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Welcome to the topic "Coaching in Wiesbaden"! Coaching is an effective way to improve your Set to achieve and your personal and professional development to promote. It is an individual and tailor-made form of support, where you will be accompanied by a professional coach to improve your skills, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. In Wiesbaden there is a wide range of experienced and qualified coaches who specialize in various areas, such as business coaching, career coaching, life coaching or executive coaching.

It doesn't matter if you are a professional change plan, improve your leadership skills or simply want to gain more self-confidence, a coach can help you to achieve your goals and develop your full potential. In this text we will take a closer look at the different types of coaching available in Wiesbaden and the benefits you can gain from working with a coach. We will also share some tips on how to choose the right coach for your needs. Let's discover together how coaching in Wiesbaden can help you achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life.

The art of asking the right questions is a central part of our work. Today's coach is characterized by journalistic know-how Wiesbaden just like the many years of expertise from the economy. Coaching Wiesbaden – systemic and solution-oriented.

We are there for you in many Hessian cities. Frankfurt am Main, Mainz, Kassel, Darmstadt, Königstein, Kronberg.

Free initial consultation

Free initial consultation

With coaching to a competitive advantage

Our experience is based on numerous coaching sessions as well as workshops and supervisions for SMEs and large companies in and around Wiesbaden. Coaching Wiesbaden – you systemic coach from capital. We would be happy to tell you in a personal and free initial consultation in Wiesbaden more about our work and our offer. Coaching Wiesbaden – The city that makes the difference! Talk to your coach from Wiesbaden today.

Coaching Wiesbaden – The most frequently asked questions

Coaching from Wiesbaden is an exchange from person to person at eye level. There are enough concrete challenges in the world and in Wiesbaden, from surviving on the roads to conflicts of interest in management. Coping with the material and social challenges – a human life is short enough for that. However, the things that you cannot see directly hold great potential - keyword Empathy. Talk to your coach from Wiesbaden. For us, coaching means social learning and personality development in a private and professional context. Coaching is no longer a trend. Numerous well-known studies have already shown that coaching can move people and advance them.

Coaching Wiesbaden - more than just a trend

Our hourly rates are based on the challenges of our clients. Life Coaching for people from Wiesbaden you should z. B. take at least a year to complete. This type of coaching differs from short-term coaching Team coaching It therefore depends entirely on your individual needs as to what type of coaching and to what extent you need it. in one initial consultation We will be happy to inform you about your individual hourly rate. Of course it doesn't cost anything to ask! Your coaching from Wiesbaden for Wiesbaden. One of the most important conditions for successful coaching is the willingness to change. Do you want to intrinsically motivate your colleagues, which for you is a contradiction in terms? People are our top priority. The technical is subordinate.

The “miracle pill” coaching

Anyone who wants to take advantage of coaching should be aware beforehand that they still have to walk the path themselves. There is no magic pill that will get us in the right direction in a jiffy. Your coach from Wiesbaden can only be the driving force. The miracle pill coaching is rather a close cooperation that only works if the coach from Wiesbaden and his counterpart bring personal responsibility and the inner desire to achieve a goal. We look forward to working with you – Coaching Wiesbaden. Cooperation is based on recognition, respect and appreciation. In addition, the willingness to build trust is crucial. We are happy to provide you with the necessary prerequisites for this, because we are happy about every client from Wiesbaden, Kassel or Mainz. The benefits of coaching are obvious. We humans often stand in our own way. Through professional support at eye level, coaching from Wiesbaden is a door opener to oneself and thus to everything around us.

Free initial consultation

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Personal development coaching

Our coaches with many years of expertise have successfully steered many people in the desired direction. This experience on a human and professional level creates an unimaginable added value, since this treasure is tailored to the other person. Talk to your coach. Frequent topics of our clients are: orientation, prospects, professional development, development of leadership skills, mental and physical health and communication. Have you ever come across one systemic coaching from Wiesbaden thought? Our entire Team works closely together and has a big common goal: to help people. We at your coaching institute are in lively exchange with each other and constantly optimize our concept with every new experience. Your coach from Wiesbaden is there for you! We are open to change, stand by our word and firmly believe in people who decide to work with us on an equal footing! We guarantee you the highest quality of professionalism and expertise - Coaching Wiesbaden. We are already looking forward to welcoming you from the wonderful Kassel area for a free and non-binding conversation. Your Coach Wiesbaden can respond individually to your needs. Contact us.

