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Coaching Königstein – advice from the picturesque town in the Taunus. Are you looking for advice from specialists? For your personal and professional Set? Then you are exactly right here. Our Team of consultants offers you individual programs. Whether for specialists and managers, self-employed people or private individuals. With us you are on the right path. We find individual solutions for your specific needs. With which you Coaching Institute.

Our approach is holistic. We want one Transformation cause. With a positive influence on your entire life. On every part of it. This includes getting to know each other better. You recognize your own strengths and learn to use them. You get the most out of your resources. The process is tailored to you. It is tailored to you.

We help you turn your vision into reality. They work together with ours Team from consultants. Experienced and competent. Our job is to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation. Find out how we can accompany you on your journey. Discreet and confidential. Make your dreams come true!

Coaching Königstein im Taunus ‣ everything about work and private life

Coaching has been used before. In the 20th century it was often used for students. Why? Because it could prepare you for sporting competitions. So it was in use in North America. And it still is today. In 1970 it changed from sport to that Business Coaching transferred to organizations. And today we find it all over the world. It is also in great demand here in Königstein. In companies it helps with recruiting, marketing, value management and much more. The focus can also be on the personal development of employees. The task for the certified trainer? She finds the healthy balance between needs and requirements. 

Our expertise is being used more and more frequently. With people from every background. It has a stabilizing and vitalizing effect. Would you also like to change something in your life? Push yourself further. With professional Personal Coaching in Koenigstein. Your experts for sustainable growth and career development.

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Coaching at the gates of the metropolis of Frankfurt ‣ how our coaches can help you

The town of Königstein im Taunus is a health resort near Frankfurt. With almost 17.000 inhabitants, it is located in the Hochtaunus district of Hesse. There are also many cultural offerings around Königstein. Contact us. The location has already attracted many artists and free spirits. The fresh air with the sheltered location is unique. This also explains why the city has always been popular nationally and internationally. It is also the entrance to the healing climate park. A park with over 180 km of signposted hiking trails. So that you can find your balance.

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The ruins of Koenigstein

Königstein offers one of the most historic ruins in all of Germany. It is the symbol of the city. The castle hill, surrounded by forest, has a poignant history. The ruins can be visited all year round. There are also numerous open-air events there, such as the castle festival. Please feel free to find out more about our offer. From the region for the region.

We are here to help. No matter what challenge you face. Or what dream you want to achieve. We give you the knowledge you need. And the tools to help you. So that you can change your situation. In the end it's up to you. Take the next steps.

An academy for success ‣ how our coaches empower clients

Do you want new impulses? An individual approach? We empower our clients. The human being is our focus. With us you will learn to recognize your problems and develop a concept. So that you can get out of the slump. And the first step on the way to... Success make. Our approach helps you reach your full potential. This includes both cognitive and emotional aspects. The combination of workshops, coaching and training works.

Our clients define their ambitions and get a little closer to achieving them every day. We attach great importance to practical relevance and individual support. The process is adapted to you. So it is effective and perfect for you. We don’t just impart theoretical knowledge. But also valuable tips. We pass on our experience to you. This can be required in a wide range of topics. From communication to leadership.

We see ourselves as partners on the path to success. We drive your growth. Learn to define your goals. Invest in yourself. In the success of your future – with Coaching-Königstein. 

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What does a systemic one do? Life Coach?

He is an expert and professional. With this knowledge he can Business Coach support people. You work closely with your clients. So that you can recognize wishes and incorporate them into the process. In Königstein im Taunus, consultants offer a variety of services. Choose the companion that suits you. 

Why should I invest in career, health or other coaching? 

With us you can make progress in your professional and personal context. You can realize your plans more effectively. You continue your education and promote your strengths. The results don't take long to arrive. We give you the knowledge to develop your potential. You increase your performance and develop skills such as using body language or mindfulness. That pays off. And no one can take it away from you. 

What is the difference between coaching and training?

Training imparts knowledge, skills and techniques. To help you perform a task or function better. Professional coaching, on the other hand, is very individual. It addresses the person’s desires and unique goals. And it helps with that personality development and implementation of skills and strategies. Just what you need in your life right now. No matter what the topic. We are there.

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