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Premium Coaching – Premium coaching or coaching discounter? In this article you will learn how the coaching market is currently developing. Namely bipolar towards the poles of digital mass coaching and personal premium coaching. We give you a possible outlook into the near future of the market with its challenges and opportunities. If you are a business leader looking to take advantage of coaching, this content may be just as interesting for clients looking for coaching.

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Development of the market

The coaching market has developed at high speed over the past few decades and is still on the move. Coaching has established itself in Germany in personnel development at various hierarchical levels. From interns to the managing directors. The reasons for the increasing demand are primarily the changed conditions and requirements of modern work and management: increasing complexity and speed, greater information density, a changed management culture and increasing pressure to perform. Premium coaching is no ordinary trend.

Digital Providers – Premium Coaching vs. One Size Fits All

The digitalization that was forced by the pandemic has also had an impact on the coaching industry. We are observing the development in the market of digital coaching providers, which is very dynamic. In part, it is based on business models that cannot adequately take into account the quality requirements of most reputable professional associations. For this reason, we would like to do some educational work. Because the danger of fully automated standard coaching is looming on the horizon.

The cost pressure with a simultaneous increase in demand currently almost inevitably leads to the automation of processes - even where this seems reasonably possible. Let's Talk Premium Coaching vs. One Size Fits All.

In the field of psychology and general personality development There are already successful applications ranging from specialized programs in behavioral therapy-oriented psychotherapy to apps for everyday mindfulness practice that often seem simple-minded or something similar.

In this figure you can see that the trend to use more digital than personal coaching is very large. If you add up the video coaching and the telephone coaching, this is already more than the coaching in a personal conversation.

Digital mass coaching VS premium coaching in presence

One advantage of automated coaching is obvious. Such services are now becoming accessible to some people who were previously unavailable to them. However, it is often misunderstood that coaching essentially does not serve to record and work on typified topics and problem areas according to standardized procedures, but above all to take very personal needs, motives, requirement profiles or working conditions into account. In summary one can say:

Coaching addresses much more the specific behind the general.

This is simply not possible at the moment in an automated manner. This can only be achieved in a personal relationship full of trust, Empathy and experience happen. Empirical impact research has impressively confirmed that the quality of the personal relationship between Coach and client core factor for coachingSuccess is. The question keeps coming up, should you buy premium coaching off the shelf?

Of course, it is possible that digitization will also increase in coaching with constantly improving algorithms. In 2030 it is conceivable that many digital and automated mass products will be available.

We are convinced that, despite or precisely because of this, the demand for personally and individually tailored coaching offers will be high. The direct contact in a real, personal presence will be of great value for clients, which they appreciate during the trusting cooperation that is forming. Premium Coaching gives you a competitive advantage.

Hybrid formats

Coaching is based on interpersonal communication and interaction. The fact is, humans are physical beings, not avatars. It can be assumed that face-to-face coaching will remain relevant in the future. Online coaching formats will presumably fulfill revealing and supportive functions. The threshold for initial contact is thus lowered, making it easier to clarify the order. Take advantage of our premium coaching.

In the ongoing process, regular updates for reflection and exercises can be quickly implemented online with a reasonable amount of resources. They thus offer a useful supplement to face-to-face meetings. Some tools, such as constellation work or resource activation, can perhaps be implemented and handled in a more differentiated way in virtual space.

It makes sense to effectively combine the advantages of face-to-face and online sequences. From our point of view, the future belongs to premium coaching in presence as well as to hybrid coaching Coaching formats.

Pricing for coaching

What should and may good coaching cost? The pricing for coaching varies from EUR 80 per hour in the low price segment to EUR 800 per hour in the upper price segment. But how are the prices composed and how can they be justified? And how can you protect yourself as a potential customer?

This is how coaching prices are made up:

  • About the uniqueness, previous experience and specialization of the coach
  • About the type of coaching (online, offline, 1 to 1 or im Team)
  • expense of service provision
  • Target group of the coaching
  • Ultimately about the future that is made possible for you through the coaching

As a potential customer, you can protect yourself in various ways. First of all, we assume that coaching is new territory for you. It is therefore important to look around and get different offers. This will give you an initial overview of price and service offers. Perhaps in one or the other initial consultation, which should always be free, you can feel which coach is asking you the right questions. In preparation for your first meeting, we recommend that you write down all relevant questions about the coach and the organization concerned. You should also write down what is important to you in coaching and what other information you need for your decision. Talk to our Team about premium coaching.

You usually make the best decisions when you are calm. Sleep over the experiences and talk them through with someone you trust. It will most likely reflect your existing feeling. If you learn to trust your gut feeling, you are doing a lot of things right!

An opportunity for organizations - New Work and Coaching

A look at the probable development paths of the future working world shows that the importance of coaching will also increase for the organisations. There is no question that New Work concepts have now arrived in many areas of the working world simply because of the pandemic-related need for remote work. Have you ever come across one health coaching thinking?

Whether this is consistently positive is open to debate. In any case, it is obvious that with this development, the way we work together is faced with new challenges. Long-established rituals such as small talk at the coffee machine or short distances of communication via different, situation-dependent channels cannot be reproduced virtually. Companies are now faced with the task of creating valid perspectives and fundamental reliability. Many companies have also now realized the importance of Big five for personality development understood. We recommend that you take a very close look at the offers on the market, premium coaching is not the same as premium coaching.

A stable framework of activities with comprehensible development options for all employees at all levels. Both working from the home office and running virtual ones Teams, who may work across time zones, often push employees to their personal performance limits. If these are used too far or exceeded, the doors are open to errors, overloading or even unproductive and in turn tiring idling. Speak to her Coach from Frankfurt am Main, we promise you that this step will work for you worth.

What is Premium Coaching and how does it differ from other coaching offers?

Premium Coaching is a specialized form of coaching that is tailored to individual needs and needs Objectives of the client and is characterized by a particularly high quality and individuality. In contrast to standardized coaching offers, a tailor-made program is developed with premium coaching, which is tailored to the individual needs and goals of the client. Premium coaching is characterized by intensive cooperation between coach and client in order to achieve a sustainable and individual solution.

What are the advantages of premium coaching compared to other coaching offers?

Premium Coaching offers a number of advantages over other coaching offers, such as higher quality and individuality, intensive cooperation between coach and client, a stronger focus on the individual needs and goals of the client, and a higher success rate. Premium coaching enables clients to achieve their personal and professional goals faster and more sustainably.

How do you find the right premium coach for your individual needs?

When looking for a premium coach, it is important to choose a coach who has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of premium coaching and who specializes in the individual needs and goals of the client. A good coach should be able to develop an individual solution and support the client in achieving their goals. It is also important that the coach has a positive attitude, is able to build trust and respect, and is focused on the client's individual needs and goals. Before selecting a premium coach, it is advisable to check references and experiences of other clients and arrange an introductory meeting to ensure that the chemistry between coach and client is right.

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