New Year's resolutions and coaching

But why do 80% of people keep failing in their resolutions?

This article will shed light on New Year's resolutions and coaching. It has now become a fixed ritual for many people. Good resolutions for the coming year.

For many people, the new year also means a new beginning. People want to live healthier, more consciously and more sustainably. The problem, however, is that if you haven't done anything about it all year round, the departure becomes all the more difficult!

For his Objectives To achieve it, you need discipline and sometimes an urgent reason. If this is not available, the only solution is usually one Coach. Regardless of whether it is one Health Coach, a Business Coach , or Personal Coach acts. The coach is the partner who, in the moments when the "inner bastard“is stronger, intervenes and the coachee gets back on the right track. Like the driving instructor at driving school.

New Year's resolutions and coaching

Why is January the month of optimism?

There is a lot of time to think about the holidays. Many people try the negative during this time Stress to leave behind and fade out for a short time. Cell phones are switched off or put on flight mode and one concentrates on the essentials. Many people reflect particularly intensively during this time. This is where the first resolutions come from. I should smoke less and this resolution will then be turned into an action in January.

Therefore, the demand for smoke-free programs is booming at the beginning of the year.

But many people should ask themselves the critical question right here. Why do I only reflect at Christmas time and not all year round? Why do I take so little time for my personal Development and what prevented me from working on my goals throughout the year?

Professional support for the New Year's resolutions with coaching often helps here. A health coach e.g. B. can exactly at this point to the desired Success contribute. You just have to realize that sometimes you need help to achieve some goals.

What is behind the principle of “turning wanting into having to”? And how can it help in our resolutions?

People, big or small, always “want” something. The faster car, the new Carrera track or the new and more attractive job. But the pressure to implement is usually not strong enough. I want to lose weight differs categorically as a resolution from the resolution I "must" lose weight, otherwise I run the risk of developing diabetes in 6 months.

This example shows quite clearly how important it is to turn will resolutions into must resolutions. Admittedly, it is not always easy to find the must behind the resolution, but no matter what the resolution is: a must and the help of a professional partner, coach, mentor helps to be successful even with the most difficult resolutions.

Why is coaching relevant to the implementation of resolutions?

Coaching is a continuous process. No mayfly. With the coach, you usually define the goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year and can already harvest the fruits at the end of the year. If things get difficult, the coach can actively intervene. If the bastard gets too strong, the coach can motivate. The burden is shared on several shoulders and you can be sure that your resolutions will not fail in the third week of January.

Research has already shown in an impressive way that simply setting a goal is not enough. The concrete steps to achieve this must be planned precisely. There must also be plans in place if I relapse into quitting smoking. Who do I contact, how do I react? If you believe the numerous studies, emergency plans must also be drawn up in advance.

Consequences, like a penalty for failure, must be part of this formula for success. €100 in an envelope stamped and addressed to the local addiction center can usually be another good motivator.

What mistakes do you see as a coaching institute when making New Year's resolutions?

Many people take on too much. They are unrealistic and unreflective in setting their goals. A couch potato doesn't become a marathon runner overnight. You don't lose 20 kilos in a month without doing massive damage to yourself and your health. Every journey now starts with the first step and if you get impatient and have no planning and perspective, the journey is doomed to fail from the start.

It is better to put together small packages and track them. Do you have e.g. B. additionally a health coach, like Manuel Neundorfer to the side, then the probability is extremely high that the journey will be crowned with success.

With the support of a professional partner, New Year's resolutions and coaching make goals that seem unrealistic at first glance within reach.

How can coaching help to achieve New Year's resolutions and long-term life changes?

Coaching can help achieve New Year's resolutions by providing one-on-one support and guidance. A qualified coach can help set realistic goals, develop an action plan and identify potential roadblocks. Through regular meetings, a coach can monitor progress, provide feedback, and Motivation maintain. A coach can also help make long-term life changes by helping to develop positive habits and a positive attitude.

What are the most effective ways to set New Year's resolutions and achieve goals in the New Year?

There are several methods to effectively make New Year's resolutions and achieve goals in the New Year. Some of the most effective methods are
Set realistic and specific goals
Creating an action plan to achieve the goals
Focus on small, achievable steps
Record and review progress regularly
seek support and guidance, e.g. B. through a coach or a support group
Be flexible and adaptable to deal with changes along the way.

How can you motivate yourself to keep your New Year's resolutions and achieve your goals throughout the year?

There are several ways to motivate yourself and keep New Year's resolutions. Some of these methods are
Positive Reinforcement: Rewards or incentives for progress or the achievement of milestones.
Self-Motivation: Remind yourself why you set these goals and the benefits you get from them.
Support from Others: Share your goals with friends or family and ask them for support or help in achieving your resolutions.
Visualization: Imagine what it would be like to achieve your goals to motivate yourself and stay on track.
Focus on the process: Focus on the process, not just the outcome, to remind yourself that every step in the journey to your goal is important.

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