Term: meeting

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A meeting is a planned and structured appointment between two or more people to discuss a specific topic or complete a specific task.


A meeting is an important part of many processes and activities. It offers the opportunity to meet, communicate and work together towards a goal.

Types of sessions

There are many different types of meetings, which can vary in duration, structure and content.

  • Meeting: A meeting is a session in which information is exchanged and decisions are made.
  • Conference: A conference is a meeting attended by several people to discuss a specific topic.
  • Training: A training is a session in which knowledge and skills are imparted.
  • Coaching session: A coaching session is a session in which a coach supports a coachee in achieving their goals.

Goals of meetings

The goals of meetings can be very different. They can refer to the following areas:

  • Information exchange: Meetings can be used to exchange information, e.g. B. about current developments or new projects.
  • Decision making: Meetings can be used to make decisions, e.g. B. about new products or new strategies.
  • Troubleshooting: Meetings can be used to solve problems, e.g. B. Conflicts or challenges.
  • Learning and development: Sessions can be used to impart or develop knowledge and skills.

Examples of meetings

  • A management meeting to discuss company strategy.
  • A conference of scientists to discuss the latest research results.
  • A training course for new employees to introduce them to the company culture.
  • A coaching session with a coach to achieve personal or professional goals.
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