Autogenic training, tool against stress

In this blog article we would like to show you how you can reduce stress through autogenic training. We will explain what autogenic training is. We will then explain how it works and how you can use it in your everyday life.

The focus on a human pupil. Autogenic training, tool against stress

What is autogenic training?

Autogenic training is a relaxation method for body and mind. The method was developed in 1932 by the German doctor Johannes H. Schultz. Schultz had worked with hypnosis for a long time and knew the effect of suggestions. His goal was to get into a state of relaxation without active outside support.

Autogenic training is considered a form of self-hypnosis that results in a change in physical and vegetative functions. These include, in particular, blood circulation, pulse rate and breathing, which are put into a state of rest. Compared to progressive muscle relaxation, the goal state is not reached indirectly through a voluntary process. Rather, one arrives here directly through mental concentration.

How does autogenic training affect my body?

A study by Stetter and Kupper in 1998 already proved that autogenic training has positive effects on the following psychosomatic dysfunctions:

  • asthma
  • Hypertension
  • disorders in muscle tone
  • intestinal diseases
  • Green Star
  • Neurodermatitis

It has also been proven that autogenic training can be used to support sleep problems, anxiety disorders or to prepare for birth. A positive effect has even been proven for headaches. Also take a look at our article on health coaching for managers.

Furthermore, various studies have shown positive effects on mood (including depressive moods) and subjective quality of life. Have you seen our article about Burn out had read?

However, there are also contraindications. These include exogenous, acute schizophrenic or affective psychosis. Furthermore, the willingness to treat many patients can be improved if the therapeutic options are expanded to include autogenic training as an additional option. Autogenic training is an effective and sensible part of preventive, rehabilitative or therapeutic measures and last but not least can be part of therapeutic measures that include naturopathy. Also in health coaching this method is used regularly.

What does the training look like in practice?

You can do this training sitting or lying down, and now your coach can do it too Online support. With certain sentences, the focus is directed to certain parts of the body or other processes in the body or mind. By repeating these formulas several times, after some training time, preferably under supervision, the state of relaxation sets in automatically. The instruction can take place with experienced trainers or with free videos and audio recordings. Our experts will be happy to explain our Approach. Autogenic training, tool against stress!

The first phase serves to influence physical processes.

The basic exercises include:

  1. weight exercise: Starting from a body part, the practitioner learns the notion of heaviness. The heaviness extending over the entire body is used for general calming. A possible exercise formula is: “The right arm is heavy”.
  2. heat exercise: The practitioner imagines that a part of the body feels warm. The heat exercise causes the blood vessels to dilate and calms you down. A possible exercise formula is: “The right arm is very warm”.
  3. heart exercise: Concentrating on the heartbeat calms it down. A possible exercise formula is: "The heart beats very calmly and evenly".
  4. breathing exercise: It has a balancing effect on the respiratory rate. A possible exercise formula is: "Breathe very calmly".
  5. solar plexus exercise: Thoughts are directed towards relaxing and harmonizing the digestive organs. A possible exercise formula is: "Solar plexus streaming warm".
  6. head exercise: Through self-image, the head becomes cool and clear. A possible exercise formula is: "Forehead pleasantly cool".

The second phase of training uses one Wake-Dream Technique. With the help of instructions, you develop images with your own imagination, which then enter your consciousness and can thus be reflected on. This waking-dream technique not only enables deeper self-knowledge. If the autogenic training is carried out by a trained psychotherapist, the method can also be a way of overcoming conflicts and showing new solutions. Also check out our article on the topic Teambuilding on our blog. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time Contact with us.

What is autogenic training and how does it work?

Autogenic training is a relaxation technique based on the idea that the body is able to heal and regenerate itself. It consists of a series of visualization and concentration techniques that teaches the practitioner to relax their body, regulate their breathing and repeat positive affirmations. Regular training can reduce stress, anxiety and physical ailments.

What are the advantages of autogenic training?

Autogenic training has many advantages. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, promote physical health, increase self-confidence and emotional stability, and improve cognitive function. Autogenic training can also help improve creative performance, athletic performance, mental toughness, and overall well-being.

How can you learn autogenic training?

Autogenic training can be learned under the guidance of a qualified trainer or by studying books, online courses or videos. The technique consists of six basic exercises that relax the body and mind. It is important to practice regularly and systematically in order to master the technique and experience the benefits. Autogenic training can also be carried out in a group or integrated into everyday life in order to achieve long-term positive effects.

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