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Definition: self-help refers to the independent or mutual support of people in difficult life situations.

Self-help groups offer people with similar problems or concerns a platform for exchange, mutual support and overcoming challenges together.

Set of self-help:

  • Mutual support: Self-help groups offer people the opportunity to support each other, share experiences and give advice.
  • Information and knowledge: Support groups can provide information and knowledge about various topics and challenges.
  • Strengthening the ability to help yourself: Self-help groups can help people strengthen their own resources and skills.
  • Improving quality of life: Self-help groups can help improve the quality of life of people with difficult life situations.

Forms of self-help:

There are different forms of self-help, e.g. E.g.:

  • Self-help groups: Self-help groups are groups of people with similar problems or concerns. They meet regularly to exchange ideas, share experiences and support each other.
  • Online self-help: Online self-help offers offer people the opportunity to exchange ideas with other affected people and obtain information via the Internet.
  • Professional self-help support: Professional self-help support offers advice and support to people who want to start or lead a self-help group.

Self-help topics:

There are self-help groups for almost all topics in life, e.g. E.g.:

  • Illness and disability: Self-help groups for people with chronic illnesses, disabilities or mental health problems.
  • Family and education: Self-help groups for parents, single parents, foster parents or children with special needs.
  • Seeks: Self-help groups for people with alcohol, drug or gambling addictions.
  • Violence: Support groups for victims of domestic violence, sexual violence or bullying.
  • Grief and loss: Support groups for people who have lost a partner, child or other loved one.

Importance of self-help:

Self-help plays an important role in society.

It offers people with difficult life situations support, information and community.

Self-help groups can help improve people's quality of life and promote social integration.

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