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One thing should be made clear in advance, application coaching is part of Career Coaching. Career advice – career and application coaching.

A sewing machine and a dress-up doll. Career advice and application

When people talk about careers, coaching or career advice, they mostly talk about helping a client from job A to job B.

But sometimes it also means questioning your current career path and changing it so that you are perceived differently in the company.

What are the first steps in application coaching?

The first thing to do is to take a close look at the client's career (career coach's homework). Is there a common thread? Is consistency and loyalty to the employer recognizable or has the client changed jobs every 12 months?

With specific questions, the application coach then tries to understand why there were too many or too few job changes during the careers consultation.

It is the job of the career coach to find out what is the “optimal” job for the client? This takes effect Coach mostly based on various methods that have been tried and tested hundreds of times. One of the most frequently used methods is à das IKIGAI.

After evaluating the IKIGAI and after various discussions, the career coach knows exactly what the “optimal” job is for the client.

Now it's a matter of deciding whether you're already in the right job or whether you need to change your job to pursue your passion.

If you have to change jobs, the career coach becomes an application coach.

What do you do with career advice?

The question is answered quickly. An application coach helps with the application. Simple to say, but very complicated to implement. In the first step, the application coach analyzes the existing application and checks it for completeness and consistency.

The CV is then upgraded and optimized. Modern format, modern photo, suitable expression etc.

The resume is now. While this process sounds easy, it can take several weeks to create the “perfect” resume. Good cooperation between client and career coach shortens the duration considerably.

Once the CV is ready, the career coach mobilizes his entire network. "Hello world, I have a great candidate with a representative CV! Who would be interested?

This is how most jobs are mediated these days. Vitamin B and networks are immensely important. A career coach without a suitable network is a one-way street. He can bring the documents into shape with the client, but unfortunately this application coach cannot place you. Have you read our article about Corona coaching had read?

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How can career counseling help me?

If our client is stuck in a dead end in their current job, we usually step in very spontaneously as a career coach. You have to create perspective for the client. But what exactly does that mean? Let's take e.g. B. Achim, Achim has been in the same job and in the same company for 34 years. Achim has two children whom he NOW would like to support better financially. To do this, Achim needs a salary increase every year, but his salary has remained the same over the past 5 years and has only increased minimally 1-2%. How does Achim have to behave and set himself up to get a 5-7% annual salary increase? What are the right steps and what is the strategy? This is the core competence and the task of the career coach, who helps Achim to get out of the one-way street "salary". Talk to us about career advice.

Other potential clients for career coaching contact us because they are earning well but are not progressing up the career ladder. Vera z. B. has focused on a specialist career and is now the company's chief developer, but is not part of management. This upsets Vera a lot and she wants to do something about it. This is where the career coach comes back into play. How can you turn a specialist career into a management career? What does Vera have to do and what training and qualifications are necessary to redirect the needle from a specialist to a managerial career? For some of our clients there is also one professional reorientation an option.

Example Tim:

Tim approached us with a different request. There is a job posting that he thinks is the best fit for him, but he needs coaching to prepare for the job and get through the 4-step selection process. An experienced career coach can also help here, as only he knows exactly whether Tim is even suitable for the position based on his CV? The career coach can give Tim support on how to get through the selection process and the assessment center without any problems. Of course, hiring the career coach costs Tim money, but it pays off 10-20 times over when Tim gets the job with the support. Our experts support you with career advice.

Example Martina:

Martina turned to the coaching institute with a completely different problem. She was bullied and disrespected in the company, even though she was part of top management. Here it is the job of the career coach to listen carefully. To understand what provokes this behavior on the part of colleagues and whether Martina is perhaps the trigger for the whole process. Through the in-depth analysis, the career coach can then provide Martina with the right tools not only to stop the bullying, but also to actively engage in self-marketing. Find out how for you too career coaching is working.

Another phenomenon that we keep observing with our new clients is "overwhelm". Peter was thrown in at the deep end without any preparation and now has to set up a new department. He lacks resources, experience and a mentor.

Example Peter:

Peter is afraid to ask for help because he may be perceived as weak and unfit for the job. So Peter gives everything and is completely overwhelmed with the situation and after a few months is on the verge of burnout or psychological collapse. Here, too, the career coach can help quickly and effectively. Peter actively learns in various conversations in order to ask for help, delegate tasks and look for a mentor in the company who will help him with all his open questions. With the burden spread across multiple shoulders, Peter no longer feels overwhelmed by the task and the burnout that would have kept Peter down for several months is averted. Career advice gives our clients a massive competitive advantage.

With these exemplary everyday examples, we only wanted to bring you closer to some of the challenges that career coaching faces. We have learned from hundreds of hours of coaching that it is essential to have a coach by your side when making important career decisions. The investment in coaching is always an investment in yourself and yourself Development. So if you are not willing to invest in your own development, you should not be surprised why little changes in life. Have you ever been over Job coaching thinking?

How can career counseling help with job hunting?

Career counseling can assist in finding a job by helping applicants identify their strengths and skills, their professional Set define and develop strategies to achieve these goals. Working with a careers advisor also allows applicants to improve their application materials, build their networking skills, and find targeted job opportunities that match their skills and interests.

How to write a convincing application?

A persuasive application should highlight the applicant's skills and experience and address the requirements of the position. A clear and concise structure as well as professional formatting are also important to achieve a positive effect. In addition, applicants should always ensure correct spelling and grammar and meet the employer's requirements for attachments, certificates and references.

How can networking help when looking for a job?

Networking can aid in job hunting by allowing applicants to network and build relationships with potential employers or other professionals. Networking can take place online via social media platforms or in person at career fairs, conferences or industry events. An effective networking strategy includes identifying relevant contacts, nurturing existing relationships, and actively sharing knowledge and resources.

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