

You fall into a deep hole and put the application project on hold indefinitely. Demotivated and with your head down, you return to the hamster wheel on Monday of the following week and are happy that you still have a job.

How to find the right job coach or career advisor

If you think that you are an isolated case, you are very mistaken. We have hundreds of clients who come to us with similar stories. We can break this pattern, whether for a new direction or for your first job. Don't let anyone convince you that job coaching is easy.

During the job coaching process, don't let your coach convince you that it's an applicant market and that companies are just waiting to receive your glossy documents. Don't fall for career gurus who boast about having thousands of LinkedIn contacts. Don't get involved in contracts that you can't get out of.

Job coaching is about system and consistency and 20% also about luck. Anyone who tells you that you can get any job in this world through job coaching is lying! Whether in Frankfurt, Germany or globally, anyone who peddles a professional service such as job coaching without a guarantee of success only wants your money and not theirs Success.

Anyone who waves their certificates around and has never worked in the private sector is telling you nonsense. Every customer is unique and anyone who lazily tries to treat every customer with a standard brush is not professional and does not have the client's best interests in mind.

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When is such a service useful?

Job coaching at the Coaching Institute in Frankfurt is sustainable. What does that mean? We don't sell utopias or false promises. We'll help you where we can and where we can't help, we're happy to say NO. When looking for and supporting us, it is always about the customer not simply ending up in a job that doesn't give him fulfillment, but about finding his vocation with the customer. But that also means that the job has to match the client's skills and passions, otherwise we haven't done our job properly.

During job coaching from the Coaching Institute in Frankfurt, we will work together to find the job that moves you. The one that motivates you and makes you happy every morning. We prepare your application documents together with you and do so many rounds with you until you are satisfied with the result of the job coaching.

We practice the typical interview with you until it finally comes easily to you! We give you tips and tricks that other competitors don't know, giving you a clear competitive advantage. Contact us for a non-binding initial consultation. We will exceed your expectations!

Job coaching requires your willingness

We get the best results in job coaching with people who are intrinsically motivated to tackle change. However, many people are afraid of these changes, even if it is their actual wish. Depending on what kind of person you are, you deal with it differently. Our experienced coaches take the time and listen to you in order to understand you. They don't listen to respond. We can often create clarity and orientation by starting with job coaching and creating a profile of you and your personality.

Our clients are often surprised to find out what potential lies dormant within them. The inner drive can be questioned by us a little, but in the end it can only come from you. In addition, there are many people who do not want to change their situation because they have learned over the years to accept this state of dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, dependence and resignation as the status quo. This is where we come in, but that's a different topic.

So do you want a real one Transformation towards your calling or is this just a half-hearted wish? Here you have a simple metaphor to illustrate. An elephant is tied to a post in its infancy. His natural instinct is to free himself from these bonds, but he is unable to do so at this age.

The conditioning that followed: I, the elephant, cannot free myself. The amazing thing is. The elephant gives in to this thought and no longer questions it. So, as an adult elephant, he remains tied to the small post without even trying to free himself from it.

It's similar with us humans and our thought patterns. Coaching and job coaching are there to free you from this mental dilemma. This means critically questioning your current thought patterns and giving you the support you need, such as courage, willpower, perseverance, a strategy, etc. Because that's exactly where we start. We firmly believe in you!

Job Coaching – The way is the goal

Every transformation has a trigger. This trigger can be so small. It can take place consciously or unconsciously. Perhaps you are familiar with the phenomenon that she keeps coming back to a certain topic. Punctuality is important to you, but you are regularly late. Another example. You've just stumbled upon an interesting topic that you encountered many years ago. You lost sight of it and now by accident it comes back to your awareness. This can be as simple as an advertisement you see or a podcast you listen to. And then two days later, your best friend brings up the subject. Do you know these moments?

Career coaching for women

There are two ways to respond to this. For once you can ignore these coincidences and just carry on as before. But you can also direct your awareness to such things, perceive them and accept them. Life often gives us little hints or signs. If you recognize them, you are already on the right track.

Your personal and unique path. We see it as our mission to accompany as many people as possible on their journey. Partially, just until their compass is calibrated again and they find their way by themselves. We are happy to be available to you as a sparring partner and reflector for your job coaching. Or as we also say to care. We are your transparent mirror.

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What is job coaching?

Job coaching is a form of advice and support that helps people enter the job market, find their way in their job or develop professionally. A job coach supports his clients in achieving their professional goals by helping them recognize their strengths and weaknesses, optimize their application documents, practice job interviews and establish themselves in their job.

Who needs job coaching?

Job coaching can be helpful for people in various life situations, including:
– People who are unemployed and looking for a new job
– People who have lost their jobs and need to reorient themselves
– People who are stagnating professionally and want to develop further
– People with disabilities who need support in integrating into the labor market
– People with mental illnesses who have difficulty asserting themselves at work

How do you find a good job coach?

When looking for a good job coach, it is important to consider the following criteria:
– Qualifications and experience of the coach
– Coach’s area of ​​expertise
– Chemistry between coach and client
– It is also helpful to get references from other clients of the coach.


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