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The Return on Investment of Coaching – In the United States, one in two employees has a coach. In Germany it is Coaching The trend hasn't really caught on yet. Although many managers keep talking about coaching their employees themselves, the reality is unfortunately very different in 89% of companies.

Observation from the last few years?

Conservative German companies also dare to approach the subject of coaching. Many companies even employ freelance coaches or provide their employees with coaching training. But what is causing the rethinking, what is the reason that Germany, even if about 10 years later, is following the USA on the subject of coaching? What is the reason why companies are concerned about the topic The ROI of Coaching?

The return on investment of coaching. A woman climbs the ladder of success.
Return on investment from coaching

The return on investment from coaching almost always pays off.

Investing in employee development not only benefits the coachee, but also the entire personal and professional environment and the organization in which the employee works.

The return on investment from coaching is significant. Here are some impressive numbers:

International Growth Centre, 2016: 256% ROI for companies investing in soft skills like agility and resilience

Harvard Business Review, 2019: 167% increase in Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) for organizations that create a sense of belonging

But many employers are still undecided about the return on investment of coaching. Don't trust the studies and success stories from the USA. Many people still think of coaching as voodoo or completely misjudge the benefits. According to Workplace Wellness Trends 2016, coaching in the company reduces the 65% turnover. According to a 2019 Accenture study, coaching increases Employee productivity up 21%. And these are just some of the benefits for the company. At the same time, through coaching, the employee can Self-reflection and perception skills improve by 60-70%.

through coaching, Online or offline, many employees find their way back to their passion and understand the meaning behind their work. As if the return on investment should be questioned after all. Through active and continuous coaching, coachees acquire new skills and surpass themselves. The biggest advantage a coach can give their coachee is a clear competitive advantage. Many studies show that an employee who Business Coach has reached the top of the company more successfully and consistently. Mostly without much effort! But then why don’t everyone have a coach? The answer is as simple as it is illogical. Many people, especially in Germany, do not understand the need to spend money on personal development. We regularly hear comments like, “I’ve already studied for 5 years,” “my employer paid for a seminar for me a few years ago and that was it wichtig." How effective coaching is, read this article.

Personal development

It's not a sprint, it's a marathon. Many people think that they have already learned enough and no longer need to invest in their personal development. Many only come to coaching when it is already five to twelve. In the event of tension within the professional environment, personal conflict situations, limitations in performance and massive recurring communication problems. We can as coaching Team don't carry the hunter to hunt! People who are interested in coaching must also be ready for change at the same time. The outdated mindset that only CEOs and elite athletes unite Business Coach we must finally leave behind us in Germany. Hundreds of studies show that coaching works and, as already described above, makes a lot of economic sense, mainly for companies. The return on investment from coaching is largely assured. We need to get rid of the illusion that only executives should have access to coaching. An organization is like a chain, if you do not promote every link and individual in this network, the chain is doomed to failure in the short or medium term.

Cost is often cited as a reason for holding back, but companies forget how much more costly it is to lose employees. The coaching institute gives companies and employees the chance to access the best coaches in Europe, regardless of their career level. Anyone who needs support and help can get it from us. We value the experience, certification, evaluation, expertise and mindset of our coaches. Every coaching session is individual, takes place at eye level and is characterized by respect and trust. We do not leave your personal or professional development to chance. No matter whether in Austria, Germany or Switzerland. We are here for you. Ihr Coaching Institut secures with you your return on investment from coaching! Also read our article on the subject Shitstorm and image damage.

What is coaching and how can it help me achieve my goals?

Coaching is a form of professional development in which a coach supports and guides an individual to improve their skills and performance. The aim of coaching is to increase individual performance, develop skills, solve problems and achieve goals. The coach can help develop a positive attitude and increase motivation and self-confidence.
Coaching can help you achieve your goals by providing you with a structure and support to identify, plan and achieve your goals. The coach can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, prioritize your goals, and strategize to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

How do I measure the return on investment (ROI) of coaching and what factors influence it?

The ROI of coaching can be measured in a number of ways, e.g. B. by checking the progress in achieving the goals, improving performance, increasing motivation and satisfaction, as well as reducing absenteeism or fluctuation. To measure the ROI of coaching, companies can also conduct surveys to collect participant feedback.
There are many factors that can influence the ROI of coaching, e.g. B. the quality of the coach, the goals of the coaching, the support of the managers and the working environment. To maximize the ROI of coaching, it is important to set clear goals, hire a qualified and experienced coach, and ensure participants have adequate time and resources for coaching.

What are the benefits of coaching compared to other forms of professional development and how can I ensure I get the maximum benefit from it?

Coaching offers many advantages compared to other forms of professional development, e.g. B. a personalized and individual support, a high motivation and commitment of the participants, as well as a quick and effective solution to problems and challenges. Unlike other forms of professional development, such as training or workshops, coaching focuses on the individual needs and challenges of the participants.
To get the maximum benefit from coaching, it is important to choose a qualified and experienced coach, set clear goals and expectations, and maintain open communication with the coach. It's also important to stay active and engaged to put what you've learned into practice and provide continuous feedback to improve the process. By continuously reflecting and adapting the coaching process, you can get the maximum benefit

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