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Definition of coaching – What does coaching even mean? Personnel development, psychotherapy, mentoring, organizational development or management?

Definition Coaching: Coaching serves us everywhere. From the company to your own life. In the Development of the client to change of our lives. But what does it stand for? What does it mean for us? Which organizations? That's what we're dealing with here. With a definition and the area of ​​​​effect.

You will find out whether coaching is something for you and what approaches the coach will use to support you. Or which form of coaching suits you.

The definition of coaching

It's always different. Depending on the area, the meaning of also varies Coaching. In general, however, there are a few key features. The coach helps the client coaching process. You will strengthen your skills. you will be Set set and achieve. And you will reach your potential.

The coach helps you to influence the development in your life. Together you will identify obstacles. They clarify the individual needs of the client. They make strategies and plans and implement them. And in the end you will receive the results of your work. 

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What does coaching mean?

There are also differences in coaching. There are various formats. Each with its own advantages, disadvantages and effectiveness. This includes online sessions. It can also take place individually or in groups. And depending on the person, it could be several times a week or just once a month.

The advantages? Coaching is interactive and individual Approach. So it is aimed at one person. In this way, it can bring its characteristics and the achievement of its own desired goals to the fore. Group coaching serves several people at the same time. The purpose is often to improve cooperation between people and groups. A group becomes one Team made. The members work hand in hand. 

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Application areas of coaching

Diversity is the keyword for coaching. The goals of the coachees are always different. Personal self-development can become a priority. At the same time also advice for companies. Managers are often coached. With individuals, goals are the focus. Sometimes you have to recognize them first.

Sometimes a helping hand is enough. Sometimes you face a big obstacle. The coach is your contact here, but many customers forget that the coach is always there for you, even on weekends. You get to know yourself and can therefore act reflectively in the future. You will soon notice this change in your life. 

There are other factors at work. Coaching improves your skills. This could be in the area of ​​leadership or self-management. You will also achieve your goals in the company. And last but not least, your positive development will have a positive effect on others.

That is why coaching is in great demand. performance is increased. people are valued. That's what makes long-term change. Businesses want a culture that solves problems. You want employee satisfaction. You want the best for your customers. And a coach can make all of this tangible for you.

The coach as an aid in achieving goals

You have already discovered many advantages. The coaching process always takes place in coordination with the customer. What does that bring? Every detail is taken care of. Your development is as unique as you are. Whether personally or professionally. Whatever you set your mind to, becomes reality with coaching. You realize what is important to you. And you will soon be able to do more of that. Try it!

Definition of coaching: is coaching the same as consulting?

The short answer is no! Let's look at change according to Holtbernd & Kochanek. Coaching is based on ten steps. There is a problem. The customer turns to this Ihr Coaching Institut. The first discussions serve to identify problems. What is the reason for the problem? A plan is then drawn up.

After all, you want to solve the problem. You pick up a list. Write down two columns there. What do you have? What do you want? Now it's about changing something. You set off together with the coach.

Methods and approaches in coaching

Let's look at the moon. We always see him on the bright side. Does that mean it's flat? Of course not. Don't let this sight fool you. This is how coaching works too. The word for it is holism. You have problems at work, but the root cause may be at home.

Likewise, you can't relax at home, but your work is the stressor. In 95% of cases, a consultant specializes in one area. That's not enough for a coach. He looks at all possible causes. His many years of experience make him a specialist.

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What does the coaching take away from us? 

Coaches can also provide advice. But that's not their focus. The coachee should deal with their own inner world. Whether online or across the street. He is given tools and the knowledge to use them. This is more sustainable because the client is empowered to achieve goals independently.

The Mentoring combines several methods. In addition to advice, there is also feedback and practical training. Your skills will be encouraged. You can then look forward to your future with anticipation. The tasks will not be taken from you. You will soon be able to manage them all by yourself.

Systemic coaching within the framework of the coaching definition

Often the client realizes for the first time what impact these problems really had. We only realize later how much our lives have been influenced by it. Maybe you've been avoiding things before. Maybe they were linked to fears. Hearing the truth can be difficult. After that the fog cleared. But in order to do so, you are first subjected to emotional pain. But the benefits at the end of the trip are greater.

The client reflects and thinks about what has been learned. promoting the self reflection and perception is particularly important nowadays. He questions his life and everything that goes with it. The systemic Approach can gain a foothold. One thought nudges another like a domino. All of life raises questions that we want to answer. It's both scary and awesome at the same time. 

Is coaching the same as psychotherapy?

