Happy hormones - The five questions about dopamine

This blog entry is for all people who describe themselves as epicureans and who like to experience joy, pleasure and fun. He is said to like the function of happiness hormones dopamine explain and how Coaching can help to be much happier and more relaxed on the bottom line and still be able to feel excessive joy.

A woman happy in the snow thanks to the happiness hormone dopamine

What is dopamine, the happiness hormone?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and feel-good hormone found in the brain and is involved in controlling various functions including movement, reward, attention, Motivation and emotion. It is an essential fuel for our human survival and developed at a time when significantly fewer stimuli and information had an effect on our organism. Dopamine is mainly produced in the limbic system, substantia nigra and striatum. It is also known as the "happiness hormone" because it induces a feeling of contentment and well-being.

How does dopamine work?

The happiness hormone dopamine is to be understood as a battery that is drained by every pleasurable activity. Dopamine has a base level and a peak level. The higher the peak value, the more severe the fall below the base value. When we release dopamine, it can lead to increased well-being and mood. Dopamine also helps control our behavior by motivating us to engage in certain activities.

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What happens when we force dopamine release frequently?

In the long run, too much of the happiness hormone dopamine can lead to problems. Repetition accustoms our brain to receiving a certain amount of reward in order to be satisfied. When we release too much dopamine, it can lead to habituation and addiction. With repetitive pleasures such as eating, consuming media like Netflix, social media, YouTube, alcohol, or even frequent sexual activity, the overall baseline level of dopamine drops. The basic dopamine value or the “feel-good level” can therefore decrease as a result of too frequently activated dopamine release.

What is dopamine or happiness hormone coaching?

Dopamine coaching is a type of coaching that combines different techniques to increase the baseline level of the happiness hormone dopamine in the brain. It includes a combination of different applications and techniques. They help focus on positive thoughts and feelings. By increasing dopamine levels, people can experience greater motivation, focus and satisfaction. It can also help anxiety and Stress reduce and improve emotional health. In dopamine coaching, all triggers that cause the dopamine level to shoot up are analyzed. After that, a strategy can be developed how the basic dopamine value can be sustainably increased. The general well-being increases noticeably and at the same time the sensitivity to potential distributions is increased. With professional dopamine coaching, you can learn to feel more content in every moment of your life and at the same time enjoy the highlights of your life to the fullest.

How can dopamine coaching help?

A coaching strategy at this point can be to learn to take the effort, e.g. B. as Executive, for fun to make yourself. The motivation should be the burden. If you increase the happiness hormone level directly before and after the effort, the actual essence is lost. Suppose you have decided to exercise more often. Listening to music before you exercise to motivate yourself or needing a great tasting shake right after you exercise can teach your body to release dopamine just before or after exercise. In terms of motivation, you are dependent on the other triggers and are more likely to have a dilemma with the basic value due to the more frequent activation.

Other ways to enjoy the benefits of coaching can include specific breathing techniques, body awareness exercises, proper nutrition and exercise, or even meditation. Incidentally, it has also been scientifically proven that fasting or intermittent fasting increases the basic value of the happiness hormone dopamine. Are you ready to rediscover yourself through dopamine coaching and have experiences that you may not have had before? Also read our articles on the subject Business Coaching and Executive coaching.

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