Coaching associations

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Definition: Coaching associations are associations of professional coaches who are committed to quality assurance and professionalization of coaching.

They offer their members the following services, among others:

  • Further training and qualification offers: Associations regularly offer their members further training and qualification opportunities to improve their... Coaching-Keep skills up to date.
  • certification: Some associations offer certification programs that coaches can use to prove their qualifications.
  • Professional law: Associations are committed to compliance with ethical standards and the Development of professional standards in coaching.
  • Networking: Associations offer their members the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other coaches.
  • Public relation: Associations inform the public about coaching and its benefits.

Important coaching associations in Germany:

  • German Federal Association of Coaching e. V. (DBVC): The DBVC is the largest professional association for coaches in Germany. It has over 5.000 members and offers a wide range of services for its members.
  • German Coaching Association e. V. (DCV): The DCV is another large professional association for coaches in Germany. It has over 2.000 members and is characterized by its strict quality criteria for accepting members.
  • German Society for Coaching e. V. (DGfC): The DGfC is a scientifically oriented association that is committed to research and teaching in coaching. Among other things, it offers a certified further training program for coaches.
  • European Coaching Association (ECA): The ECA is a European professional association for coaches based in Germany. It has over 10.000 members in 30 countries.
  • International Coach Federation (ICF): The ICF is the world's largest professional association for coaches based in the USA. It has over 130.000 members in 140 countries.

Benefits of membership in a coaching association:

Membership in a coaching association can offer a number of benefits for coaches, such as: b.

  • Professionalization: By taking part in further training and qualification offers, coaches can improve their coaching skills and increase their professionalism.
  • certification: Certification from a reputable coaching association can increase the confidence of potential clients.
  • Networking: By networking with other coaches, coaches can make new contacts and benefit from others' experiences.
  • Public relation: Associations offer their members the opportunity to participate in public relations work and make coaching better known.

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