This question is often asked. Again, the answer is no. Coaching works with “healthy” people. You should not have any previous mental illnesses. Why? A coach cannot and must not supervise them. They should be taken seriously and treated with caution. Nevertheless, coaches usually work with psychological experts and psychotherapists.

They are trained and have the necessary specialist knowledge. As Team Their expertise therefore covers an even wider area. Coaching is sometimes compared to sparring.

Coaching areas and topics

From our point of view, this form of advice is like sparring. You train together until the result is achieved. Training can take weeks to years. Do you have one Business Coach thinking?

This only makes sense when you look at each area. Also in Business Coaching one will look at your personal environment. It's holistic. And with that, it also promises a positive change in your entire life.

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How does personnel development shape the definition of coaching?

Those who keep at it will soon notice results. The change is gaining momentum. New things are tried out, old things are left behind. Everything above has laid the foundation for this. Now all that's left is readjustment by the coach.

If it suits the client 100%, the direction is the right one. The client is satisfied and can now coach himself. Namely with the tools you have learned. You could call it the free flight phase.

In coaching, the sparring partner is indispensable

The client begins to fly. And it works! The coach is still sporadically in demand as a sparring partner. Otherwise the client flies independently.

That is the goal of coaching. With support, the client soon solves the problems on his own. He is accompanied on this path. These problems can be very different. We experience a lot here at the Coaching Institute Frankfurt. From small decisions in everyday life to crises in a person's life.

There is no general method for this. Anyone who tries to do this is not acting in the customer's interest. Customers are looking for help and should receive exactly that!

Business Coaching – Management of our professional goals

Part of our offer. Your career comes first. Qualifications and experience are expanded. But we also look at your whole life for this. 

A beautiful library. Coaching definition, systemic coaching definition.

Definition Coaching – Life Coaching – everything to do with our lives

Life viewed from above. This is how we increase your satisfaction. You get a whole new perspective on your life. That includes a lot.

Definition coaching – personal coaching – your individual development

A look at you and your characteristics. Would you like to get to know each other better? You are right here. What makes you different? Find out! For this, too, we look at your entire life.

The experience of the coach is essential for coaching

A coach is a generalist. He recognizes cause and effect. And he connects them. Good coaches have experience in thousands of "cases". Apply these. You ask questions of the client. 80% of the consulting process consists of this. At the Consulting fewer questions are asked. Answers are provided for this.

It is important to note that both can make sense. With us, the client is guided to develop their own solutions. So he not only knows this, but also the way there. The form of advice is help for self-help

Is coaching limited in time?

Owned in the company personality development to the leadership method. It is temporary. The total duration varies. To do this, it usually works with employees and managers. This can be individual counseling or social learning. As you can see, we use numerous tools. Some opinions also see this form of advice as support from the superior.

Or to create a positive environment for the employee. A good coach doesn't fixate on one thing. He recognizes patterns everywhere. And in doing so he explains the client's options.

Coaching cannot be defined as a trend

92% of the time the customer comes back. He faces his fears. In the remaining 8% he decides to abort. The "change" process is paused. In our experience, this lasts for 3-6 months. The client does not want to simply ignore the topic. He could reflect and the Motivation and the willingness to do the job are all the greater. He is still interested in finding his own solutions.

Is it an all-time voluntary process?

This is the question most people ask themselves. They would like to get to know each other better. This also includes this question. But the coach also needs to know where you stand. This allows him to find the right solution. So the question is serious. We are grateful for anyone who can open up. Only then will the change be sustainable.

That's why the relationship between coach and client is particularly important to us. What is on your mind is a matter of trust. Please feel free to contact us. No matter what the concern. We will then contact you and discuss everything. Our website is available for information.

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What is coaching definition?

Coaching is a professional process of advising, supporting and accompanying individuals or groups. The coach helps the client to achieve their goals by supporting them in recognizing and using their own resources and abilities. This type of personality development can be used in various areas, e.g. B. in professional development, personal development, health and sport.

What are the different types of coaching?

career coaching: Career coaching helps people plan their careers, achieve their professional goals and be successful in their careers.
Leadership coaching: Leadership coaching helps executives to develop their leadership skills, their Teams to motivate and lead successfully.
Sports coaching: Sports coaching helps athletes improve their performance, achieve their goals, and thrive in their careers.
Health coaching: Health coaching helps people improve their health, achieve their goals, and lead healthier lives.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship between a coach and a client, in which the coach supports the client in overcoming his or her challenges. This form of counseling can be used in various areas, e.g. B. in professional development, personal development, health, Consulting and the sport.


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