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The healing handling of stimuli, stress management coaching

In our society today Stress an everyday phenomenon that affects many people. Whether at work or in personal life, everyone can feel stressed. However, stress can have serious effects on our physical and mental health if not properly managed. Here comes stress management Coaching in the game.

As a Stress Management Coach, you will help your clients identify their stressors, understand their stress responses, and develop effective strategies to manage and reduce stress over the long term. With your support, your customers can achieve a better quality of life and theirs Set .

In this article we will delve deeper into the topic of stress management, coaching and the benefits for clients and coaches. We will also look at the key skills and techniques needed for a successful career in stress management coaching.

Do you feel constantly pushed, in a hurry or driven? Do you always find it difficult to switch off and relax? Learn in our HR and Business Coaching know new ways and strategies for stress management. This will enable you to bring your resources and talents even better into your everyday life in the future. Our stress management coaching will help you to regain balance in your life. Sometimes you can't get out of the stress on your own. Then coaching is a good way to break new ground. Good coaching is help self-help. It increases the ability to reflect on one's own actions and to solve problems. The client finds his own way of dealing with stress in dialogue with the coach - instead of learning ideal typical behavior. The healing handling of stimuli, stress management coaching

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What is stress management coaching?

People often don't just accept stress passively, but try to avoid, mitigate, modify, or control it as best they can. Which resources and strategies they can fall back on has a significant influence on whether and what effects psychosocial stress has on health. Scientific literature such as Schulz's shows that the way people cope with stress is more important for health than the duration and intensity of the stressors themselves. It is therefore obvious to promote health and prevent stress-related health risks, not just the stressors with the aim of reducing or completely eliminating them, but also of individual coping skills with the aim of strengthening and expanding them. Against this background, a number of heterogeneous intervention approaches to promote individual coping skills have been developed, tested in practice and evaluated with regard to their effectiveness.

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On what levels does stress management coaching help me?

Stress management coaching can support you in numerous areas. For this purpose, it is valuable to know at which levels stress is actually noticeable. Stress always arises when a situation is assessed as not congruent with my values, needs or beliefs. Or in other words: if it is different from what I imagine it should be. Thoughts like: "I should lose weight", or: "He could also say hello" or "Traffic jam again!" are direct triggers of the hormonal stress reaction. Another level is the emotional. On an emotional level, stress arises above all when our needs (such as recognition, meaningfulness, self-determination or quality) are judged to be unfulfilled. As a side effect of the stress reaction, negative thoughts often appear, either about oneself or about others, which – from a physiological point of view – in turn strengthens neuronal pathways in the amygdala, the amygdala, the amygdala complex. As part of the limbic system, emotion and memory are influenced here in a variety of ways.

The second level is the vegetative hormonal one. When stressed, the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, and the stress hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline, testosterone and cortisol are released. Breathing becomes faster, the heart and circulation work harder, the pupils dilate, blood pressure rises, sugar and fat stores are released, and sweating occurs. The hormone hydrocortisone lowers the body's immune system. Stomach and intestines reduce their activity, and sexual functions are temporarily restricted. Stress can also be felt at the muscular level. The entire skeletal musculature is pre-tensioned, you are ready to jump. This can also be seen, for example, in finger drumming, grinding teeth, foot tapping, twitching, stuttering, tension headaches, back pain or nervous gestures.

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Promote your health through stress management coaching

Symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, sleeping disorders or loss of appetite are often ignored or taken seriously far too late. At the end there is a complete failure Burnout or a depression.

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Do you value yourself enough?

When was the last time you were really lazy? When was the last time you took the time to lie in bed with your favorite book for hours? Do you take breaks from everyday life? Do you take care of your body? Self-care takes time. Self-care gives you the appreciation you deserve. Treat yourself! For more information on how to deal with stress in the long term, like a juggler in the circus with his burning torches, please leave us a message. We are already looking forward to getting to know you!

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For less stress, restlessness and nervousness

Get in touch with us now! Depending on your personality type and individual reserves and resources, our coaches will find the right method for you so that you can deal with your own stress more efficiently. Here is a small excerpt of methods that are regularly used in the course:

  • perception of stressors
  • mindfulness training
  • Working with inner parts
  • MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)
  • various breathing techniques
  • WAL method
  • LINC Personality Profiler (LPP)
  • auto-suggestion
  • visualization techniques
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • body scan
  • channeling techniques
  • regulation techniques
  • Nonviolent Communication


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