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Coaching questions: FAQ
Why should I go to coaching?
If you are not completely satisfied with your life. The dissatisfaction can come from the professional situation, but also from the situation with your partner or the missing partner, as well as if you are not happy with yourself. In any case, coaching can help you to live a happier life!
What does the first interview look like?
This interview is a regular appointment in which we work intensively. The first 30 minutes are free of charge to get to know each other and explore key data. If we cannot find each other within this time, the conversation can be ended free of charge. If, as is usually the case, you want to take advantage of our advice, we will add another full 60 minutes to this session. Each additional coaching session then lasts 60-90 minutes.
In an online consultation possible?
Coaching via Zoom is of course possible and works extremely well. For new customers, the first work session face-to-face is recommended. Here you can get to know us better and find a good basis for our further cooperation. If this is not possible, this first session will also be held via zoom. Telephone advice is not offered.
What are typical coaching questions?
circular questioning

Circular questions make it possible to gain information about one's own thinking and behavior from the perspective of other system members. They are not asked about their own attitudes and actions, but about those of other people around them. The goal of this "around the corner" questioning is the targeted adoption of different positions and perspectives. In this way, processes in relationship systems are explored and uncovered. New thought processes and perspectives are set in motion and thus the basis for change is laid. Circular questions come from systemic therapy, but are also a valuable tool in coaching and counseling.
Triadic circular questions

Triadic questions ask guesses from a third party's internal thoughts about the communication of two others, thus bringing them into dialogue.
Circular questions

Circular questions interrogate the circle of mutually dependent events.
perspective questions

Assessments at different points in time, from different people, depending on different situations and contexts are asked in order to expand them and derive new ideas from them.
observation questions

Observation questions question one's own observer status
Asking about relevant people and facts

This question is important in order to capture the network relevant to a question/objective.
Can you cancel appointments?
Coaching appointments that are canceled less than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged in full.

Experts for your success

Coaching-Frankfurt-Business-Coaching-Frankfurt-Tailored coaching, keynotes and training for individuals and companies. Your coaching institute in Frankfurt am Main, expertise

Coaching Team Frankfurt – Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. Our professionally trained coaches are freelance contractors and are therefore committed to their highest quality standards and professional expertise in an independent manner. Each of ours executive coaches has its foothold in the industry. For us, our work as a coach is a supplementary activity in which we psychodynamic Knowledge, our practice from the corporate environment and our wide range of experience can bring people together. For us, being a coach means being present, listening, creating trust and supporting you in your personal goals! Your coaching institute from Frankfurt am Main.

Our coaching Team and therefore every coach with us works uniformly according to the method of metatheory of change, one by the German Bundesverband Coaching (DBVC) acknowledged coaching method. It ensures that we don't just help you superficially, but that we can accompany you sustainably in change processes. For us it is essential to feel individually as a coach as well as together as a Team further training and exchange ideas with like-minded people or other coaches.

Our coaching Team helps you and supports you in all phases of life in which you feel burdened and have decided to do something about it. But even if you just want to get to know each other better and are looking for resonance as an accompaniment, you've come to the right place. A good coach is versatile, empathetic and has numerous methods. Every coach of Your coaching institute just. Convince yourself personally of our unique Team! A compilation of some of the BEST coaches and trainers in Europe. We are particularly proud of that!

Laura Baxter ist ein Coach des Coaching Institut Frankfurt. Zu ihren Expertisen zählen: Achtsamkeit, Rhetorik, Stimme, Kommunikation, Körpersprache, Stress und Kultur

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Michaela Bürger - The visionary

Executive coach, visionary, strategist

Coaching Team ROOF

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Reinhard Benditte - Turnaround manager

Coach, turnaround expert, privateer
Coaching Team USA


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Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz - Digital pioneer

Coach, thought leader, operational excellence expert
Coaching Team ROOF

Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz ist ein Coach des Coaching Institut Frankfurt. Zu seinen Expertisen zählen: Change. Transformation, Leadership, Operations und Strategie

