Is coaching that important?

In today's world and in our extremely performance-oriented society, you have to function as an individual. Failure is not an option. why Coaching so important read the following lines.

But who do you turn to with issues that you cannot handle yourself?

In the United States, where performance orientation is much more extreme, one in two US citizens benefits from support from one Coach.

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What is discussed during coaching?

The topics are as varied as the people themselves. Sometimes it's about work, but very often it's also about private matters.

When is the right time to go to a coach?

There is no wrong or right time. If you feel that you need support with certain topics, you should consult a coach.

How do you recognize the right coach?

Coaching is a fine art. By accepting the assignment, the coach assumes a great responsibility. The recommendations for action that the coach gives to the coachee can have a decisive influence on the life of the coachee.

Incorrect or ill-considered recommendations for action can therefore be harmful.

The basis for successful coaching is the experience of the coach and the chemistry between the coachee and the coach.

So why doesn't everyone have a coach?

Every person is different. Some are very strong in their self-reflection, other people find it very difficult to deal with themselves.

80% of people don't want to know anything about personal problems. Problems are repressed, downplayed or ignored.

If you speak to this group of people about their problems, they immediately react with rejection.

Problems are perceived as negative by this group of people and not as an opportunity to change something.

Therefore, confrontation with problems is categorically avoided by this group of people.

Can you coach anyone?

The answer is yes. You can, but not everyone is receptive to coaching. There are people who are interested in being coached, but if you confront these people with their own challenges, they immediately react with rejection.

This group of people is willing to listen, but not ready to actively go through the change process.

A second group of people does not even take up coaching because they simply do not recognize the challenges. They simply lack the necessary ability to reflect. For these people, no problems means no need to change anything about the situation.

A third group of people differs significantly from groups one and two. These people are ready to be coached and ready for them change. during the process of change (see Diagram - Change and Coaching Process (After Holtbernd & Kochanek, 1999, p. 173), these people are confronted with the shock of reality.

This leads to 20% of the coachees withdrawing and ending the coaching temporarily.

Is coaching really worth the money?

It takes a lot of courage to take advantage of coaching, because you have to admit that there are issues that you cannot deal with on your own.

It takes even more discipline to stay tuned and to actively shape the change process.

Important milestones are the 10 steps of coaching:

The orientation, balancing, the departure, the shock of reality, the retreat, daring to do something new, the constant review, as well as the satisfaction of achieving the set goal.

With the coaching you set a change process in motion that you would not have tackled without the coach. The money is an investment in your own Development.  

Many of our clients recognize it after the first one Meeting the benefits of coaching – the necessary financial investment takes a back seat.

It is always important to remember that the investment is an investment in your personal development and is not intended to provide the coach with any financial benefit.

Which topics are specifically discussed during coaching?

80% professional issues

  • career development
  • people management
  • Politics
  • Toxic corporate culture
  • disorientation
  • lack of perspective
  • Preparing for a new position

20% personal issues

  • relationship crises
  • identity crises
  • Communication problems
  • Doubt
  • Burnout
  • disorientation

Which skills are important for good coaching?

Many think that an excellent coach must also be a good listener. That is only partly true.

A good coach, a coach who stands out from the crowd, must have a high level Empathy Have the ability, in technical jargon this competency is called social intelligence.

Every coach needs the ability to listen carefully, but also the ability to identify problem areas at lightning speed and address them directly.

The client has the right to be confronted with the problem immediately. Nobody wants to waste valuable time during coaching and beat around the bush for hours.

Therefore, a coach who cannot take off his velvet gloves during coaching is not a good coach!

What excites you about working with clients?

Each problem is different and challenging in its own way. If clients are willing to open themselves up to the change process, you can already see success in coaching after the first or second session.

The small and large successes trigger a wave of enthusiasm in the coach and coachee.

Most of the time you hear sentences like "I didn't expect that" or "The coaching changed my life".

Who doesn't like to hear that when you've had a positive effect on other people's lives through your work and expertise. No matter how often you hear or experience it. That feels good every time.

What would you advise someone who wants to take up coaching?

Now that I know why coaching is so important these days, the first thing I would ask myself is if I'm ready for coaching. Do I want to change and am I open to it? I would clarify this question with my immediate environment before starting the coaching and reflect on it again. Am I capable of criticism? Do I accept advice from external sources or am I resistant to advice? Am I ready to deal intensively with myself and my personality and with all the consequences? Am I able to open up? 100% to trust? Only when you can be sure that you are ready for the change would I contact a coach of your choice.

This is not about certificates or titles on the website. You should always choose your coach based on sympathy and experience.

What is coaching and why is it so important for personal and professional development?

Coaching is a form of support designed to promote the personal and professional development of individuals. A coach provides individual advice and support to develop skills, Objectives achieve and overcome obstacles. Coaching can help increase self-confidence, improve career opportunities, Stress reduce and increase well-being. It can also help individuals to be more clear about their goals and dreams and focus on achieving them.

How can coaching help to achieve goals and realize the full potential?

Coaching can help achieve goals and realize full potential by providing individual support and advice. A qualified coach can help set realistic goals, develop an action plan, and identify obstacles that may be impeding progress. Coaching can also help to find new perspectives and solutions for dealing with difficult situations and to increase self-confidence and self-efficacy. Through regular meetings, a coach can monitor progress, provide feedback, and Motivation maintain.

How to find the right coach and what factors should be considered when choosing a coach?

Various factors should be considered when choosing a coach. This includes the coach's experience, education and certification, track record and references, and working method and philosophy. It is also important that the coach is a good fit with the client and is able to create a safe and supportive environment in which the client can be open and honest. Other factors to consider are the cost, availability and flexibility of the coach. It can also be helpful to rely on recommendations from friends or colleagues, or to do thorough internet research to find the right coach.

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