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This is Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden is a world-renowned health resort that attracts huge numbers of visitors, especially because of its hot springs. In addition, Wiesbaden has many historic buildings, a spacious park, numerous museums and other cultural offerings. Here you can have a good time. The forest makes up more than a quarter of the entire urban area and offers an excellent green lung for spa visitors, recreational athletes or nature lovers, which has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the city. In the city itself, there are beautiful cafés in different styles and excellent opportunities to experience the theater or live music. Coaching Wiesbaden is an association of the best coaches from their respective fields.

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Metaphors and inner images - A ball that starts rolling

In coaching, images are often used for better illustration, which are emotionally linked to the other person's field of experience. Your coach Wiesbaden can support you promptly with your challenges. Contact us. As with many other things, this requires a certain level of trust and a certain exchange of information that enables the coach to visualize the right images. Arrange an appointment with your coach Wiesbaden. The stronger the associated emotion, the stronger and more powerful the metaphor. It is therefore particularly important to use these images in a very targeted manner. There is also the possibility to work with inner metaphors in addition to metaphors of the outside world.

In coaching, failure is impossible

An example of this is the IFS model according to Richard C. Schwartz, which has been continuously developed since it was invented and is also regularly used successfully in clinical settings. Talk to your coach Wiesbaden. Imagine that every thought you have is energy. You have X amount of energy available during the day. However, it is difficult to control your own thoughts. Coaching Wiesbaden, together to her personal Success. Sometimes there are thoughts that trigger feelings and are relevant, then others again. As a plaything of his own feelings, it can happen that the conductor of the orchestra cannot do justice to his task.

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Coaching can release blockages

First, confidence and self-efficacy will decrease as the self is no longer in charge. On the other hand, it can happen that the change in management leads to identifying too strongly with the new part. The independent self comes into dependency, which can cause a lot of undesirable situations to arise. We are always there for our clients - your coach Wiesbaden. It can happen that you not only fail in the area of ​​self-management, but also that you are no longer able to respond to your own emotions, let alone those of those around you. Talk to your coach Wiesbaden today.

Coaching is an exchange at eye level

As a result, social interaction suffers. Therefore, in coaching we return to topics such as emotional leadership of the self and social intelligence. Attached is an article from ours Blog, why coaching sometimes no Sinn might. The people of the future can offer a high degree of self-reflection a decisive added value. We help them to discover and develop capacities for themselves. You can also use ours Business Coaching Offers. We show you ways to be better accepted by your fellow human beings. We give you methods to gain the trust of those around you. Talk to your coach Wiesbaden directly. Also visit our page on the topic voice training.

What are the advantages of coaching in Wiesbaden?

Coaching in Wiesbaden can offer many advantages, such as individual support in achieving goals, increasing self-confidence and Motivation, improvement of communication and conflict resolution skills as well as an increase in the quality of life. A qualified coach can help achieve personal and professional goals and bring about positive changes in the client's life.

How do I find the right coach in Wiesbaden?

There are various ways to find a qualified coach in Wiesbaden. One option is to search online for coach directories that contain a list of certified coaches in Wiesbaden and the surrounding area. Another option is to ask friends or colleagues for recommendations. However, it is important that the selected coach has the appropriate qualifications and experience and that the chemistry between coach and client is right.

How much does coaching cost in Wiesbaden?

The costs for coaching in Wiesbaden vary depending on the type of coaching, the duration of the sessions and the experience of the coach. Individual coaching sessions can cost between 80 and 150 EUR each Meeting cost. There are also multi-session packages available at a reduced price. It is important to emphasize that coaching is an investment in personal and professional development that can have long-term positive effects.

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