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Tobias Riegger - The Enabler

Coach, CEO, Entrepreneur, Inspirer

Coaching Team ROOF

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Manuel Neundorfer - The FITNESS EXPERT

Coach, trainer, business manager

Coaching Team ROOF

Unser Health Coach frankfurt bringt Sie wieder in form, damit Sie im Alltag fit für Ihrer Herausforderungen sind - Eine spannende Health Coaching Ausbildung ist teil unseres Portfolios

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Liel Bar Z - TIK TOK influencer

Vocal Coach, Singer, Influencer

Liel ist ein bekannter Influencer. Mit Ihrer Stimme begeistert Sie die Massen weltweit. Sie gibt Stimmtrainings und ist als Vocal Coach weltweit bekannt.

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Coach, expert in the field of neuro management and neuro marketing
Experts Team International

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Coach, board member, entrepreneur, investor

Experts Team International

Coaching Frankfurt - Klarheit schaffen in herausfordernden Situationen und bei Veränderungen. Für international agierende Führungskräfte. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

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Coaching Frankfurt - Claudia Schick - In Kommunikationssituationen setzt sich oft nicht der mit den besten Argumenten durch, sondern der, der sein Anliegen deutlicher und überzeugender vorträgt. Ihr Coaching Institut

CLAUDIA SCHICK - Expert in effective communication

Coach, voice and media trainer, TV presenter
Coaching Team ROOF

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Coaching Team Frankfurt
Your coaching institute from Frankfurt am Main

Coaching Frankfurt. Maßgeschneiderte Coachings, Keynotes und Trainings für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Ihr Coaching Institut Frankfurt am Main

We, the coaching Team, feel committed to scientific knowledge,

especially those in medicine, psychotherapy research and neuroscience.

An important research result of psychotherapy research states that the common and cross-school effective factor of all therapy and coaching schools is the relationship or the therapeutic alliance. In addition, therapy, counseling and coaching processes that focus on your resources and less on your deficits help and heal faster and more sustainably. Our work is therefore interdisciplinary and geared towards relationships, resources and potential. Our vision is that psychotherapy, counseling and coaching become a matter of course and financially affordable.

Are you interested in coaching or are you wondering whether your topic is suitable for coaching? Sign up for a free initial consultation. Since it is important to us that you can achieve a satisfactory result, we precede all tasks with a further analysis meeting after the free initial consultation. In this way we can suggest a sensible approach, where we can quickly get to the important key points and determine whether we are the right contact person for your topic.



What is the content of the first interview?
The 30-minute initial consultation is free of charge and serves to get to know you and your concerns. In this appointment we clarify all questions about your coaching topic, expectations, framework & conditions, costs and possible duration of a cooperation. As soon as it is clear to us that we can and want to work together, we arrange the dates for the first coaching sessions.
How long does a coaching session last?
Coaching units take place either as individual lessons of 60 minutes or double lessons of 120 minutes. In most coaching relationships we speak of short-term coaching zws. 8-10 hours, sometimes the task results in accompanying coaching, which can take over 20 hours (e.g. once a month, once every two months).
Does the coaching only take place online?
For some of our clients it is hardly possible to take advantage of face-to-face coaching due to time constraints or physical distance. In these cases I offer coaching units via zoom. Online coaching is easy to use and effective for most topics, but there are exceptions where we only offer face-to-face units with regard to successful goal achievement in coaching. Whether face-to-face, online coaching or a mixed form, we are happy to clarify in the first meeting.
Coaching Frankfurt - Das exklusive Coaching Erlebnis in Frankfurt am Main, Wir helfen bei Ihrer Krise, Burnout, Mobbing, Transformation, Leadership, Egal ob als Business Coach, Health Coach, Vocal Coach, Personal Coach oder Life Coach, wir sind für Sie da.


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