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Take your voice to a new level

Liel is a master musician, songwriter and mentor who inspires singers to find their true voices, develop rock-solid technique, deliver stunning performances, and break through all limitations to reach their full potential as Artists.

Liel’s passion is creating amazing music with artists who want to use their voices to change the world for the better. She offers artist development, songwriting and mentoring. Singers and songwriters come from around the world to work with Liel and take their music to a whole new level. Her clients include more than 400 artists. A top rated professional artist on Airgigs, Liel has proven experience writing, recording and editing music for global musical endeavors.

„I have been a professional singer, recording artist and lyricist for many years. With the ability to write and perform genres such as Soul, Pop, Country, Rock, Psy-Pop, Techno Vocals and more – I am always ready to take on a new challenge. Let’s collaborate on your new project today“

About Liel – Vocal Coach & Top Influencer

An acclaimed singer, songwriter as well as vocal coach, Liel brings years of top music industry experience, world-class musical training and peak-performance vocal coaching to Frankfurt. Liel is an absolute genius when it comes to vocal coaching and finding your true voice. “Probably the best vocal coach!” A few voices about Liel’s work: “Another amazing vocal tracks by Liel, She keeps impressing me from song to song ! A real real talent”. “Incredible voice, totally pro, easy comms, stunning additional harmonies and backing vocals, big recommendation here”. “Liel brought my song to a level that I only dreamed possible! Excellent communication and her vocal track was delivered ahead of schedule”. Still not convinced? Let your senses decide!


Liel Bar-Z is a versatile collaborative artist and musician, with a honored talent for producing truthful and beautiful songs. Writing, recording and advising for artists & labels around the world, Liel brings a creative and personal touch to musical projects of various genres. A top rated professional artist on air gigs, Liel has proven experience writing, recording and editing music for global musical endeavors. Liel is not only kind, generous and sweet, but she really knows her stuff. She’s by far the best vocal coach I worked with and will put you exactly where you need to be in order to succeed. She genuinely cares for each of her clients and she does everything she possibly can to help you grow.

We can all sing, we just don’t know about it. Liel will help you to let go of your fear and uncover your potential on this journey. She will lead you trough the process with precision and will help you to remove all the obstacles, if you are willing to put in some work and go the extra mile. She is the real deal and knows best how guide to your best singing voice. Private lessons or workshop, if you love music and want to sing, you won’t be disappointed. – I’m a guy who was always curious about singing, but I was very shy about it, and I really struggled getting to high notes. After I tried and failed with two other vocal coaches, Liel finally did magic: after just a couple of months, I managed to reliably get to high notes! This opened up another level of super enjoyable singing, and also greatly improved my confidence. Liel has an incredibly energetic and powerful personality.